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    I've made 2-4 player mods of some of the starcraft 2 campaign missions, and intend to do this for all of them. But after the last patch (21 juli 2011), my maps stopped working, asking the players to perchase the full starcraft 2 version. It says:

    "You have completed the campaign missions available in the Starcraft II: Starter Edition. To continue Jim Raynors vigilante crusade against the Dominion, upgrade to the full version of Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty. You will unlock twenty-four new single-player missions, two new multiplayer races and numerous additional units and features."

    Followed by two buttons: Upgrade Now and Continue Starter Edition

    I found a solution before submitting this post, and didn't find any other threads about it so here is how I solved it. If you have as me cloned much of the triggers from original map, go into the ======= MAIN ======= / Initialization / Initialization trigger and remove or disable the line 'Story - Load campaign data for map'. I'm not sure what data this fetches, but my maps works perfectly without it.


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