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    Hello Everybody,

    my name is iRaz, and I am here to search for some Alpha possibly Beta Testers for the Start of the first Part of one of my StarCraft II Projects.

    About me

    I'm a german student of Game Design, working currently on my first StarCraft II Project for about 3 weeks to pass the 4th Semester Projectphase (which is about 8 weeks long). I'm learning most of the galaxy stuff by myself, and want to make more and more. But testing is something, where I want to have Feedback by the Community of StarCraft II, to hopefully get good Feedback that helps me to improve the Project.

    Future Content / Future Projects

    In Fact I've much more Projects planed that will be brought to life by the galaxy editor, eventually. For this Part (the other projects), maybe someone wants to join in, if thats the case feel free to contact me, I'm looking for some folks that have fun in using the galaxy editor and want to being part of something bigger.

    So back to the actual theme of this Post:

    Project Rouge Sapphire

    Basically it's the start of a new campaign for StarCraft II, which takes place in a alternate timeline before most of the stuff happens, that we see in the original campaign. Rouge Sapphire is a working title, the real title is classified at this moment.

    If someone wants to be part of the Alpha Test - I hope I get some responses - reply to this message or contact me. More Information is coming soon, but keep in mind:

    • It's my first StarCraft II Project, I was a complete newbie to the galaxy editor, which is in fact a really great tool, and I love working with it, but yeah please keep this in mind.
    • It will be an Alpha Test, so I would like to get response to a questionaire, and maybe some bug reports and / or coments about how you find it. That would be really great, and a big help for me and future content of myself.

    Last but not least

    I plan to give you a part in the teaser or trailer to the project, and you will take a spot in the credits of the final game.

    Entaro Tassadar,

    Azteac 'iRaz' ERazZor Pyrphoros Entertainment Mediadesign Hochschule Berlin

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