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    I am curious to see who else here is an old school member. I've seen one person from 2006.

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    Quote from Gradius12: Go

    @Shealth: Go

    That's what I did this weekend, and yes, it was a true nostalgia trip. Overall very well done IMHO. This was better than most games I played, and it was free. My kudos to the devs. I eagerly await Xen.

    Total Nostalgia trip. The small hints here and there are priceless. I think this has a better production value than all of hl2 combined..

    Damned hard to play at hard...

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    What is Weather?

    Weather is a .Sc2mod file containing a library which gives the user the capability to create weather systems in their maps.

    This mod will be featured in Warcraft: A new Dawn. It was created for this mod in particular but was released as a stand-alone for the community.

    Ie.: Say you have an RPG which is situated in a forest. Wouldn't it be nice if it rained once in a while?

    "Weather" has been uploaded to B.net. Add through B.net to stay up-to-date constantly.

    Current Capabilities

    Weather comes equipped with four different "Weather Types". Forest (Rainy), Desert (Windy dust), Snow, Heat Wave(Sun/winds). Each can be set at different intensities (Light, Medium, Heavy).

    • Beta 3 Addition:
    1. Multiple Storms (12 Storms Maximum. Storm ID from 0 to 11)
    2. The ability to stop a specific storm.
    3. Storms are no longuer bound to the whole map. The user has the ability to choose a specific region.
    4. Added SFX

    User Manual

    "Weather" currently uses "+Weather" action definition to start a chain reaction that creates a storm for an approximate X number of time and a Clear Skies for an approximate X number of time. Note that the storm & clear skies period will last longer than the bounds you set it too. The purpose was to give each storm a receding feeling. Also it reduces the stress on the engine.

    +Weather( "Weather Type", "Weather Intensity","Storm ID", "Storm min duration", "Storm max duration", "Clear skies min duration", "Clear skies max duration")

    • "Weather Type" : Click on the parameter on the action and select the "Preset" button.
    • "Weather Intensity" : Same as "Weather Type"
    • "Storm ID" : Each storm must have a differant storm id. Otherwise your storms will stack in the record and probably create errors.
    • "Storm min&max duration" : I recommend not setting the max duration for more than 120 seconds. Also do not set the min duration higher than the max.
    • "Clear skies min&max duration" : Same as "Storm" settings.
    I recommend a minimum of 5 seconds between each storm creation.

    +Weather Stop( "Storm Id")

    • This value is used to recall which storm is where within the record.
    If you Run this mod at it's maximum capacity. You are creating (75 Doodads actors + 15 Sound actors) x 12 storms = 1080 total actors on the map ) Use wisely.
    What's left to do on this? Is it at it's final version?

    No. I want to give the user the capability to choose between random intensity storms and constant intensity.

    Please give Credit if you use this mod.

    Download Weather here...

    Stress Test Beta 3

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/E68w5nO6SHw?fs=1

    Beta 3

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/Vsa3JY-rPhg?fs=1

    Early Beta 3

    Embed Removed: https://www.youtube.com/v/o16YIjO7mvo?fs=1

    Version History

    • Beta 3.1 Heat Wave Hot Fix
    • Adjusted the timing of the "SFX actors" removal. The sounds should disapear roughly at the same time as the storm everytime now.
    • Beta 3
    • Added +Weather Stop(Storm ID) Call this function to stop a storm completely. It will finish the current storm and stop.
    • Added Multiple storm capabilities.
    • Added SFX
    1. Heat Wave Changed the "Sun Ray" max count to 50. No Wind will be created on Light/Medium. Removed SFX from Light/Medium Settings
    2. Snow Changed the "Snow Emitter" to spawn completely in light and into medium. Reduced the amount of "Winter Winds" actors.
    • Beta 2
    1. Changed the rain of the "Snow Weather Type" from "Rain Emitter Large" to "Rain Sprinkler".
    2. Reworked the "Blizzard". Added 50% Transparency to the actor.
    3. Changed the model used to achieve the "Blizzard" effect from "Dust Storm" to "Wind Emitter Medium"
    4. Created separate version of the mod for very large maps. Beta 2 has a maximum of 75 actors and Beta 2.256 has a maximum of 225.
    • Beta 1
    1. First Version to be released. Was optimized from alpha.

    Known Bugs

    No Known Bugs at this time!
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    posted a message on Warcraft 3 Content Remake on SC2

    Warcraft: A new Dawn basically the same project and it is pretty far in it's dev. Look it up. You could join forces

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    posted a message on How to call a player that clicked a mouse button or pressed a keyboard key?

    @Yaksmanofage: Go

    Triggering players should work. Did you add a "Parameter" of type "Integer" that would filter that information into your "Action Definition"

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    posted a message on (Solved) Unit From Scratch

    Birth Stand Death. (BSD) I'll let someone with more data knowledge continue the explanation. I'm a noob data artist too and was hoping for more info here :P. I guess i'll come back!

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    Damn it. I wanted to make something like this. Everyone is making one. :P. Very nice work. Looks very solid.

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    posted a message on HotS Beta editor not working?

    Never had any of the errors stated above. Got the Hots invite. installed. Opened the editor straight up without signing in or logging into the game and worked fine. :(. Really weird that you guys got these errors.

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    posted a message on Do you consider yourself part of an organized religion?

    This thread needs to be closed. This kind of topic starts bad shit.

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    posted a message on Black Mesa Source

    Zomg. I had no idea someone was doing this. It will bring back old memories to play this game. Such a long time ago. Hl1 lol...

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    posted a message on Nydus Worm Questions

    @LordBlackwing: Go

    Could you clarify? You are having trouble spawning the units. You mean they won't unload? At first glance it looks like your nydus worms are not in any unit groups. Perhaps you could add them then give the order to unload.

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    @FockeWulf: Go

    Nice work man.

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    posted a message on New to triggering.

    @Projekton: Go

    Links in the signature. Also has two links at the bottom to Common Sense 101 and Advanced triggering. 3 Very complete tutorials. Enjoy!

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    posted a message on Do you consider yourself part of an organized religion?

    Atheist and strong believer in the ancient alien theory. Look it up on Youtube. It's just a theory but it makes a whole lot more sense. Just think. lol...

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    posted a message on Common Sense 101 (Triggering Edition)

    @Terhonator: Go

    Yes. Molding a trigger to your needs is the best. Copy/Paste is bad. Never do that. Study, adapt and code.

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