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    Don't seem to be having this problem on US bnet, I'm logged off at the moment and I'm able to test maps.

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    posted a message on Frustration Frustration Frustration.

    @fatOverlord: Go

    Oops, Made a mistake, I just checked, the shortcut is actually Ctrl+Alt+T when you have the trigger editor open

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    posted a message on [Solved] How do we make an animation complete in 0.1s?
    Quote from Bommes: Go

    @FuzzYD: Go if you have problems concerning fast mouse movements you should think about a workaround concerning how to make that event more reliable.

    Thanks a lot for helping me investigate this. Guess we can consider this case closed since Morphs have their limitations. I'll probably search for a work around that uses triggers to manipulate the animations (I've done it before last time, but forgot how).

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    posted a message on [Solved] How do we make an animation complete in 0.1s?

    @DrSuperEvil: Go

    Yeah, I tried setting it to 20, but it still didn't seem to be working right. I probably did something wrong..

    For all the animation start stop events, I tried setting the time scale to 30, but the animation seemed to glitch as though it were too fast. 20 works fine, but it's simply not fast enough when the player hovers and unhovers the gate too quickly.

    At this point I'm trying to just manipulate it with script, that way I don't have to keep resetting to parent when the data get's fubar-ed. :|

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    posted a message on Frustration Frustration Frustration.

    Try use custom script instead (Shift+Control+T). A = A - 1 is done by typing the following:

    int A = 1;

    Way easier than having to click a million times to create the variable, then click a few million more times to find the math operators and stuff to perform the operation.

    No crappy lists required. But you'll need to refer to the wiki a lot for documentation on the functions available to you. Once you get the hang of it, I promise you it's much less time consuming than having to click those GUI trigger lists.

    If you have at least some basic in programming, you will probably find custom script much more seamless. Let me know if you need a demo hello world script. Think I have one lying around.

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    posted a message on [Solved] How do we make an animation complete in 0.1s?

    @Ahli634: Go

    Thanks for the detailed response. Seems rather complicated for me though (data noob here), high probability of messing up my data. While waiting for a response I actually considered another option, the security gate vertical unit. The highlighting works perfectly for it, but I'm having difficulties with the animation.

    When I issue an order to open the gate, then close it in a short span of time (< 0.5 seconds)

    The gate opens, but there's a delay of 2-3 seconds it's considered to be idle. Any ideas how I can cut off this unwanted wait? I tried modifying the model > animation > event cast time, but it didn't seem to have any effect.

    The application for this is that whenever my mouse highlights the gate, it should open (Animation quite fast), and when unhighlighted, it should close (Same here it's quite fast). But when the highlight and unhighlight occurs too fast in a short span of time, the animation delay completely spoils it.

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    posted a message on [Solved] How do we make an animation complete in 0.1s?

    Edit #2: Case closed

    A solution was found by using triggers to send Animation Play messages to the actors of the gate unit, then pausing it after the animation had played back for x seconds. Works like a charm.

    Hey all,

    I'm having some trouble reducing the highlight radius for the Valhalla Destructable door. For some strange reason its about 5 units across despite the door being only 1 unit wide.

    I've tried changing

    • SelectionRadius of the model
    • Radius of the model
    • Radius of the unit
    • Selection offset of the model
    • Footprint radius

    Nothing works :( Does anyone know how I might be able to reduce it? Because it's making it bloody difficult when I'm trying to terrain as the door keeps getting in the way when i try to arrange other nearby doodads

    PS: I'm hoping it's not some kind of model limitation.. that would suck


    Edit: I have decided to use a different gate unit (SecurityGateVertical). I tried to speed up the open and close animations for this gate, as I need them to open and close very fast. So far, I've tried:

    • Model animation speed 20x
    • Actor animation event time scale (non-absolute) modifications
    • Removal of OnApply and onRemove events, FAIL - because it causes the gate sounds to stop playing

    The first item makes the animation complete faster, but it's duration still lasts as long as the original. For example, Animation time is 2 seconds. I set it's speed to 20x, it plays in 0.1 seconds, but the unit refuses to play another animation until the entire 2 seconds is up (1.9 seconds wait)

    My new question is, how do I scale animations to make them display their full cycle in a span of 0.1 seconds?

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    @Trieva: Go

    You can then increment some integer variable(s).

    I believe this method should be faster. Selecting units on the whole map and looping them is rather inefficient.

    Have 2 conditions, when unit created, check if unit matches condition, then increment.

    Have another trigger that checks when a unit dies.

    This way, no looping is required.

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    posted a message on where can find SC2 UI script

    Try press F9, tick show reserved resources(?), and check for the layout file xml there. Believe it should be there.

    Alternatively, why not just use the UI editor? I'm guessing it should display the layout xml (PS: Haven't tried it myself)

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    posted a message on 1p RPG map in post-Beta, needs testers [screenshots!]

    I'd be happy to help with this. Please take note I may take awhile to complete my critique though. Are there any specific criteria you would like feedback on?

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    posted a message on Assault case in Malaysia

    I'm not sure this news went viral outside Malaysia, but it's caused quite a stir over here:


    As a warning, this article may anger some people, but I believe the community here is mature enough to have a civilized discussion about this.

    Events so far (In a nutshell)

    1. Wife posts video's of her being abused on Facebook, causes drama
    2. Husband shares his side of story, claiming his wife had an affair, and is clinically depressed.
      She apparently has also threatened him with a knife before.
    3. Wife denies the husbands claims as baseless, and redirected the focus of the interview to the video.

    My thoughts so far (assuming the husband is telling the truth)

    • Wife's denial of husbands claims lacks substance. She call's him out as a liar without any facts to counter his claims.
    • Husband is still wrong to having assaulted his wife
    • Still too early to judge who's right and who's wrong, but the husbands story seems to be more credible at this point (more detailed)
    • Both of them are in the wrong. The wife for cheating, the husband for striking her.
      However, due to double standards in gender equality, the wife would probably win the case.
    • If justice really does exist, I believe the husband should be pardoned for his actions or at least be given a lighter sentence.
    • On the other hand, if the wife is proven to be an infidel, she basically brought this on herself. Her reputation will pretty much be in shambles in the aftermath of the case.

    I invite you all to discuss your opinions on this case.

    Who do you think is telling the truth? Why?

    What is your ideal for justice on the matter?

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    posted a message on Lag Issue

    @jcraigk: Go

    Have you tried turning on the debugger and checking which threads/functions are taking the longest to execute?

    It might give you a clue as to where the latency is coming from, and you can work on optimizations from there.

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    posted a message on Dialog Issue.

    @Projekton: Go

    Aren't you going to share with us what the solution is? Just in case anyone else should run into a similar problem.

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    posted a message on Do you consider yourself part of an organized religion?

    On a non-related note, I think I learned more about the bible from this thread than I have in my younger years of going to church.

    I don't know it very well myself, as I'm simply not that into reading/text analysis, but from what I have been exposed to, I believe many of the bibles texts are parable-ic in nature and should not be taken literally. Their true message is hidden in the moral behind the stories told in the text. This is probably one of the reasons why it is often misinterpreted.

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    @Mille25: Go

    Thanks for the tip. For clarity, Each stream is one connection between the target url and my terminal right?

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