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    Hi, everyone,


    I just finished all stuffs of the real life. The last month was just both excited and hurry-scurry to me.

    My partner and I was terrible ill last month, we speculated that it maybe food poisoning. About two weeks we were suffering in low fever and diarrhea. That was really a terrible feeling.

    Meanwhile, My dream company gave me an opportunity of interview of being a 3D artist. The interviewers were very kind and it more liked a participation meeting rather than a serious interview. It's my first time of having an English interview, so I am not sure if I was good enough during it (and I am pretty sure there are many other skilled candidates). But it'll be so excellent if I can get this job.


    Anyway, I am now one piece again, and back to sc2mapster (and waiting for the final result.)

    I now start to do all the delayed works from the community. My apologize that it cost me so much time.




    I am going to finish this ship later. Hope you'll like it. :)

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    It's a simple key animation, not real dynamic effect.

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    In reply to Veratai:

     Yeah, I am a bit lazy on effects these days, too many other works have to do so I just used my death animation templates. It's cool but just as same as I showed before. (I know lazy is bad, but I just got too many things @_@)
    Here is the Rubber Duck, everyone loves it~
    You can download it from here: (Or the next version of Delphinium_Model_Patch_1.0.SC2mod maybe a week or two.)
    And a small scene of beach:
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    In reply to DrSuperEvil:

     You can find the showcase here:
    There are too many of models, so I didn't make a link for them, just show them with gif only...
    If you can ready Chinese, there is a model index too.
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    COOOOOL work! Taylormouse you are genius!

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    Hi Delphinium is back~

    This time I bring you some mech assets. 



    M.I.L.K (Military-infiltrate-lacteal-kinotoxin) Mech has a liquid project and can launch different venom to against the enemy.

    It has two pilots one for control the mech and one for the weapon.


    Hope you like it.

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    In reply to kjh0529hjk:
     Hi my friend, sorry that I am late. Just spent a few weeks working for my Chinese friends.
    We will open more  storage boxes soon, please give us some time to make sure it won't cause bank crush (We have to very careful here, we will test them on our ptr map first).
    The items you got is for the next updates. In the next version we'll into the void through a portal and change Graham to our ally. In this case you'll need the mech heart. And the marauder suit will be used to unlock another character. I am not sure if he'll join in the next update.

    By the way, are you the Korean player that many friends mentioned me before? (They told me that there is a very good Korean player on this game that have very high level as well as rare items.)

    And thank you for playing our game.

    WIP Graham unlock mission:

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    Some new works these days:

    Tutorial on how to make a blade trail.

    Giga Drill Break SCV

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    Hi guys, we are Froggy&Catty. This time we bring a new map, it's also an entered map for the RTC 2017.


    Official Forum Links: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/sc2/topic/20754456028


    Map Links:
    North America:battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/286069
    Korea and TaiWan:battlenet:://starcraft/map/3/115603
    Southeast Asia:battlenet:://starcraft/map/6/25594

    Get ready commanders! This mission will decide the fate of purifiers’ homeland. Their troops and Phoenix will be our powerful allies in the war against Amon. Maybe one day in the future, they will join us in the CO-OP missions, before that, our job is responding their trusts!

    Amon's Saboteurs have paralyzed Cybros’s power System. Their fleet in high orbit keeps attacking the ship with aerolites. Shield generators on Cybros could provide protection from these attacks, but they can’t work without energy.
    You and your ally are the last hope to save this ship. Use your workers to deliver solar crystals to the shield generators. Use them as the emergency power source to activate the shield.
    During your mission, there will be more and more aerolites, deconstruct the photonic anchors to increase your solar crystals, so that you can protect larger area.
    Defense the ship until purifiers finish the emergency reboot of the core matrix.

    Your missions:

    • Protect Cybros until purifiers finish the emergency reboot.
    • Do not allow too many aerolites hit Cybros.
    • Paralyze the megalithes before their memory lattice are totally corrupted. (Optional)
    • Try to find the secret on this ship and unlock the dark knight mode.


    • A good distribution is the key to win the game, you can remove solar crystals from the shield generators in the save area, and deliver them to the places that really need them.
    • You can purify the infected megalithes in bonus mission. But pay attention to its singularity cannon, it’s probably the most powerful weapon in CO-OP missions. (Can mostly destroy everything in the area).
    • We created elaboration custom models/animations/effects for this game, and tried our best to bring you and your friends a good game experiences that close to official.
    • We hide a special game mode inside, try to find the secret on Cybros, and get ready to try the return of the greatest hero of Protoss.
    • This game contains difficulty adjustments and various enemies. Amon’s troops will choose different race and tactics each time.
    • This game provides multiple languages (English, Simple Chinese and traditional Chinese). We wish everyone around the world can join this game and have fun. All Starcraft players belong to a big, friendly family!

    Protect Cybros from Amon's Rain of Death. Use shield generator to defense the aerolites.

    Pay attention to the cursors on the map, try to get shield generator nearby before time running out.

    Shield can protect you from the rain of death. Those one who don’t take cover, won’t be survive.

    Megalith is a very powerful unit. The singularity cannon can banish nearly anything to the void.

    For the greater good. You may have to deconstruct friendly buildings to get tactical advantages.

    In dark knight mode, you’ll fight with only one hero with his ship.

    The little creatures on this ship, we love frogs :)

    Contact us:
    If you have good ideas and suggestions, please share with us!
    Email: jifengxiang1@gmail.com
    Skype: Delphiniumfrog
    SC2mapster: Delphinium1987
    QQ: 356171669

    Special thanks to:
    Goblin Academy
    Every friend that loves Starcraft II, you are the reason that we keep working on this game!

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