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    Quote from GnaReffotsirk >>

    Created a cutscene.

    In before CERN mandela's it all:


     Love it, looks amazing!
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    Man, I sure love these. Great job, as always! :D


    EDIT: Would love to see your variants of the Council and Archives, with the Tal'darim spikes on them, as well. I think it would make them look even more insane :D

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    In reply to VerdantSC2:

     Oh yeah, make no mistake, I agree - it turned out great!
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    Loving the Nerazim skin pack. More like "Dark Protoss from WoL", but still nice. I like the idea of having skins in a mod.

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    posted a message on BW remakes

    You won't need to remake anything, SC Remastered is a paid upgrade for SCBW. The original SCBW is free, but you have to pay to get the higher resolution graphics. It's the exact same engine :)

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    nevermind, changed my mind about the joke, please delete this.

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    Purifier really should be orange IMO

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    Hey everyone, my StarCraft 2 team from University of Montreal is playing tonight in Collegiate Starleague at 10:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 PM pacific, vs University of Connecticut, come watch us! Players include Jig, Kraken, Goon & the legendary Semper!




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    Quote from Alevice >>

    The german scans have some nice info, at least on the protoss:


    Probe Droid: The little "flying thing" (mostly used for recon) is equipped with light armor and an almost cute photon cannon

    Dragoon: Protoss fighters who are severely wounded in battle and therefore stop fully functioning (what???) may choose to become Dragoons. The brain and all the still functioning parts are installed into giant combat robots

    Zealot: Young, dynamic, aspiring wannabe warriors who enlist for the army out of their own motivation are put into special combat suits crammed with modern technology.

    Templar: If there is one unit in the Starcraft universe that commands respect through its mere appearance, then it's certainly the "Templars". Their supernatural energy is so highly concentrated that they don't participate in battle themselves. Their killing would cause a catastrophe of unprecedented severity. Thus they travel safe and sound aboard the Arbiter, casting their spells from there.

    Archon: This ominous unit is one of surprises in the story and is revealed during the campaign
    Scout: These high speed cruisers instinctively find even the most hidden enemy outpost

    Carrier: The "battleships" among the Protoss units are the leaders of the army – Little wonder with THAT weaponry, THOSE shields and THAT armor. Not even the strongest enemy phalanx can defy their power/superiority for long. In the back of the carrier, there are a maximum of 5 small Interceptors that are made and repaired there.

    Inceptor: Small, agile and rather annoying: A swarm of interceptors can throw off any enemy army. Five interceptors fit into a Carrier. Losses are recovered after a short production time.

    Assuming the journalist who wrote that didnt add too much of his own we can infer that:


    Probes werent the original worker units, shuttles were.

    Scout had detector abilities. This is mentioned in another scan in english too. Given no mentions of the observer, I guess that unit was a late addition.

    Archon might have started as a campaign only unit

    Apparently the Arbiters were crewed by Templars, who could only attack from there.

    No mentions of reavers.

    Zealots were more enthusiastic and not machines of eternal rage. This is the one that seems more like a creative liberty by the author tho.



     Interesting...Do you think you can translate the Terran and Zerg units, as well?
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    Was surprised as well to see some new ones. I dismissed the whole thing at first, then upon taking a second look...Wow.

    EDIT: OMG, you can actually download the beta!

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    Well lookie here, I found this on Reddit:


    Things that stand out:
    - Some Terran starport unit called "Spy Satellite"...Looked like a Widow Mine

    - Better picture of all alpha units

    - Alpha Siege Tank design, both deployed and undeployed (looks REALLY SICK!)

    - Science Vessel started out as an air unit early on, became a land unit, then again an air unit in beta.

    - Terran Marines (called "Marauders") were actually not wearing power suits back in really early alpha

    - Command Center in the early alpha looked like an old, rusty Comsat Station

    - Cleaner, sharped, clearer picture of all the Terran buildings, including the alpha and beta ones that were removed afterwards.

    - Protoss could build Pylons on water! (Reminds me of the abandoned "Water StarCraft/Aqueous Rift" mod)


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    posted a message on Mass Recall v6.0 Silver

    Thanks, great to hear! And you're welcome :)

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    posted a message on Mass Recall v6.0 Silver

    Here's a list of Blitz Cards from Halo Wars 2...Perhaps some of these can inspire interesting gameplay mechanics or visual designs for units:



    Here's some more images for unit ideas, all from a Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance mod called "BrewLAN":


    Purifier AA robo unit:


    Shield Projectors:







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    Quote from GnaReffotsirk >>

    @GhostNova91: Go Thanks Ghost. I'll be posting more updates as soon as I'm rested up and settled.

    @AlexO6: Go

    Cloud and liquid both. Liquid is easier, cloud would require particles. We'll see when we get to them.

    Thanks Alex. Those Metal Omega designs would be nice for a UED faction and sub-factions.

     So...Yeah, I made a document with lots of designs and ideas for the UED...Here it is:

    Let me know if you can't download it. Downloading it should allow you to zoom in and see more of the concept art.
    Also, here are some pictures from a Total Annihilation mod. Should give you some ideas for other unit designs / visuals:
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    posted a message on Request | Alpha Robotics Facility (SC1)

    You should ask Gnareffotsirk, he does some pretty good reconstructions/remakes of old Protoss stuff.

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