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     Custom SC2 model of Samir Duran from StarCraft Brood War. His unit model and portrait as well as the color scheme of his terran ghost armor is based on his in-game portrait appearance in StarCraft Remastered. Includes his infested terran form and true form as a Xel'naga-human hybrid (similar to his appearance as Narud in Phantoms of the Void mission from SC2 Heart of the Swarm). Credits goes to GhostNova91 for the Duran portrait with red beret texture, Cacho56 and mseverns for the edited texture version of GhostNova's Duran portrait texture, and finally the SCR-TGW team for Duran's Xel'naga-human form portrait textures.


    SC1 - Xel'naga Shapeshifter Samir Duran

     Terran version appearance of Duran

    StarCraft 1 - Lieutenant Samir Duran by HammerTheTank

    Infested terran version appearance

    StarCraft 1 - Infested Lieutenant Samir Duran by HammerTheTank

    True nature as a Xel'naga shapeshifter and servant of Amon (Xel'naga-human hybrid form)

    StarCraft 1 - Samir Duran (Xel'naga-Human Form) by HammerTheTank

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    Cool models!

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     Awesome models

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    SC2 - Terran Recon Walker

    Custom model of a new unit that can be used in custom maps, mods, and campaigns, the Recon walker. 

    NOTE: The custom model is inspired from the AT-RT and AT-DP seen in the Star Wars series.

    StarCraft 2 - Terran Recon Walker by HammerTheTank

       The recon walker is an all-terrain scout walker developed and manufactured by the Terran Dominion after the events of the Brood War. This newly developed walker uses the basic goliath design as a basis for its construction and it is mainly used as a reconnaissance unit during scouting missions. Aside from this role, the recon walker is also used in a variety of missions including civil defense, ground support, and post-battle clean up effort. They were sometimes operated by the Dominion Marine Corps where one marine pilots the recon walker while the other marines will provide escort to the walker when conducting a patrol in the area. It is lightly armored for maneuverability and its main armament is a single machine gun for defense when needed. Lacking an attached missile launcher, the recon walker is vulnerable to aerial attacks such as mutalisks, protoss scout starfighters, and banshees. Numerous recon walkers are seen in Korhal during the Second Great War where they patrol the streets in order to ensure the safety of the Dominion's citizens.

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    SC2 - Dominion Special Forces Medic

      Custom model of the Dominion Special Forces / Covert Ops version of the terran medic unit.

    StarCraft 2 - Dominion Special Forces Medic by HammerTheTank

       During covert operations carried out by the Dominion Special Forces, many special forces marines and other infantry detachments within the special forces have suffered numerous casualties or severe injuries due to enemy sneak attacks conducted by rogue terran factions such as pirates and mercenaries or heavy gunfire from terran rebel forces. In response to this situation, Dominion command decided to deploy special trained medics in greater number as an additional infantry unit for the Dominion Special Forces and assign them to marine detachments in order to reduce the amount of casualties. Equipped with highly advanced medical equipment, these medics of the Dominion Special Forces heal their wounded soldiers more faster than a regular medic from other terran organizations.

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    More Custom Mira's Marauders / Junker units.

    SC2 - Mira's Marauders Diamondback

      The diamondbacks are prototype hover tanks constructed by the Terran Confederacy during the Great War but was left unused after the Fall of Tarsonis until other terran organizations such as Raynor's Raiders, the Terran Dominion, and various mercenary groups acquired them for use and put under mass production. Much information remains unknown on how the Mira's Marauders manage to acquire such a prototype hover tank built by the Confederacy, but there are rumors that several terran scavengers have managed to salvage these vehicles on Tarsonis before Dominion security forces attempted to catch them and they returned to Deadman's Port in order to bring these tanks to be bought by this mercenary group. After Mira's Marauders successfully acquired the diamondback hover tanks, they customized the tank by decorating it with spikes on the body and blades on the railguns for their own liking and replacing the old engines with rusty ones. Most of these hover tanks are used by the Mira's crew for hit-and-run tactics against other rivaling mercenary groups.


    SC2 - Mira's Marauders Science Vessel

    StarCraft 2 - Mira's Marauders Science Vessel by HammerTheTank

      Either acquired from Raynor's Raiders through trading or stolen from the Dominion during the Second Great War, the science vessels are heavily customized by Mira Han's Marauders into their liking by adding metallic spikes and armored platings for decorations and replacing the radar dish with a new, rusty one which has better radar detection capabilities, and lastly, adding rusty and dirty paintjob. Although, these scientific research vessels aren't quite popular for the mercenaries but useful to those scientist who defected from the Dominion in order to continue their strange experiments such as improving the capabilities of their fellow mercenaries' weapons for their battlecruisers and other armaments available in the group.


    SC2 - Mira's Marauders Predator

    StarCraft 2 - Mira's Marauders Predator by HammerTheTank

       Basically salvaged from the piles of junk in Deadman's Port, these still fuctional but badly damaged, rusted and dirt covered Predator cybercats are recovered and reactivated by Mira Han's crew members for their own use and customized them to their own liking and handiwork with spikes,blades and an antenna for decorations and two rusty engines for unknown use but it strongly suggest that it is used for extensive power output. It has a monstrous metallic jaw which replaces the missing jaw piece of the salvaged predator itself. Retaining its titanium claws as its armament, some blades are attached to its titanium claws for extra cutting power against lightly armored enemies such as zerglings and enemy terran marines, and it was outfitted with a electrical discharge field ,developed by rogue scientists who defected from the Dominion, that can unleash a deadly electrical attack for additional damage against enemy infantry. Although they quite handle and fair better compared to their original predecessors used by the Dominion, these cybercats are considered vicious and menacing due to their beastly appearance.

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    Here's another one. Custom model version Mira's Marauders / Junkers Goliath unit.

    SC2 - Mira's Marauders Goliath

    StarCraft 2 - Mira's Marauders Goliath by HammerTheTank

      Although quite outdated but still popular to various terran factions and mercenaries throughout the Koprulu Sector, the Goliath assault walkers operated by former Confederate remnant pilots joined Mira Han's Marauders mercenary group and customized their goliaths adding some spike decorations on the top and front of the cockpit and on the legs, replacing the old engines on the back with better ones for extensive power output and lastly, replacing the old gatlings guns with a rusty, double barreled ones for improved firepower. Overall, these heavily customized combat walkers less resemble the original goliath model but still fairly better than its predecessor when it comes to combat performance.

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     SC2 - Mira's Marauders Warhound

    Custom SC2 model of Mira's Marauders / Junkers Warhound unit.

    StarCraft 2 - Mira's Marauders Warhound by HammerTheTank

       Formerly operated by numerous Terran Dominion pilots who went AWOL or Missing in Action during major operations, the warhound pilots who worked now as mercenaries for hire and others who simply joined Mira's Marauders modified or customized their warhounds by giving it some spikes and extra armored platings for decorations or additional protection as well as two engines on the back for amplifying its power output and a rust and cracking paint. Aside through these customizations, the original railgun of the warhound was replaced with a double-barreled variant for extra firepower against armored targets and its shield was outfitted with large blades for better melee attacks when entering in close range combat. With all of these given customizations, the warhound pilot mercenaries are quite satisfied with their admirable handiwork and they considered them much more better than the Dominion's warhound when it comes to mid-range and close range combat given to its terrifying appearance.

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      New model showcase. Here's some custom SC1 hero unit models:

    SC1 - Terran Dominion First Sergeant Gui Montag

      Omega Squadron Firebat First Sergeant Gui Montag from the SC1 campaign: Enslavers. 

        Gui Montag was a firebat in the Terran Confederacy under Omega Squadron. He was a corporal during Omega Squadron's achieved epic victory over Tal Qirat, a planet located in or near the Koprulu Sector, before the beginning of the Great War.

        During the invasion of Tarsonis, Montag
     survived the destruction of Omega Squadron and he surfaced later as a Terran Dominion soldier and was promoted into the rank of first sergeant.

        (In the Second/B Canon of the Enslavers campaign) Montag was later assigned to assist Alpha Squadron with dismantling the operations of the notorious pirate Alan Schezar and the zerg he controlled using captured protoss khaydarin crystals. Not heeding the word of the protoss captured by Schezar, Alpha Squadron destroyed the cerebrate, with Montag reporting to the commander on the status of the operation. However, in the chaos of the battle Schezar and his men fled to Aiur in an attempt to rebuild his operation.


    SC1 - Raynor's Raiders Sergeant Bud Morris

      Raynor's Raiders Firebat sergeant Bud Morris from the SC Brood War campaign mission: Resurrection IV. 

    StarCraft 1 - Sergeant Bud Morris by HammerTheTank

        Bud Morris is a sergeant and terran firebat, presumably Raynor's Raiders, and an old of Jim Raynor. During or after the events of the Brood War, he was captured alongside with other terran soldiers and protoss warriors by Infested Stukov's zerg forces and terran mercenaries and were imprisoned on the planet Braxis. However, he and the others were rescued by a joint terran/protoss force led by Raynor and Taldarin.

        After being rescued, 
    Morris and the other freed terran and protoss captives assisted Raynor and Taldarin's strike force in their mission to uninfest Stukov using the nanotech serum. The operation was successful, and Raynor's forces evacuated the planet Braxis as it was being purified by a protoss fleet.


    SC1 - Terran Dominion Science Vessel Commodore Magellan

      Alpha Squadron Science Vessel Commodore Magellan from the SC1 campaign: Enslavers. Credits goes to the SCR-TGW team for the custom Magellan portrait.

    StarCraft 1 - Science Vessel Commodore Magellan by HammerTheTank

        Commodore Magellan was a cybernetic construct who commanded a science vessel during the Great War. He was assigned to Alpha Squadron following the rise to power of the Terran Dominion after the fall of the Confederacy. Magellan was assigned to an operation to neutralize terran crime lord Alan Schezar and his militia, Schezar's Scavengers, by Emperor Arcturus Mengsk himself,who feared Schezar's control over a zerg cerebrate and its brood. Magellan teamed up with fellow Alpha Squadron Colonel Tom Kazansky during the operation.

        During the mission briefing for the Alpha Squadron's next mission, Magellan picked up a transmission on the hyper-waveform emitter, which he showed to Mengsk and the unnamed Alpha Squadron commander. Somehow protoss Praetor Mojo was able to contact him telepathically from a stasis cell. Mojo advised rescuing a number of protoss whom Schezar had imprisoned in the vicinity of the cerebrate. He also advised not killing the cerebrate, as this would cause the zerg to run rampant and overrun both forces.

        Mengsk arrogantly ignored the request of protoss Praetor Mojo, but both Kazansky and Magellan decided to rescue the captive protoss from Schezar's Scavengers. After rescuing the protoss, the renegade Alpha Squadron members later traveled to Aiur, seeking to rescue the protoss Praetor, Mojo, from the same Scavengers, in which they succeeded.

        The renegade Alpha Squadron forces and protoss warriors under Praetor Mojo's command assaulted 
     Schezar's main base on Aiur along with its associated zerg cerebrate. During the battle, Magellan detected the presence of a unique breed of ultralisk, the Torrasque. Praetor Mojo informed the renegade Alpha Squadron commander and Magellan that the Torrasque could reincarnate from death, but Magellan noted its genetic similarity to Schezar's pet cerebrate. He believed killing his cerebrate would prevent the Torrasque from reincarnating. Magellan was last seen attacking the Schezar's Scavengers base on Aiur, seeking to destroy its enslaved cerebrate and Torrasque. The combined terran and protoss forces were successful in destroying Schezar's base.


      I'll be releasing these models sooner or later if I have free time.

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      This is a new thread that I created now. I will showcase some of my models which I created and uploaded in my assets. If you have a fine and simple idea/suggestions, just comment and I will give it a try as soon as possible if I have free time. Also, the screenshots will be showing some custom SC1 buildings and unit models as well as some other stuff such as SC2 custom models and some team colored unit and building models that were seen in the game.


     I would like to gives thanks to Alleyvipersc2, SoulFilcher, Cacho56, Taylor Mouse, printIn, GhostNova91 and other mapsters for inspiring me to make some cool custom models by honing my modelling skills using Blender.


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