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    The resources are given via Modify Player effects.   The effect tree for the pickups is an Effect - Target ability that uses a Set effect which applies a suicide Damage effect to the caster and the Modify Player effect on the player the pickup unit autocasts to.   For co-op they throw in a Search Area effect with a finite range that only picks a single target that requires allied to apply the same effect to.   This method is only suitable for 2 players.   I advise looking at the WoL pickups instead if you want only a single player to get the boost.

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    Either do like the Construction actors or use Unit Compare Vital validators.

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    If I recall the last patch said that melee would have different skins for units that can be unlocked by playing or as DLC similar to heroes of the storm.   These are probably for that feature.

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    Probably going to be unlockable skins in the next patch.

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    With a lot of validators and a State Monitor type actor depending on what you want it to do.


    The Actor: Think Interval is how often the actor refreshes.   The Actor: States - Terms is the validators which are the conditions for the state change.   The Actor: States - Names are the aliases used by the State Valid terms of the events and even the XML only not state valid (!StateValid).   Use the State Change events and get them to create Queried type actors that do whatever you want (usually creating a Model type actor that uses specific Attach Methods to attach to the correct attachment points).


    Reason for it not working is probably the other structures lack attachment points used by the default attach methods or the life is falling outside the ranges of the validators used.


    I would advise using a Simple type actor to create your state monitor on all structures but use a Validate Unit term that uses Unit Type validators.


    Edit: Alternatively you could use a Progress actor using Progress events and Level terms.

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    • I have been a member of the SC2Mapster community for several years, during which I have made several proof of concept/demo maps for specific problems. To prevent unnecessary reposting of the maps, as has often had to be done due to people not using the search function of the site, this archive has been created.
    • Some maps are still works in progress and will be updated when possible.

    The Maps!

    Transfer Behavior Demonstration (working 27/10/2016)

    • A demo map that for the first time used the Transfer Behavior effect (to think people did not know about it before, lol).
    • Has two abilities, with the first spreading a contagious plague to target units while the carrier becomes stronger by having plague stacks which it can tranfer for stonger decimation power.
    • The second is a SSBB style sticky bomb that can be transfered on contact to another unit and detonates after a time for damage.

    Choosable Attribute System (working 27/10/2016)

    • A demonstration of how a Diablo 2 style attribute system can be done using pure data. Uses requirements to calculate points put into an attribute (via ability levels) along with the potential for some mathematical function added by items (+ or % stats) that are then used by an addition/subtraction equilibrium to apply/remove buff stacks adding the attributes to give the correct amount.

    Attack Defend Swap (working 27/10/2016)

    • Demonstration of how visuals and levelable ability sets can be swapped without morphing. The passives use a dated method of implemementation, Rather use a Behavior type ability that is leveled and permanently on than several buffs with requirements.

    Digital Peril (working 27/10/2016)

    • Map where I experimented with creep textures and lighting to create a circuit like effect. Also contains a buff that repels units trying to walk on creep and self assembling structure complexes (work on hiatus).


    Shiney Stuff (working 27/10/2016)

    • Example of how some simple alterations to terrain textures and the events of doodads can make maps more interesting since terrainers tend to only use the default settings for both. Primarily intended to be inspiration for jewel encrusted maps eg a treasure cave. Uses the specular texture as a diffuse for the mesh resulting in a golden terrain. Also has crystals that change colour semi randomly in all the colours of the rainbow.

    Windmill Doodad (partially working 27/10/2016)

    • A giant windmill doodad with turning blades. Still looks good although the method used for turning the blades is dated. Was the first demonstration of being able to dynamically rotate models without having complex series of attached turning actors/turrets that are paused/unpaused. Worked by attaching a model to a beam that followed a halfsquare of marines that altered scales. As the Beam (Simple) wobbles when moving (unlike Beam (Standard)) a forward vector was used to stabilize the blade (The SOp (Forwad Vector) method eventually completely replaced this old method). As patch 1.5 added the SOp (Rotator) SOp making spinning attachments is no longer a technical feat.
    • Due to changes that have been made to the exploding barrel model and how beams work since 10/08/2011 this map is only partially functional. The barrel models have been replaced with marines to allow partial rotation however the Beam (Simple) actor would need to be replaced with a SOp (Up Vector) to restore full aesthetic function (27/10/2016).

    Consume Build (working 27/10/2016)

    • Entry for the one WDE. Is a build system that requires the sacrifice of units to complete the structure. On placement the structure automatically recruits nearby units to be sacrificed. Works by a buff on the structure disabling the buildable ability and applying a buff on the unit to be sacrificed preventing several buildings trying to recruit the same one. The buff on the sacrifice also orders the unit to the building, when close enough sacrifices the unit by converting it into a missile like brood lord escorts that then adds a counter buff to the building and a buff that supresses the build repressor for a few seconds until the duration runs out. When the full number of sacrifices required to complete the building has been reached the structure no longer recruits nearby units.

    Ownership Changer (working 27/10/2016)

    • Works like the interact ability in that a nearby unit gains control of the structure and the player retains control as long as it has units nearby. Has some advantages over the interact ability with regards to kill credit and the ownership of trained units.

    Auto Harvester v3.0 (working 19/12/2016)

    • A colossal mining structure for harvesting minerals. Currently does lacks birth/death animations. Has a large boom on an elevator that it uses to move the claw over the minerals which then drops down to take a large chunk out of the patch. The claw then retracts and the boom returns to its' default position over the crusher before dropping the minerals in. The crusher then displays a nice sparking visual before producing several pallets of minerals (more if harvesting from a high yield field) that then travel up the conveyor to the side. On reaching the top of the conveyor the player receives the minerals gathered with the mineral type appropriate Text actor visual. The colour of the collected minerals changes to fit the type of mineral patch being harvested.
    • The boom uses a tentacle to produce dynamic movement although the boom visuals use a dated method of animation in that the first boom part points at an invisible lever system above the boom causing imperfect extension at longer distances. For the latest method look at the LEGZ map.
    • Patches had broken several things in the old map including the 1test leader overhead actor refusing to host on the attachment point and the grabber Launch Missile effect having had the launch unit defaulting back to source as opposed to caster. There were many other small bugs like textures not being swapped, the tentacle attached to the turret not turning and blizzard having changed how the Location Compare Cliff Level validators operate. To fix these bugs the XML was transferred to a new map and all bugs addressed. The auto harvester was then updated to include a selection circle and limitations to only harvest minerals with yield differences based on mineral type harvested. The old weapon based system of turret turning has been replaced with a Modify Unit based one. The rate of resource gathering was then balanced to equate to just over 21 workers worth. All pieces of data have also been annotated in the editor comments.

    Turn Sensor (working 27/10/2016)

    • Proof of concept map where the principle of the Doppler shift is used to determine if a unit is turning left or right. At a glance this might seem trivial but the game lacks an inbuilt capacity to do so and it has uses. For a more advanced and robust version look at the LEGZ map.
    • Patches had changed the sensitivities so had the Location Range validators recalibrated (27/10/2016).

    Multi Unit Merge Mk2 (working 27/10/2016)

    • A simulation of the Merge/mergable abilities except it can use an undefined number of any different type of unit in the process of making a single final unit. Uses principles developed for the Consume Build map. Is robust to support even insane amounts of clicking. Can be used for merges of 3,4 or even 10+ different unit types and is able to be made completely orthogonal to copies of itself so there is not the issue of different merges calling upon the units of each other.

    Zerg Gate (working 27/10/2016)

    • A dirty great big gate of the zerg that has huge claws rise up from the ground before interlacing with each other to form an arch before huge tendrils shoot up from the ground to prevent units from passing. Comes complete with sounds and a glowing emblem to show it is locked. Currently only set up to let zerg units (and nearby friends) past but can easily be modified to open and close on any desired condition (just alter the validator on the morph).

    Items Test (working 27/10/2016)

    • Proof of concept map where items interact with holding units via a behaviour on the item unit (and vice versa)and not via the fields under the Items data type. For an expanded use of this principle look at the Simbiont Demonstration map.

    Symbiont Demonstration (working 27/10/2016)

    • A work in progress but currently has a commensal symbiotic item that requires permission of the host to fuse with it (unless neutral player for testing purposes). When fused with the item the holding unit gets a change in appearance and gains different weapons and stat bonuses. As both the unit and the item level up on kills (even when in inventory) the stat bonus increases and every few levels a new weapon is gained from the relationship (work in progress). Also contains an exp generator using a Battery type ability for testing purposes. Things still to be implemented are the last few weapons at higher levels, parasitic items with various nasty item based attacks (from mind control to classic Alien like chest bursters). Will also experiment with self propigating items within inventories when I get round to it.

    Power Line (working 27/10/2016)

    • System made for the community project where a power grid needs to be connected to a generator structure and transmitted via a network of nodes to the target structure. Breaking of the link between the generator and peripheral parts of the network causes a loss of power to that part until the connection is restored. Also has tentacle like cables as visuals for the power lines which are destroyed/reformed as connections are lost/regained.

    Particle Emitter Test (working 27/10/2016)

    • Just some fun I had using the Texture Slect By ID event action on one of the smoke particle emitters so it lets off the one horned skull decals that change colours rainbow archon style.
    • Some patch had deleted the prefix on the model but once replaced everything works as intended (27/10/2016).

    Harvest Simulation (not working 27/10/2016)

    • Fully functional simulation of the Harvest ability based on buffs on the unit that look if the unit is being ordered to move to a specific target and is within range. Uses buff stacks to count the amount harvested. Allows for interrupting the harvest for a fraction of the gain (not possible with original ability as it is all or nothing). Also allows for more than four resources as each resource type can be represented by buff stacks and enables chains of manufacture/refining eg. coal + ore = iron + coal + gunpowder = cannon that is required to train a unit.
    • Although a work in progress will have a building that employs the unit to do the task using a more effective system of commanding.
    • Also has a jostle buff that uses an Apply Force effect to ensure units do not stop moving when still far from the target.
    • Seems to be some problem with the buff transfer or processing of buff stacks to give the player minerals, to be fixed soon (27/10/2016).

    LEGZ V2.0 (working 27/10/2016)

    • Part of my composite unit skeleton project. Any bug reports/solutions would be appreciated. Soon will be reduced to a user friendly mod for anyone to use to make composite units (15/07/2016)
    • Is a tetrapedal walker from which visuals can be hung and can trample units under foot. Can leap at targets and also has a stomp and body slam attack when attacking that uses the leg likely to cause the most damage or the body itself.
    • The foot movement uses a tentacle that on impact creates a model type actor at the point like the lurker spines which then uses reference set to change the hosting ot the tentacle so the return is not visible. This system allows Launch Missile effects to be used to take steps. The rest of the leg visuals hang off this system.
    • The legs use the SOp (Forward Vector) method to create a stable platform on which the leg is attached.
    • The upper and lower leg structural elements both face a model at an offset in the -x/-y direction to the other. To prevent issues with digi/retrograde legs the offsets are imperfect to favour one or the other. To further reduce the previously mentioned issue the feet on creation are raised before being lowered and a SOp (Explicit Rotation) is used to further increase the odds of the one direction. There is also a Click Response behaviour to help fix the rare uncooperative legs. This creates a Dynamic boom from which visuals can be hung
    • There is a MK2 rotation sensor (prototype seen in Turn Sensor map) that measures in three loactions at 120 degrees to each other to allow a degree of confidence in the direction being turned if one measurement is faulty. Also detects the range of the measurements from the unit to prevent the map edge/unpathable terrain causing false readings. This allows the pace offsets to be corrected when turning left or right, moving forwards and when standing idle.
    • The leap attack is known to bug occasionally when autocasting because the autocast ignores the arc of the ability launching the unit backwards. The legs are fixed the next time a step is taken.
    • The stomp and body slam attack ennumerates the numbers of units in the range of each leg and the body using buff stacks before stomping or body slamming the area with the most targets.
    • There are two birth animation options for the walker able to be applied with a Buff behaviour on creation.
    • Current verion has four leg themes as inspiration which are randomly chosen when the map is tested. The Terran theme is a minimalist terran leg made of a bunker foot (Terratron terrorize) and a leg of two hex columns to show how easy it is to make a decent leg. The protoss themed legs I call the Greater Archon, just imagine them with a few xel naga hull plates surrounding a protoss hero gate with a dirty big dark archon on top launching electrified death at you. The zerg theme I call Zerg Gargantuan, imagine 6-8 of those wading through your forces holding up a gigantic zerg horror with multiple glowing red eyes that is devouring your forces with several tentacle like tongues. The final shape theme uses only a single model that is retextured, tinted and/or animation paused for all parts to create great results (includes a winged knee crest even).
    • V2.0 has had the actor creation process simplified to the avatar, body main and leg origin actors to make it easier for players to create additional legs. All custom data is fully annotated in the editor comments and with prefixes and suffixes.

    Turret Simulation (working 27/10/2016)

    • Proof of concept map and going to be implementation of torso mechanics of my composite unit skeleton project. Currently contains a mechanic for doodads to follow the movement of units within an area before returning to their original position (think gothic protraits with following eyes or the hogwarts suits of armor). Also contains a system for making the head of a unit turn to face the direction of the attack target (even targets behind without turning too much).
    • Will eventually include a fully operation terratron right arm with painful weaponary that points at the victim. Also will include the head of the Zerg Gargantuan for inspiration.
    • The doodad part uses a periodic Region type actor in a method based on the colossus tree killer to set the hosting of an attachment to the target using a Reference Set event action that the "head" then follows using a SOp (Up Vector). A periodic status decrement system is used to return the reference to the initial host if the unit moves our of the area queried.
    • The head turner uses a weapon to apply a buff to the target of the Attack ability that then uses a similar method to attach a model from the main unit to the target. To prevent issues with units moving behind the head the a head faces an offset model that moves in an ellipse caused by the circle of motion being offset at an angle relative to the plane of head movement. The model turning the ellipse faces the model attached to the target.
    • Still thinking of the most efficient arm design.

    Weapon Swap (working 27/10/2016)

    • Demo map of how to smoothly swap between weapons. Solves a commonly asked question. Inspired by the remnants of the removed weapon swap system of Raynor.
    • Uses Buff behaviours to add the weapons and a system of Effect - Instant abilities adding and removing the buffs to perform the swap. In hindsight a Specialize type ability could have done everything instead of several seperate abilities.

    Shared Cd (working 27/10/2016)

    • Demo map of how to get several abilities to share a common cool down. Another commonly asked question.

    Interrupt Uninterruptable Ability (working 27/10/2016)

    • Demo map of a buff based system that allows for uninterruptable abilities to be interrupted by the unit being hit. Also contains a system for making the next unit attack to have an enhanced shot.
    • First problem is solved using a damage response on defender that applies a Buff that diables the ability in question disrupting it.
    • Second problem was solved by the ability applying a buff with a damage response on attacker that does the enhancement that expires before the next attack. In hind sight adding a Create Persistent effect with a 0.0016 sec delay that then removes the buff with the damage response would be a more robust method.

    Allegiance Swap (working 27/10/2016)

    • Demonstrates how to swap the owning player of a unit when it takes fatal damage. A common issue with several map types that involve capturing buildings/cities/flags.
    • Uses a fatal damage response buff to prevent unit death and swap the ownership to the attacker before healing the unit. Only works for enemy units (If I remember correctly).

    Reaver Mimic (working 27/10/2016)

    • Demonstrates how to make a SC1 reaver weapon. Another common question.
    • Uses an internal Arm Magazine ability like the carrier except it launches a ground unit with a Scaler mover to cross cliffs that has a suicide weapon like the baneling.
    • Since LOTV added the real deal this map is no longer so valid.

    Arm Magazine Feedback Demo (not working 27/10/2016)

    • Workaround proof of concept to solve the issue of Arm Magazine ability ammo units being known as their own caster making feed back with the launching unit difficult.
    • Uses a Search Area effect on launch with a small area to apply a buff on the caster that then applies a buff to the ammo unit enabling communication via the Effect fields above the Value fields of effects and behaviors. In the demonstration shows how to make cloaking interceptors that relies on an ability on the parent carrier.
    • Currently in need of major revision due to how much the Arm magazine ability has changed since 21/01/2012.

    Infect Creep (working 27/10/2016)

    • Demo map made at a request. Has an ability on the queen that upgrades creep tumours to do damage to enemies on the creep.
    • Changes the model of the creep tumour using the Model Swap event action and creates a Splat type actor to tint the "infected" creep a different colour.
    • Damage system is a straight forward damage aura on the upgraded tumours that uses the On Creep validator for damaging the targets.
    • Patch had covered the ability button which has been moved (27/10/2016)

    Turret Unit Addon (working 27/10/2016)

    • Demo map showing how to apply turrets on units using models that lack a TurretZ attachment point. A commonly asked question for beginners making TD maps.
    • Has the model of interest attached onto a hidden model with a TurretZ attachment point that enables rotation.
    • Somehow patches had really messed with the events of the Unit actor between 24/07/2011 and now so the events of the Unit actor were reset and then changed to the original configuration (27/10/2016).

    Artillery Turret (working 22/11/2016)

    • Demo map showing how to get actors attached to a Unit actor to follow the cursor of an ability before locking onto the target. Also has a side gun that is modified to be more robust when multicast and to apply a cooldown to a dummy weapon.
    • Has a boom system to adjust the angle of the artillery to follow Newtonian ballistics based on distance to the target. Unfortunately SC2 ballistic movers do not use Newtonian ballistics so the calibration is off.

    Side Turret Demo (working 22/11/2016)

    • Solution to the problem of having a weapon/passive with an arc that searches for targets at an angle and being able to lock onto a single target. Is multicastable and able to be made orthogonal allowing for a single unit to have multiple weapons with overlapping arcs that are able to fire at independent targets.
    • Uses Modify Unit effects to make models with TurretZ attachment points look at the target. Also has a second purely actor based method to get attached actors to look at the target (also allows for movement along the z axis).
    • The target locking uses an angular Search Area with an arc that applies a Set effect to a single target. The Set then marks the target with a Buff behaviour that has a stack limit of 1 per caster and uses the require caster history fields of Unit Compare Behaviour Count validator and Remove Behavior effect to prevent interaction with other units that have the same weapon/passive (similar to the Liberator). The target mark is limited to the target search arc by a combination of a Location Range validator and a periodic Search Area effect with the complimentary arc that removes marker buffs owned by the caster. The out of bounds search is performed by a Buff behaviour that disables the target search buff preventing additional targets being marked. A Create Persistent effect which persists until the target is dead or loses the marker buff is used for the periodic use of the desired effect tree and uses the final effect to reset the system.
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    posted a message on Modified actor follows target while firing and moving, but not when using channeling ability

    Irony is I had not yet tested that flag so it was a hunch or as some call it an educated guess.

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    posted a message on How to change resource icon?

    Tried the UI: Resources - Icon field of the Game UI Data data type?

    The demo map of my brother in post #7 also works but you need to change: "UIContainer/FullscreenUpperContainer/ResourcePanel/ResourceFrame/SupplyIcon"



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    For falling you need dynamic. You will need to make a variant of the SOp (Forward Vector) method since you will be crossing the xy plane. Make your Unit actor have the invisible model. Have two 0 opacity marines at a 60 degree angle behind and 30 degree angle infront of the unit so that at a scale of 2.24 the overhead attachment points intersect. Use a SOp (Forward Vector) and SOp (Up Vector) so the up faces the 60 degree marine and the forward faces the 30 degree one. Have a Model type actor that has all the events of the ordinary Unit type actor but has the SOp forward and up. This way between switching the scale of the 60 degree marine from 2.24 to 0.01 and the 30 degree marine from 0.01 to 2.24 you can tip your actor backwards. Set the time scale and you can determine how fast.

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