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    A quick update:


    Because of some computer issues, I was forced to reinstall everything, so haven't had editor available. But now, everything's fixed and I will continue development of the next mission.


    Terrain is just about 60% done. Once it's finished, I'll make a short terraining showcase video as I've done before.

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    Mission 21 has now been reuploaded and changed to a "Released" state.


    I've made a couple changes to reduce the overall length of the second part of the map, and with it, i've also fixed some other issues people have pointed out.


    Patch notes for the updated mission:

    • Spectres and Goliaths now have 2.25 movement speed.
    • Units and Heroes now passively gain 60% increased movement speed when out of combat for 5 seconds. This buff is only active during Part II of the mission.
    • Removed outlines from units behind objects in certain cinematic shots.
    • During Part II, if a door is opened, the area around the door will be revealed for 2 seconds, allowing players to catch a glimpse of where the door is, and also view the opened door through the fog of war.
    • The Guard Housing units stationed around the map are no longer viewable on the minimap.
    • Fixed a few typos.
    • Changed the angle of one of the framy cutscenes, reducing some of the lag.
    • Doors are now visible on the minimap.
    • Reduced the duration of the "Start" transmission from The Silent Hunter.
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    Baby he's back!


    It's interesting to see you go back and make modifications to previously well-functioning maps. These changes does pose one question, though; Are these changes entirely unique to this mission or are you going to include them, or perhaps similar features to other maps of the campaign as well?


    This looks really interesting. I'll see if I can't take a look at it soon.

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    In reply to Hultmanable:

     Sounds great!
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    Answers await...


    Krayen has visited the place where it all began.. The first parasites were created and experimented with on this exact location.


    Find out all the missing details about Krayen's past and the story of the parasitic organisms plaguing the Daggerfang and the Idu'ran in the upcoming...


    Mission 20 "Sentient Reality"

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    So, Patch 3.13 fixed the editor issues again, so work has resumed.


    At this rate, this campaign will be done in 2025. :D

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