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    SC1 - Terran Bunker

     Updated version of the SC1 Bunker mode with new textures. Credits goes to stratostygo for his excellent SC1-themed terran Bunker skin.


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    SC1 - Terran Firebat

    Updated version of my SC1 Firebat model based on the StarCraft Remastered version of the Terran Firebat.


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    In reply to R0binicus:


      Thanks man, I appreciate it :-)

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    SC1 - Protoss Super Carrier Gantrithor

    The Protoss Super Carrier Gantrithor for the SC1 remake. Credits goes to GnaReffotsirk for his updated mode of the SC1 Protoss Carrier.


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    LotV - Purifier Dragoon Eredas

    Made a Purifier Dragoon version of Eredas, the missing hero unit in the co-op missions due to Talandar taking the role of a Purifier Solarite Dragoon and Taldarin taking the role of a Purifier Immortal.


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    LotV - Daelaam Praetor Talis

      Unique model for Praetor Talis' appearance in SC2 LotV prologue


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    In reply to R0binicus:

     Well, since the m3addon has no updated version yet to import the latest purifier unit models such as the Purifier Immortal, so I  decided to use the Adun Immortal skin model as the basis of the model and reskinned its texture into a purifier one because I imagined it that Taldarin's Immortal model would be prototype version of the Purifier Immortal seen in the co-op missions I think. That's all and also thank you for commenting about my cool models.
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    Here are some more Purifier Protoss Hero units:


    LotV - Purifier Praetor Taldarin


    Based on from Taldarin's Purifier Immortal appearance from the co-op missions using mixed parts of the Adun Immortal skin and Dragoon parts. This will be my depiction of the prototype version of the current Purifier Immortals.


    LotV - Purifier Praetor Talis


    Based on from Praetor Talis Purifier Adept appearance from the co-op missions.


    LotV - Purifier Warbringer (Reaver and Colossus)



     Both war machines are named after from the Reaver Hero unit from the Enslavers camapign in SC1. The Purifier Warbringer Reaver is based off from the said Reaver hero unit but in Purifier color scheme; while the Colossus is based on from co-op missions version of the Warbringer Colossus and it is depicted as a prototype model for the current second version of the Purifier Colossi.



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     Hello, I'm back. I'll show up more models that I have made. Here are some Purifier Protoss Hero units:


    LotV - Purifier Executor Clolarion


     Updated version of my previous Purifier Executor Clolarion model, now with new decorations and added a few details.



    LotV - Purifier Executor Clolarion's Carrier


      This version of mine is based on from the co-op missions version Purifier Clolarion's carrier. In this interpretation, I decided to make this as a prototype version of the Purifier carriers.



    LotV - Purifier Legionnaire Kaldalis


     Based on from Kaldalis' Legionnaire form in the co-op missions. I gave some decorations on it to make it look different to the mass-produced Purifier Legionnaire zealots.



    LotV - Purifier Praetor Mojo


     Based on from Purifier Praetor Mojo's Scout fighter from the co-op missions. This will be depicted as a prototype scout fighter for the Purifiers using it as a basis for the creation of the newly designed Scout currently used by the Purifier protoss faction.


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    LotV - Executor Selendis (V2) 


     Updated version of Daelaam Protoss Executor Selendis' model from SC2 LotV.



     Includes now her three different appearances: with nerve cord, without nerve cord and finally, her possessed version.


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