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    The uberlisk is not a model edit, it is a unit with spine cralwer attachments through the data files.

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    posted a message on New - so about Blizzcon's ghost map, how hard is this in practice? :)

    ANy insight on that btw? I want to optimize the layout for hero survival :P

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    posted a message on New - so about Blizzcon's ghost map, how hard is this in practice? :)
    Quote from BrotherLaz: Go

    @Alevice: Go So attaching is just like War3 where you would attach an orb or weapon. Lame. :( I thought the spine crawlers would actually shoot as independent units and weren't just a graphics effect.

    I misexplained myself, i was just ntipicking on the terminology. They do act on their own, I just meant that "units" are not the only attachable.

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    @BrotherLaz: Go

    Hey BrotherLaz, hows the Keep going?

    Anyway, at this point, since tehre is vritually no scripting api, mouse control is limited to the standard RTS behavior (left click selection, right click smart action). We will definitely have to wait for the editor to be relased to see the feasibility of such a thing. Fellow modder xcorbo is working on a map that has a third person view, done by merely working on the camera data files.

    Combine units is kind of an innacurate expresion, as you attach components to actors. But yeah, you can even rigth now. I do not know very well yet, and I intend to recreate eventually the uberlisk before the editor is out, but as of yet, someone else will have to provide info.

    The UI i can tell you is something that really hesn't been explored so far. From what I have grasped on the SC2Layout files, it is indeed possible, but seems quite complicated, at least by means of self discovery with 0 documentation whatsoever.

    Irt is likely all your ideas will definitely be possible (and possibly emulated to detah thans to CoH: Tales of Valor tank mission), but at this point a few can't be done yet and the others still reuire personal R&D

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    For the most part, I got WC3 Hero emulation working. It must be noted some things were pretty much duplicated from the aforementioned chinese mod. Some things, like level requirements for skills havent been finished yet. I will get to fix it once I study said mod further. No documentation within yet either.

    It requires a launcher like Zoxc's which allows to pick a mod. Player Race must be protoss, and computer race I recommend zerg, for I have given them a few extra zerglings for testing purposes.




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    @TrueShaimus: Go

    Just because, man. We don't need to wait for an editor to arrive, we are awesome enough to mod with just one hand.

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    Ripping off these chinese helped me discover how to make learnable abilities in addition to undesrtand too how token directives work. So the credit really goes to those communists :P

    Anyway here be some code:

        <CAbilLearn default="1" id="BaseLearn">
            <?token id="l1" type="CAbilLink"?>
    	<?token id="l2" type="CAbilLink"?>
    	<?token id="l3" type="CAbilLink"?>
    	<?token id="l4" type="CAbilLink"?>
            <InfoArray index="Learn1" Abil="##l1##"/>
            <InfoArray index="Learn2" Abil="##l2##"/>
            <InfoArray index="Learn3" Abil="##l3##"/>
            <InfoArray index="Learn4" Abil="##l4##">
    			<Button State="Restricted" Requirements="ReachLv6"/>
            <Flags index="HideOnMaxLevel" value="1"/>
            <Flags index="BestUnit" value="1"/>
            <Points value="1"/>
            <PointsPerLevel value="1"/>
        <CAbilLearn id="HeroSkills" parent="BaseLearn" l1="Abil1" l2="Abil2" l3="Abil3" l4="Abil4"/>
        <CUnit id="Hero">
            <AbilArray Link="Abil1"/>
    	<AbilArray Link="Abil2"/>
    	<AbilArray Link="Abil3"/>
    	<AbilArray Link="Abil4"/>
    	<AbilArray Link="HeroSkills"/>
    		<LayoutButtons Face="Abil1" Type="AbilCmd" AbilCmd="Abil1,Execute" Row="2" Column="0"/>
    		<LayoutButtons Face="Abil2" Type="AbilCmd" AbilCmd="Abil2,Execute" Row="2" Column="1"/>
    		<LayoutButtons Face="Abil3" Type="AbilCmd" AbilCmd="Abil3,Execute" Row="2" Column="2"/>
    		<LayoutButtons Face="Abil4" Type="AbilCmd" AbilCmd="Abil4,Execute" Row="2" Column="3"/>
    		<LayoutButtons Face="LearnIcon" Type="Submenu" SubmenuCardId="Lrn" Row="1" Column="3"/>
            <CardLayouts CardId="Lrn">
            	<LayoutButtons Face="Abil1_Learn" Type="AbilCmd" AbilCmd="HeroSkills,Learn1" Row="0" Column="0"/>
            	<LayoutButtons Face="Abil2_Learn" Type="AbilCmd" AbilCmd="HeroSkills,Learn2" Row="0" Column="1"/>
    		<LayoutButtons Face="Abil3_Learn" Type="AbilCmd" AbilCmd="HeroSkills,Learn3" Row="0" Column="2"/>
    		<LayoutButtons Face="Abil4_Learn" Type="AbilCmd" AbilCmd="HeroSkills,Learn4" Row="0" Column="4"/>
            	<LayoutButtons Face="Cancel" Type="CancelSubmenu" AbilCmd="255,255" Row="2" Column="4"/>

    Reuqires que a few button data that should be obvious for anyone meddling with this sort of stuff.

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    @saltygrapes: Go

    Quite fucking swet man. Excellent job.

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    @vjeux: Go

    Technically, it might be possible to auto span a unit on death that is then given an order to take the coin. I guss you could make it that the Pylon can right click through mineral coins, which would respond with a smart cast that spawns a mule like unit that is then ordered to gather target and then die a few seconds after.

    You would need:

    Autocast ability that call a "spawn unit" effect Order spawned unit to pick up the gold (you can use mule spawn as basis for this, it is very easy) give it a timed life of x seconds.

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