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    new zerg race: Meinhoff brood; includes hunterling, kaboomer, stank, choker, and Spotter. hunterling could replace roach, and spotters could come straight from eggs and overseers could be removed. colour should patch that as hybrids. also lurker do not have that darker colour look when hybrids is choosen

    should gardians's attack do small amount of splash damage? that would fit as the green balls appear to explode

    queen's pop-egg is not pratical

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    @SoulFilcher: Go

    "HoTS is increasing the number of free units Zerg can produce. I feel there's no need to boost it even more." ok, but which units?

    "The Spawn Broodlings ability was never meant to be there. it was op compared to SC2 standards and there was no need for even more Broodlings in the game"

    so the starcraft 1 queen was op? what about the yammoto cannon? is that op as well? the "Spawn Broodlings ability" was nice to counter protoss archons, or templars

    anyways the tentacle ability gave me an idea, what about having a split option ability for the infestor for using mind control or the tentacle abilty.

    abduct: bring unit to point A to point B in a flash, similar to blink. can be applied to any singular unit.

    Tentacle ability: randomly targets 2 units, damages the units until it is dead or infestor dies, brings it "slowly" to where the infestor is (good for zerglings as it breaks up death balls), has no cost, can only target ground units (not sure if it can targert massive units).

    Tentacle ability and Abduct; Applies and Oranges

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    @SoulFilcher: Go

    not sure i understand about the Choker, its a fun unit to use and it is very differerent than the viper. how is it not great? as the Defiler is what replaced the choker and infestor i feel that for a faction the choker (with its abilities) should be part of a faction.

    I dislike the destroyer, its a bit op in late games, specialy the knockback abilty that prevents all units from attacking and take damage for the entire army. health of 550 it almost imposable to kill this unit, when theres more than 12 not shur if there any way of winning.

    • Infestor and Defiler cannot be created for the aiur brood
    • breading mound appears to be white
    • Choker is the same as infestor, but can be warped in. why the model of a choker?
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    I played “Bizarro Cloud Kingdom” and “Bizarro Carrier” and thought of some ideas to Add in with [or without] some factions.

    • BroodWarLings: upgrade that increases the life span and allows broods lords to carry 4 broodings.
    • Virophage build area to 4 blocks
    • Carrier has an “yamoto” attack
    • Carrier upgrade where attack get +x bounus vs xamour unit it attacks
    • Bizarro Cloud Kingdom has the tempest’s shield; takes double damage vs enemy air units and takes max 2 damage vs ground unit.
    • Upgrade that allows carrier to attack while moving, similar to sc1 micro
    • Advance queen that has twice the stats and has ensnare that reduces attack rate
    • Roach upgrade that increases armour by 2

    in the update choker are not available in game, and anything related to the choker

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    Kaboomers: Do not have eggs, they look invisible when spawning Leave a permanent hole/shadow where they were spawned do not have an explode “animation” on death.

    also science building ruins do not disappear over time

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    3. queens still move to slow, speed should be 2.25 off creep or faster

    4. could give this to infested terran aberrations, or not

    5.model does exist; just involves working around with the gardian and the custom gardian that look more like the one in the map SC2BW. i also prefer the darkswarm look from SC2BW; but too much data for the load time is understandable.

    10. sorry, I ment "add" a splash damage

    11. i mean the ability to burrow all ground units, move them beneath enemy units or retreat, and then unburrow them. this would be for zerglings, ultralisk, baneling, drones, hyralisk. might be too much work

    12. ok, lurker able to move while burrowed but moves very slow and is still visible?

    13. you know the hydra's range upgrade? thats the recycled lurker +3 upgraded they used in beta. the missle tier 2 pink zerg upgrade looks better anyways.

    if you have 50 raptors attack 50 marines, an odd glich occurs where 1 to 3 raptors loss the abilty to move (move is grey coloured), also it disarms the unit it leaps onto, this is not mentioned in game.

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    Some ideas of the day for zerg factions/abilties/units:

    • Creep: slows moment of enemy's units/ slows attack rate of enemy's units / increases attack rate of allie units / damages ground units over a long peroid of time. (1 damage every 5 secs or mabey small patches that do a lot of damage).
    • creep tumours attack or act like spider mines.
    • queen upgrade: queen buffed and moves as regular speed on creep on ground
    • zerg ground units: spawn 1 or 2 broodlings on death
    • nydus worm: able to spawn mutiable tunnels from one building at the same time or that building that attacks and creates infested terrans/protoss
    • Baelrog Brood needs a heavy amoured air unit, allow mutalisk to morph into corruptors?
    • building when destroyed release funga growth to surronding units
    • decrase the build time on all merchanery units (terran and zerg), they seem to take too long and can the limit (such as 30 calldown limits on a unit) be removed?
    • i noticed some custom builds of the starcraft 1 hyralisk and ultralisk, perhaps able to be built them using starcraft 1 costs?
    • gardians do splash damage, devourers never did splash damage.
    • all ground units able to move while burror
    • lurker upgrade choice: 3+ range or move while burrowed

    also i think the hydralisk icon for +1 range should be updated, I made an icon with a singular purple spine but not sure how to post image files.

    levithain attack should behavoir to that of campain rather than arcade (its attacks at nothing and doesn't move to ingage enemy units)

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    @SoulFilcher: Go

    I cheacked frenzy and when you hover the mouse over a unit it autolocks onto the unit the mouse is closest too. in other wood unlike funga growth you cannot cast the spell between units, one will be picked as the center of the spell. as for factions, gram and grendel brood don't feel cool enough to play and i feel that tosh pirates faction is the same as nova squadron if not better.

    also nova doesn't respawn

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    Purifier can’t be built if the Core or Mother-ship exists: purifier can only be built at the Nexus and not form Core or Mother ship (meaning i have to kill my own unit to get the better unit). Also core is not in right place when built

    Zerg “frenzy” when targeting units seems to glitch to the side of the main group, meaning I can't place it where I want; it always moves to the side of where I want to place the spell by a small amount.

    defler's plague hotkeyed to F instead of L?

    Tosh pirates cannot heal biological units

    I have tested the Hyperion strike and it would be better if it can move and attack at the same time

    Rather than Goliath’s and Thor choice, what about a Goliath and Warhound Choice?

    Ultralisk burrow charged when unburrowing is painfully slow, can that time be decrease?

    Your thoughts on a UED faction:


    -Advance Goliaths (merchant model) able to shoot air and ground at same time

    -Arclite Siege Tank

    -unique battle cruiser

    Whens the next update for the map going to be released?

    link for the Arclite Siege Tank: http://www.sc2mapster.com/assets/arclite-siege-tank/

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    valkyrie in game says they should do 24max damage in game (4 attacks 6vs amoured) but do in fact 104 max damage. Science vessel's defence matrix does not work

    valkyrie and scourge from sc1 quotes should be added and quotes from general warfield (I thought this was a marine; its a white star battlecruiser) should be quotes from sc1 bc or something that is more pleasant to hear

    as for the gardian's new role: perhaps have it move faster (model seems to fit fast motion), has abduct, or reduces enemy's amour/attack speed? model also appears a bit large

    hydralisk speed upgrade from 3 to 3.25? i feel that for there cost, supply, and slow speed to begin with there upgraded speed should be faster then the staker's 2.95 and be able to keep up with speedlings

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    I have played the game for some time, it’s addictive and one of my favorites, and I have some suggestions


    Rip fields op; early and late game protoss would build one near (or far cause it’s long range) enemy base and once complete it destroyers all workers in seconds and tire one units like marines, zerglings or even roaches can’t live long enough to destroy or get near it. Rather than a field that does damage how about a field that slows enemy units or increases shields amour by 1?

    Hybrids seem op in general when massed with 800 health, does +40 damage per second with area of effect splash. Should be removed, limited number, or nerved

    Dragoon range max range at 7 rather than 8?

    Zerg should have an offence AA unit at tier one, perhaps: Scourge form banelings nest or Tier one hydralisk (75minerla 25gas supply1 perhaps damage nerved form 12 to 10) or: A new smaller version of the brutalisk.


    Raptor at 50 gas and 25 mineral is not economical per unit. It Should be 25 mineral per unit with no gas or an upgrade that applies to all at hive.

    Carrier model: when upgrading the 2+ amour change model of the carrier to that of Selendis’s Carrier

    Carrier ranged increased upgrade? (or this too op?)

    Battlecruiser range to 7 or attack as they move?

    Remember the Zerg devourer in BroodWar? Replace the current model of the guardian with custom made one (looks better anyways) and use the guardian (original from SC2) model for the devourer.

    Guardian’s supply changed from 4 to 2 (or 3)

    ultralisk burrow charge? Also ultra +2 amours is a must

    Give all races a main capital ship that they can “always” build; terran’s could be the Hyperion

    And of Couse add the custom hots units

    In the arcade simpler to that of how hots custom was layed out; option of picking 1vs1 or 2vs2 with map rotation, that map seemed popluar because of that layout over other hots maps where people would rarely play.

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