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    I know this post is 2 years old but I'm hoping one of you will respond with the answer I need. I need to know how to setup the option to pick the difficulty in-game, it can very simple (though w/o a set-by-step I'll probably get confused anyway.) I also need to know how to setup the triggers when one difficulty is selected, setting up the event (I assume the difficulty picker) local variables (if needed), conditions, and the action (I have "TriggerEnable") "TriggerGetCurrent" and what I need to select for that.

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    I'm looking for help on what seems to be a mostly non active site? I can't find what I'm looking for in the way of tutorials so I'm hoping someone/people can help me. I'm not a 'noobie' but I'm still kinda green in the Editor. I know exactly what I want done and how to do it but I lack the vast knowledge needed to make it. I am open to suggestions of course. If needed I could make a semi-detail list of things needed and how the map plays out.


    Incorporating these into a paragraph would be a nice touch, however I think just pointing these out straight forward in a list is better.


    1. What region do you play in?

    2. What time zone are you, and what hours are you available?

    3. What are some methods of contact(msn, skype, AIM, etc..)?
      Honestly, I'm not even sure if this site notifies anybody if someone responds so here's my Discord. MagicMan3000#0924

    4. What are you doing for this project?
      I want to put in as much as I can do with my current level of skill (albeit not much but I really want to learn) but, it's kinda just basic stuff. Terrain, unit placement, just general stuff really. 

    5. What roles do you need filled?
      Someone kinda like a mentor but also I need someone to just help me make it. 

    6. What do you have done on the map up to this point? Please try to include images or videos.
      Not even 4% done in retrospect.

    7. A description of the project/team itself so people know what they're getting into.
      Difficult for me to explain but I'll try. One side (left side) needs to destroy key buildings while also defending so, the right side, can kill the 'whatever' and win. I'm really thinking the typical TvZ scenario where Zerg will eventually overrun Terran.

    8. How much time are you willing to invest in this project per week?
      However much is needed to complete it. I do have a part time job and my days off are random though. (I won't know til that week pretty much)

    9. Who else is working on the project?
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