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    Great map! My record is I think 35-9 and I always go berserker axe, shield, and plate, siphon life and clairvoyance only, with the +5 strength foods and cleansing potions. I am able to 2v1 a lot of other players, even level 20s this way and I really think there is no power in wizard classes or ranged weapons. The ranged weapons can't kite a berserker axe player like me because of movement speed, but I don't know if that's intended. Anyway, suggestions in light of this are: - Pets that are a little more combat oriented to help out casters or ranged Kobolds - A hawk pet since people tend to run around and hide when they know they are the last Kobold of their tribe around. - Ranged weapons chance to stun (give to harder to make weapons) - Slight increase in the selling price of leather, wool, and stone OR the ability to sell shadowstone, iron ore, lumber, infused lumber, lambent sunflowers, etc. - Use for gold beyond buying beer or spells, perhaps paying more for gossip that will ping a single enemy's location on the minimap - More quests (as always!)

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