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    In reply to kjh0529hjk:
     Hi my friend, sorry that I am late. Just spent a few weeks working for my Chinese friends.
    We will open more  storage boxes soon, please give us some time to make sure it won't cause bank crush (We have to very careful here, we will test them on our ptr map first).
    The items you got is for the next updates. In the next version we'll into the void through a portal and change Graham to our ally. In this case you'll need the mech heart. And the marauder suit will be used to unlock another character. I am not sure if he'll join in the next update.

    By the way, are you the Korean player that many friends mentioned me before? (They told me that there is a very good Korean player on this game that have very high level as well as rare items.)

    And thank you for playing our game.

    WIP Graham unlock mission:

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    Some new works these days:

    Tutorial on how to make a blade trail.

    Giga Drill Break SCV

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    In reply to Veratai:

     Thanks Veratai, ya, my team is crazy busy during the pasted 2 months. We were working one RTC map and Blz Enforcement both, and we were all tired out.
     Now the RTC map Sky fall was released and BLZ Enforcement new update is in days, Just wish players will love both of them.
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    In reply to AAShooter:

     Hi AAShooter, I have replied your message and explained the endeavors we did the past few days. Some bugs that you reported has been fixed. We had made improvements to enhance the performance. We remade many effects to reduce the resource occupation, now the game experience act much better.
    I appreciate your attentions and suggestions, and we'll make a mutation base on your ideas no matter the result we finally get in RTC 2017. (Right now we can't modify the map until Blizzard says yes.)
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    Hi guys, we are Froggy&Catty. This time we bring a new map, it's also an entered map for the RTC 2017.


    Official Forum Links: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20754456028


    Map Links:
    North America:battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/286069
    Korea and TaiWan:battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/115603
    Southeast Asia:battlenet:://starcraft/map/6/25594

    Get ready commanders! This mission will decide the fate of purifiers’ homeland. Their troops and Phoenix will be our powerful allies in the war against Amon. Maybe one day in the future, they will join us in the CO-OP missions, before that, our job is responding their trusts!

    Amon's Saboteurs have paralyzed Cybros’s power System. Their fleet in high orbit keeps attacking the ship with aerolites. Shield generators on Cybros could provide protection from these attacks, but they can’t work without energy.
    You and your ally are the last hope to save this ship. Use your workers to deliver solar crystals to the shield generators. Use them as the emergency power source to activate the shield.
    During your mission, there will be more and more aerolites, deconstruct the photonic anchors to increase your solar crystals, so that you can protect larger area.
    Defense the ship until purifiers finish the emergency reboot of the core matrix.

    Your missions:

    • Protect Cybros until purifiers finish the emergency reboot.
    • Do not allow too many aerolites hit Cybros.
    • Paralyze the megalithes before their memory lattice are totally corrupted. (Optional)
    • Try to find the secret on this ship and unlock the dark knight mode.


    • A good distribution is the key to win the game, you can remove solar crystals from the shield generators in the save area, and deliver them to the places that really need them.
    • You can purify the infected megalithes in bonus mission. But pay attention to its singularity cannon, it’s probably the most powerful weapon in CO-OP missions. (Can mostly destroy everything in the area).
    • We created elaboration custom models/animations/effects for this game, and tried our best to bring you and your friends a good game experiences that close to official.
    • We hide a special game mode inside, try to find the secret on Cybros, and get ready to try the return of the greatest hero of Protoss.
    • This game contains difficulty adjustments and various enemies. Amon’s troops will choose different race and tactics each time.
    • This game provides multiple languages (English, Simple Chinese and traditional Chinese). We wish everyone around the world can join this game and have fun. All Starcraft players belong to a big, friendly family!

    Protect Cybros from Amon's Rain of Death. Use shield generator to defense the aerolites.

    Pay attention to the cursors on the map, try to get shield generator nearby before time running out.

    Shield can protect you from the rain of death. Those one who don’t take cover, won’t be survive.

    Megalith is a very powerful unit. The singularity cannon can banish nearly anything to the void.

    For the greater good. You may have to deconstruct friendly buildings to get tactical advantages.

    In dark knight mode, you’ll fight with only one hero with his ship.

    The little creatures on this ship, we love frogs :)

    Contact us:
    If you have good ideas and suggestions, please share with us!
    Email: jifengxiang1@gmail.com
    Skype: Delphiniumfrog
    SC2mapster: Delphinium1987
    QQ: 356171669

    Special thanks to:
    Goblin Academy
    Every friend that loves Starcraft II, you are the reason that we keep working on this game!

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    3d-print respawn system for Zeratul. (Similar to Blizzard used in coop missions.)


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    In reply to CybrosX:

    Maybe a week later... I am too tired these days.
    Also, the holographic effects that Blizzard artists used in void campaign look better than the placement effect you shared.
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    Blizzard artists clearly wanted to save time here, so the solution is very simple (if you know the trick.)


    Here you are:

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    In reply to DrSuperEvil:

     Yes, nanakey attached the unit to tentacle's attachment. During the spell time, it's a part of tentacle unit.
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    In reply to AAShooter:

     Thanks AAShooter, maybe this one could be helpful to you too.
    I noticed that the original BLZ forgot to added Vol_Shield for voidseeker too, so I added one for it tonight.
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    In reply to TaylorMouse:

     Hi TaylorMouse, long time no see, thanks to you I now can deal with OW models :)
    Your technologies are super helpful to my works (both SC2/HOTS and OW).
    Tons of thanks to you!
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    Hi folks, frog is back.


    In the past month I am working on a new map with my partners, and now it's nearly finished. It's a map that need players to defense Cybros from aerolite attacks, you need to get solar crystals and deliver them to shield generators, and protect them from enemies.


    It's our pleasure to share our art works on SC2mapster first.


    Frog pond on Cybros

    Frog pond on Cybros


    Megalith attack (drones)


    Megalith skill (singularity banishment)


    Use solar crystal to activate the shield.


    Aerolite attacks (with/without shield)



    we'll bring you more details once we finish the finally map works. :)


    I have to say working on two map at the same time is really a challenge to my team, everyone worked super hard... Thanks frog that we did this...


    Btw, Our voice actor is ill, so we are still looking for someone to help us on voice acting, plz contact us if you have interests.




    We also made some very kinetic designed spells for our BLZ Enforcement map. This one is our favourite.

    NanaKey's tentacle attack:

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    Hi ImperialGood, (we have lost the internet link to USA last month... Sorry for the delay)

    At the first beginning, this game is very easy to level up. But...


    Just the 3rd day that we released this game in China, there are plenty of players complained that this game is too easy to level up so that they already have 4 or 5 characters level 45 (the level limit we set). And they pointed out that there would be nothing to play if they finished level up the rest of their characters...


    There are plenty of cheat ways to level up faster, they clinged the mouse left, found a corner and left their characters shot there over night..and perished together with the bosses so that they can kill it one more time (and got twice time rewards...)


    So after that we were forced to reduce the EXP level so that they can play it slower and longer, (you may don't believe this, they felt OK with that.)

    Now the lower EXP level is some kinds of protection mechanism to avoid players from taking advantage of bugs...


    In the new version, we added "deep mind Clip" which can provide additional EXP during the battle. I wish this can help your game experience.

    Please have a try on the arcade game:battle tank. You'll like it :)


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    Quote from k3llym0 >>

    oh god a topel M lmao

    I wasn't sure you guys had played command and conquer generals, but I was pretty sure you did (somebody any way).

    didn't think you guys had played shock wave though, now im pretty certain you did.

    whats next technicals? BUK missile carriers? so excited.


    gota say that delphinium models mod is pretty intense -- still haven't seen everything in there.

     Sorry, the mod is too huge and I have failed on both uploading the mod as well as pass the permission to the project. You can download it here:

    Assets mod: Delphinium_Model_1.0.SC2mod (Search it on en-US server)

    Dropbox link:


    It will be my pleasure if you can find some good use to our assets, it's our honor to serve the community. :)

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