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    Im working at the moment at remaking that Heart of the swarm Opening Cinematic, with cameras etc... It is not yet finished, but that are some, "Alpha" Screenshots of it, i don't know if its the right thread for it, buts its also a showcase, i would say. (And so sorry for my bad english :(( )

    I had to add some things that aren't in the Cinematic (Like that "STOP" Shield etc in the back) because otherwise it would be so empty and unrealistic..

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    im looking for something like a base, where, like in the opening of HotS, the Droppods of the zerg are starting to fly. Just a little base with that backpart of the droppod, if you dont understand what i mean, ask me :)

    Would be great, great, GREAT if somebody could do that....

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    im working on a DOTA, but i dont really want to use that zerg, terran or Protoss units as creeps. So i watched that Blizz Dota trailer, and saw that great creeps!

    If anyone who can make models reads this, please do a remake of that figures, a melee, ranged and siege creep would be great! Of course i will give you the credits for it (LAAARGE CREDITS ON LOADINGSCREEN).

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    @SoulFilcher: Go

    Hi, i hope you still working at the map, and if you allready got that idea, sorry! What about an building of the zerg that creates something like the locusts?

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