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    posted a message on If you had to use the same army for every mission, what units would you pick?

    If it is open to all units found in the editor.. then depeneding on the value you give to them, I would want 2 predators, 3 warbots, An Odin mk2, the rest of the numbers in nova type goliaths.  As for the air 2 nova type Raven 2s, 3 sci ships, one cruiser (I.E the pirate cruiser) and the rest in wraiths. If you can do it maybe let the player select the units before the map starts. I have seen that in the map I am trying to bring an updated version of out. In that map you got 4 choices Bio, Mech, SCV, and Mix.


    Also if I said SCV would you let it build any defense buildings like bunkers or turrets. There is a unit in the editor call the Kel-mon Worker or something close to that. And they can only build a few def type buildings. Also there is a unit call the drone operator that can be found that is another unit that would be fun to use. Just depends on what dependences you load in. I got a map where I am working on a tech tree and set up for all the units found for terran right now. You may wish to do something like that, that just has the units mixes you wish to look at or just to hunt for all the units. 

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    posted a message on Looking for Map maker to aid with coding and cleaning

             I got an idea for an arcade map but my skills are so far below par it is not even funny. After 3 years of trying to learn to do it. I have failed and thus came here looking for a person to help me make this map real.

    The over view is a Left to Die map style but not done on that map and larger in scale. Also besides clearing all the infested the other way to win is to last 30 days. I have taken a map form the campaign to start to build it out from the map is the last Protoss mission form the Wings of Liberty.

    I have already started to clean it up and get the 4 places you are attacked form set. 3 by land 4th is by air units/drop pods to the back of the base. I would like the player to be able to choose which race to try to clear it as. The three factions players can choose from I want to mix up what units they have with the ones that the Co-op and Nova covert missions gave us to work with.


            Left to Die Z is what inspired me to try my hand at this even though that map seems to have major lag issues for most. Another thing I did not like Left to Die Z that I wish to fix is how easy it is even on Brutal to beat it if you just take over the Protoss base or use the instant kills in 2 of the 4 large areas. While I like being able to get the Protoss to help you it makes it too easy as you just have to defend their base and you win.


             Enemy wise after playing Left to Die Z. I am looking to up the types of units not the numbers as it goes on. Also want to bring in the hybrids of all sorts. Stank and those others of course there too. I would like to have minor waves during the day that are 1/4 the size of the nights before attacks and without any bosses. I would beside hybrids use mostly if not only infested units since there is a fair number of them form Banshees to tanks to medics. Only Zerg units used would be to fill in the gaps in rolls there is not an infested unit that fills it.

    Different form Left to Die there is no sci center to get upgrades rather like the co-op version you just got what your faction has and what it can mine. Also different is both infested and players will have flying units to mix it up.


             Over all I am looking for a coder and someone to help balance it. I have a clear idea what units and building I want each faction to have and the tech tree for it. If someone wishes to take up this challenge or wants more info I can then post the units I have in mind for each race and pull up the map I have been trying to build this on.

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