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    Hope the b.net servers even come back up today :)

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    I think I've been in the dark about something and wonder if there's a 100% Blizzard Quote concerning the fate of hosting custom maps.

    See, with publishing about to go live, we've been given a ridiculously restrictive set of requirements. Only 5 maps at a time, only 10mb in size for a map and 20mb for an entire mod. Not to mention that in order to publish you have to go into your editor and do a bunch of things first. I can understand this kind of process for professional map makers, but what about the old ways?

    Back during the SC1 and WC3 days the only thing you had to do to play a new, custom map was to host it. You could have tons of maps of various sizes and as long as the players could download it, they could play them with you. Is this process actually gone from SC2? Has there been a statement that hosting custom maps will not be allowed?

    I'm starting to think that the only way we'll be able to do what we really want is by using our current "play custom maps online" hack. It's screwy that a hack could give us more freedom than Blizzard is willing to give. Can anyone confirm? I hear enough conflicting reports about chat rooms coming back that I don't know who to trust anymore.

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    Posted this bug on the official forums: http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=24401515950&postId=243993115717&sid=5000#0

    Essentially, if you make an all "void space" map (use the cliff down tool on the entire map so there is no land left) your camera will glitch out and testing the map itself will glitch out, giving your camera an incorrect location and making unit movement impossible to understand. So, you know, beware making maps without any land at all.

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