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    hey guys, I made a trigger that when the player left clicks, it fires raynors snipe effect at a location away from the caster in the direction the caster is facing, however, when I test it ingame, all it does is fire into the bottom left of the map :S


    UI - Player Any Player clicks Any mouse button Down.

    Local Variables


    (Mouse button clicked) == Left


    Variable - Set TempPlayer = (Triggering player)

    Variable - Set TempPoint[1] = ((Position of Ship[TempPlayer]) offset by 0.7 towards ((Facing of Ship[TempPlayer]) + 20.0) degrees)

    Variable - Set TempPoint[3] = (TempPoint[1] offset by 100.0 towards (Facing of Ship[TempPlayer]) degrees)

    Animation - Play Attack animation for (Actor for Ship[TempPlayer]) as Default, using Model Driven Looping options and Default Time blend time

    Environment - Execute Raynor - Raynor Snipe (Create Persistent) at TempPoint[3] from Ship[TempPlayer]

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    hey mate, seeing as you guys scrapped the rev3 is there any way I can get my hands on that terrain? both to use and learn from? ;)

    If not, can you tell me how you did the map lighting? when I made mine dark it made all of the blood and gore black for some reason :S

    I also wouldn't mind a flashlight that casts shadows.

    More on topic: that video's great, terrain and concept are beautiful. The part where you look out the window and see the rest of the ship is amazing. The only gripe I have is the camera. Not a big fan of permanently seeing my character's ass. Your character also covers most of the screen, I suggest moving it out and up slightly so you no longer see his ass and have a little more visibility, or at least making different cameras to choose from in the playable game.

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