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    Just finished mission 6, good mission with great terrain and good boss (even if it has that stupid 3 shots volley that almost oneshot me)

    * "They entered the athosphere just now", you instead used a just that wasn't needed

    * The dots are 3, not 4, "..."

    * Diablo is not on the F2 army tab

    * "Scan the area for possible survivors", i think that search more that one survivor makes more sense

    *What about using the heroes of the storm metroid skin for morales for the Samus Aran medic?

    * Sometimes (when damage if i am correct) Diablo loses all textures for a bit, don't know why tbh

    * It happened that i won with the boss at half health only because i was on the same place where the beacon is supposed to be spawned, i later defeated the boss and won normally

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    Just watched the cutscene, good work on the backstory and good cutscene, gg

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    Checked an updated map 23, the giant mech seems to work a bit better and fits through the door of the installation section... An ok map, even if weapons are still a bit clunky

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    The remake is now being translated on english, episode 1 is online already

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    Checked the cinematic, very good one, didn't noticed bugs

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    Did mission 19 (brutal)... it was smooth and balanced, the difficulty was on point, with a little multitasking (Keeping Krayen on your base while your army defends the leviathan) the mission was easy to complete, especially with the early exp (there was another but was too defended to try to trake it, good idea putting all that stuff on defence), only problem is that scourges are not on F2 tab for some reasons

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    I can extract the model of Diablo 3 Prime Evil from heroes, but sadly i don't know how to turn it on a portrait

    * I meant that terryfically sounds really weird

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    Just did mission 6, nice mission, suggestions/analysis down below

    * You should remove the Mothership from F2, since is a flying base and nothing more

    * Since is not a macro mission, it would be wise to have less cooldown between warp unit usages

    * Is ok that i can fuse ascendants into archons and then have archon invincible during the final boss fight? I also don't see the point of ascendants on this mission since they can be butt*ucked by the reavers and the boss on seconds

    * I think that terrifying sound better of terrifically, just an idea

    * It's said "Feelings" instead of "Feeling" during the roast battle with Alarak

    * How about using Diablo prime evil portrait from heroes of the storm for El Diablo?

    * I think that the AoE spam was a bit excessive during the bossfight, can't confirm it for sure since i had unvulnerable archos but it was still close even with this glitch, there should be a bit more time to escape from the AoE spam imho...

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2: Time Convergence [Campaign] Feedback


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    posted a message on Starcraft II: Shadow of Liberty Feedback

    Just checked mission 7, nice defence mission, even if the spam psy storm was not appreciated at all...

    *Is it intended for the HTs to don't deal friendly fire?

    *You used "to many" instead of "too many" on the dialogue prior to the macro section, it was the one before Jones sends the psionic call

    *Nice final cutscene, warmth my heart to see them slaughtered by the zerg swarm

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2: Time Convergence [Campaign] Feedback

    I am fine to follow the terran story, just wondering how we are gonna kill the terra zerg, it would be quite an epic battle

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    posted a message on Starcraft 2: Time Convergence [Campaign] Feedback

    Ok i am back and played missions 10 to 14 plus the one with Artanis vs the Undead, the story got better and better, with interesting plotwists and WTF moments ready to be served, very good stuff, also liked that most of the character have actual backstories and characterization, now let's see what i've found:

    * Infested siege tanks doesn't have the "Unburrow" hotkey, and doing so actually costs resources

    *Loved this bio/mech army, especially to advance with a demi-god of destruction like "Hazard". that also have a great voice, good "remixing" of primal zerg voices

    * Great cinematics maps, really  liked them

    * Mission 12, is ok that the DSS Aleksander is neutral? Or was it supposed to be a playable hero?

    * Graviton Catapult upgrade for carriers doesn't disappear when researched and (maybe i am wrong) is not applied to carriers even if researched (do any air unit is a dumb idea on this mission anyway)

    * Didn't have problems with the DT hero, but i think that he should have HP regen, just an idea

    * Factories (still mission 12) has the hellion and Thor upgrades, don't know if they are supposed to be here, plus they have no description at all

    *Loved the idea to march with my army of reavers/giantWidowMineTanks/goliaths/dragoons/Warhounds army against an endless swarm of enemies, don't know why i liked, but i enjoyed it a lot, also the surprise mothafaka Nydus worms on my bases

    *On the final cutscene of map 12, the Falcon Portrait zoomed in for some reason, don't think it's a huge problme btw

    *Map 13: Iron roaches doesn't have attack animation while shooting, they just stand still, don't know if intended or not

    *You should put a beacon after the boss Odin, so it's more clear (even if it's obvious) that you should go there

    *Frostbats has "Punsiher Grenade" instead of a new name for the weapon, just pointing that out, not that is a problem for me

    *Really loved teh Niadra on steroids vibe on this mission

    *I did all the bonus objective points (4 gates infested) but i didn't have the "Creep Bomb" objective marked as done, don't know exactly why

    *I was pushing with infested on the corridors and got the message that i CHEATED... Don't know why, i didn't cheated i swear

    *When M.A.K.O. dies, the laser indicators (the ones that show up when he is about to fire), persist on the ground, not a big issue but still a bug

    *The whole raynor/swann cinematic had an "ffffffff dddddddd" on blue on the screen, the location was named like that on purpose or is it a bug?

    *TCT01: I can see creep/blight on the map even if i didn't explore it

    *Suggestions for Death Animations; Green explosion for necropolis, Abomination for Undead Abomination

    *When i reach a bonus obj i alwais return to the same statue on the top left of the map, is that intended?

    *Well, that's it, looking forward for next mission and i really wanna see what you are going to do with terra zerg, such an interesting concept


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    posted a message on Noir : Automata - Custom Campaign Feedback

    I am fine thanks, all good even for you i hope; i will list what grammar error i will find next time, i didn't post them earlier because i was afraid to sound nitpicky (also i am not an english speaker too)

    * This campaign is making me want to buy Nier Automata even more, one day i will buy it for sure, but i will play it on "Normal", i already got my ass kicked too much times by Darkeater Midir on Dark Souls 3, what an abomination

    * Off topic, did you liekd DS3 The Ringed City? I liked it a lot, the final boss was epic, also Paired Greatswords invasions... Mfw poor hosts

    *Good luck with the campaign, it's on the right path for now

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    posted a message on Noir : Automata - Custom Campaign Feedback

    Just finished all the missions (up to "El Diablo") and i have to say that this campaign is one step ahead of "The Hammer of Dawn", the terrain is far ahead, the bosses are mostly better and the story is yet again interesting, here's what i've found

    *Recurring error on a lot of missions, you write questions on the wrong way "You believe you are right?" (example) instead of "Do you believe you are right?" (example) or "You are prepared?" instead of "Are you prepared?" (still examples)

    * Amazing Artanis War Journal cinematic, really good

    *Heroes doesn't have their own F3/F4 tabs, on all missions

    *I lked the idea of healing with mineral cost, forces you to manage well your health and abilities

    *U used "Lock for survivors" instead of "Look for survivors" on mission 01 objectives

    *Elemental Dragon, i was like "Not this shit again", but it turned out to be much better of the previous iteration

    *Primal Ultralisk sometimes slides while walking, don't know if it's because it has a high movement speed, glad you used one of the scrapped models from SC2 HotS

    *You should remove the infestor from the Army tab, it's annoying to have to remove it everytime when i select all of my army

    *Spawn larva/Produce units on the infestor is too slow, he should be able to spam a  max of 6 units at time imho, the way it is now slows down the mission too much for my taste

    *Manakai boss was good, the Nier Automata (one day i will buy it) are clear and every skill/moveset are clearly readable

    *Mission 4 is the most problematic... Diablo model is too small, it should be bigger imho, it doesn't appear on the F2 TAB; Has too few health regen imho.

    *The bonfire should heal you in time, just an idea to don't alwais have to run back to the healing pod

    *The queen and aberrations spawning caves should have their spawn rating reduced, Diablo is so underwhelming that often risks to die before arriving to the cave

    * Bonfire... Praise the Sun... And recicled boss on gank sauce... Looks familiar 

    * I simply cheated after two tries and one ravager down to 1800 HP, don't care if they are not impossible, i am not a fan of these kind of things, not a critique to you or your work, jsut personal taste, i find this kind of things lazy at best... On the other hand this is a gank boss fight done right 

    *My point is that the two bosses should have less health points and different skillsets, instead of two clones

    * For now Noir Automata looks like a superior sequel to HoD, except for the gank boss fight

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    posted a message on Hammer of Dawn - Custom Campaign Feedback

    Finally managed to play past mission 2 to the end on hard difficulty (i had to switch language from italian to english to don't have the param/value bug) and i have to say that the campaign was great, but some bosses were godawful imho and there are some minor grammar errors on each mission (i am not posting them, since they are not so big to become a real issue)... Here's what i've found below.

    *Mission 2, if i am after the bridge (that break itself) it collpase, but if i am before it, it doesn't collapse and i simply can't walk on it

    *Mission 3, i feel that CG Zealots here are a bit small, smaller that a marine on his suit, could be ok to make them a bit bigger

    *Game speed on each mission is set to "Normal" instead of "Faster"

    *Medic hero is never on the F2 army tab

    *The dragon boss of mission 2 is the worst to be honest, that semigrab crystal spell followed by a volley of oneshot missiles feels really random to me, plus the mechanic that alwais manages to piss me off, health regen to bosses

    *Macro mission, wh the Command Center is not liftable? Is it intended or not?

    *Suggestion for the "....." you used on some missions, only 3 points ar correct "..." more is a mistake

    *Selenids should use her LotV portrait to match with her CG model

    *Loved the hidden resources on mission 7

    *Mission 8, you should remove FireFly from the F2 tab and make it a structure

    *The void thrasher is impossible imho, i was able to tear it down to 2000 hp, but his stupid combo grab/missile oneshot was too much for me, even with the invulnerability spell of the Hydra hero and the shield of the adept

    *The final boss is too easy with the truth path and impossible (imho) on the lie path, yes i got the buffed Adept but the enemies that keeps respawning teared apart my shield, i am pretty sure that i faced it the wrong way, did i have to save all energy for the shield and run away from the summons and hit every now and then the boss?

    * Conclusion, a good campaign with a nice story, but i couldn't digest some bosses... Looking forward for Noir Automata

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