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    What and where was the button you found @newone900?
    Also, how do you use more than 8 textures?
    I have two texture sets added through map properties > TextureSets, so I can see both in the "Texture set" drop down in the terrain texture palette, but some of the textures just won't paint on the map.



    Edit: To use the second texture set you have to go to the texture sets icon (in the top right corner within terrain texture menu, different terrain squares stacked on top of each other) Paint an area to use the alternative texture set.

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    I am new and have created a new camera object with some custom settings

    I was looking in triggers and could not see how to set the camera to the camera object I created in the data editor.

    I can create a camera variable, but it doesn't have the settings of the object I created in data.

    I want to avoid making the changes directly in the default camera


    Found a camera editor under view>camera>camera editor, which includes get/set game camera, but nothing happens when I press these buttons.

    Please help me understand how to change the default camera object and see where I am wrong in my thought process!

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