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    Well you can create a set for your attack's effect, And create a persistent to start the effect. 1 for each range... then tie validators to the effects to make them only fire if they are at a certain range... You can set an initial delay to the persistent so that the effect will not start until x ammount of time.

    So it would look like: Ability; Effect - Target > Set Artillery Attack > Persistent01;Persistent02;Persistent03;Persistent04; Persistent01: Initial delay - 1.000; Validators; LocRange - LessThan9; LocRange - GreaterThan5 Persistent02: Initial delay - 3.000; Validators; LocRange - LessThan15; LocRange - GreaterThan9 Persistent03: Initial delay - 5.000; Validators; LocRange - LessThan20; LocRange - GreaterThan15 Persistent04: Initial delay - 7.000; Validators; LocRange - LessThan30; LocRange - GreaterThan20

    The set would call each effect, and would want to create the attack 4 times, but each persistent would only be allowed to fire if their validator is correct, otherwise the persistent would die... leaving only 1 to fire should it meet the requirements. Each periodic would do the same thing, except have a different intial delay.

    Now that part is easy... I can't seem to get a Siege Tank in Siege mode to cast spells for me at all; except they will in some random spot within their range and nowhere else.

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    What i've used is goto the damage effect for every damage you are using, set the reduction value to 1/10000th of the Damage Value. Now every point of armor decreases damage taken from that source by 0.01% You would just have to do some funny calculations by triggers to apply buffs that reduce or buff armor by X ammount based on deminishing returns when calculating the value of all armor pieces equiped. Effectively turning Values for Armor bonus on items to a rating, and then apply armor to a unit based on your calculation. (I might get to creating a library to do this for any interested eventually).

    Thus having 4 items each giving 2500 Armor value, undeminished would result in a 100% damage reduction... If you apply a calculation like X = (Y(sqrt)) * 1.5 X being the actual armor of the Unit, and Y being the Armor value provided by the item. You would not hit Armor cap until 44,444,444.44 Armor Value then.

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    You can use a login system where a Account / Password is required to release variables within the bank. This would require a working edit box... which doesn't exist, but there is a workaround... several variations on this site... I created one a few months ago...

    This is a minor security precaution though... somebody can just open the xml files that get stored in their bank folder and edit them as they see fit.

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    I use "Webroot AntiVirus with Spy Sweeper". I used to use Norton, but a friend of mine (who works in Internet Security) turned me onto this.

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    yeah... make it search for targets to apply the damage to... and if you want it only to be a single target, you can force it to apply an effect (damage) to a max number of targets (1)

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    Did this already almost 2 months ago. Where's the emote for sadface for not getting the credit?

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