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    posted a message on MSG From Blizzard.

    Feature: 512x512 maps

    Priority: 1

    Use: Enables the modding of grand strategy games of a caliber like Azeroth Wars. Enables large scale RPGs. Enables so much more

    Feature: A working and easy-to-implement naval system

    Priority: 1

    Use: A simple naval system allows mapmakers to create maps with more strategic depth without much hassle or flawed workarounds with pathing blockers or what not. The Frozen Throne had it and it was considered a clear improvement and a new dimension back then by both Blizzard and the Community, one of its most important features. Bring it back!

    Feature: Server side banks

    Priority: 2

    Use: Allows true in-game achievements for the Arcade, allows rewarding players and more competitive arcade play

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    posted a message on Koprulu Wars - an Azeroth Wars (wc3) remake for SC2

    From a perspective of functionality, the landbridges work. They just do not look very pretty or feel overly space-y. In my personal opinion, this is better than portal systems or drop based systems, though, as these need more tedious and unnecessary micromanagement that retards the flow of the game artificially, at least from what I've experienced. It is still far from perfect, though

    I think the size of planets is not necessarily a big issue, as a map like Azeroth Wars never needed that many structures. A system atm fits enough barracks-structures and defenses to work properly. But yeah, it is simply not as elegant as Azeroth would be.

    I believe the air issue can be adequately addressed with balancing units accordingly or restricting the number of air units being built through a resource system, e.g. air is gas-heavy, which is more restricted than minerals

    Another alternative would be to create systems akin to what The Final Frontier map did. This would simply leave out all ground based combat in favor of air combat over systems, which can work. But for a more action packed game without a strong building component, this reduction of dimensions is problematic likewise. There would be no natural chokes and it would lack the ground-air interplay.

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    posted a message on Koprulu Wars - an Azeroth Wars (wc3) remake for SC2

    I've been working on a map like this for a while already and have similar factions (Amon-Taldarim/UED/Dominion-Kel-Morian/Umoja-RaynorsRaiders-Miras Mercs/Kerrigans Swarm-Stukov + Zagara/Khalai-Nerazim). I have the systems, capturable systems, win conditions and basic building set up. My main problem at the moment is making the map fun to play. The limitations I have encountered so far are definitely the terrain, which is simply not as compelling as an Azeroth map. Mine has maybe 80 planets, but I've done landbridges between planets for now to facilitate the spread of units. So what I would be missing is a) balancing the units, b) lots of missions, actions etc. For instance, I want Raynors Raiders to follow the entirety of the WoL campaign c) a compelling dynamic. From the last test, air units dominated everything. Furthermore, the connection between planets does not allow for much strategic depth.

    Here is an (outdated) picture on how I set up the Koprulu system. If you wanna test it at some point, feel free to contact me. Koprulu

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    Hi I made a little map called Deus Vult that is currently uploaded on Europe and would love to have some testers for it, as the blizzard custommap system is currently horrible to get multiple players in a game. The map is set in the year 1200 and resembles the diplomacy maps of broodwar or TFT with a little bit of RISK mixed into it. You have a map of Europe and choose one of 21 nations to win the game by at least conquering 80 out of 114 provinces. There are special units for (nearly) every nation and several battletriggers and missions so far, on which I hope to expand continuously. Below are some images. So if you are interested, let me know and I try to assemble some players. Any feedback for anybody who played it is of course highly welcome. There are probably still some bugs and a lot of balance issues, so just let me know if you catch one. Criticism on the game, the concept itself or ad-hominem attacks regarding my mothers promiscuity are of course also welcome. If this should go in another forum, let me know

    The chooseable nations


    The terrain


    The Game


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