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    The one on the left is a zergling for sure, however the one in the middle is 100% a Metroid. There is no if, ands, or buts about that.

    This one is a Baneling... Baneling

    This one is a Metroid... Metroid

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    Symbols are symbols they can mean anything you damn well please. I wouldn't be surprised if more maps get pulls for symbols that appear to be racial even though there not. However my question is this...

    Did he actually meant for them to move like that or was it an accident and he just kept it? Cause if he just mad units in random spots and moved them randomly then he shouldn't be at fault. It all comes down to what was coded and not coded.

    Next your going to see the make your own drawing maps pulled cause you have the option to make a symbol like that. On the side note Blizzard even admits that online interaction is unrated.

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    Bumpage for release!

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    Quote from Mari0B: Go

    any chance we get it for an iphone too?

    I don't own an IPhone or plan on owning one any time soon, if anyone knew how to program for the IPhone I can send over the code uses for parsing the HTML since this is the only thing that would be usable for such a platform. However in the near future this code would become obsolete as this site starts to get support for JSON or XML to transfer data to such applications.

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    Quote from drakefs: Go

    Someone post the basic SCIIMapster logo, and toss me a link where I can DL/Rip it. and Ill get ya setup with a basic icon.

    EDIT: i thought the max size for an icon is 72x72 on the android platform?

    Are you talking about the Website Icon displayed up by the url? That is the dragon used for installers and such not for WoW, and can be easily ripped from there. However I would prefer a custom-ish icon this way I will never run into a problem with using Blizzard's Artwork.

    As for the max size there is none, it just scales down depending on what kind of display your using. I am scaling these down manually at the moment but having good detail in a 100x100 icon scales down to a pretty bad ass icon of any size.

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    Well as I said in the first post, I need someone to make an icon that is 100x100 and it should be formatted in such a way as you would use it for your desktop icon.

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    They changed it so that your required to have a registered nickname, I believe it is to prevent people from using other peoples nicknames.

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    I now have a new update that includes browsing the first page of forum categories!


    The link to download the new *.apk file is the same as the one in the first post, just an FYI.

    Long Tap on category brings up a window with the description, to get out of this just press outside of the window or hit you back button. (Going to be used for stats)
    Short Tap on a category takes you to the view the first page of threads in that category, to go back to the category view just hit you back button.
    Thread Viewer uses an updated HTML Parser of the old Category Viewer, this is more robust however it can be rather memory intensive for a few seconds.
    Category Viewer uses an even more updated HTML Parser of the Thread Viewer, even more robust but uses up more memory for a few seconds.
    Removed the Progress Dialog telling you to wait as it retrieved data, in future versions when JSON is supported data will be accessed much faster so there will no longer be a need.
    Added some basic support for Read/Unread/Locked Status checking and changing the icon depending on the status.

    Known Bugs:
    The status icons for read/unread appear to be borked and don't display the status properly. I have no idea why this happens but I believe it is a server side issue caused by a client side issue. I think that the read/unread statuses are stored in cookies or something and I have reason to believe that this method of Parsing will not support cookies that well.
    Changing the screen orientation results in some lag before changing all the way, this is due to the way that the Android OS handles screen rotations. Android destroys the Activity and redoes the activity, I will have to find a better way of storing the files.

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    Quote from Sware: Go

    @Sixen: Go

    it works on the new droid x i got yesterday. actually im posting on my droid x

    It will most likely work on any Android Phone since it is built using the 1.6 Framework and there aren't any phones out there using the versions before 1.6.

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    As of 7/26/2010 I have released my SC2 Mapster application to the world on the Android Marketplace. This application is 100% free and contains no hidden ads. Also at the moment it only requires your permission to access the internet, your personal username and password are not sent anywhere or stored in in fashion so there is no need to worry about security risks. (At the moment logging you does require your username and password, however these are only used to login so it can store the cookies)

    I am also releasing 3 other applications that are going to be used for donation purposes so that people can freely donate money to me. If you don't want to donate money then please feel free to leave comments on either the Android Marketplace or AppBrain along with a rating to help encourage me to keep on moving.

    On the side note, please don't make comments about features that are missing and rate poorly because of this. I know these features are missing but I would like to remind you that this is an Alpha Build and each update will still contain the older version's comments and ratings.

    PS: I WILL NOT RELEASE AN IPHONE VERSION! I do not and I will never have an iPhone, so I will not develop anything for the iPhone. None of the coding used for this application is compatible for the iPhone either so I will not be releasing the source.

    QR Codes

    SC2 Mapster Application

    SC2 Mapster Application

    $1 Donation

    Bronze Donation

    $3 Donation

    Silver Donation

    $5 Donation

    Gold Donation

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    Someone else has found a way to get around the message and to install, however he notes that he is unable to launch the game and it crashes when he tries to run the launcher.

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    posted a message on [Voting] Model Plugins for Blender
    I am also going to say that the tools from Blizzard might be missing a few things that some of us would need or something, anyways supporting both would be totally cool. If you wanted NiNtoxicated01, I am rather decent with Python and I can help you out. I was working with some people on taking Ghost++ for WC3 and adding Python Extension ability to it.
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    posted a message on Hell fucking yea!

    Just got my new Evo 4G! This was posted from it also!

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    posted a message on [MISC] Converting EVE Online Models for SC2

    @SaucySC: Go

    Do you have a 64bit OS?

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    posted a message on [MISC] Converting EVE Online Models for SC2


    1. TriExporter - http://dl.eve-files.com/media/corp/Xabora/TriExporter_2009.zip
    2. 3DS Max - http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc/index?id=13567410&siteID=123112
    3. EvE Online - http://www.eveonline.com/
    4. M3 Plugins for 3DS Max - http://www.sc2mapster.com/assets/m3-export-plugin-3ds-max/
    5. Photoshop - http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/family/
    6. NVIDIA DDS Plugin - http://developer.nvidia.com/object/photoshop_dds_plugins.html

    Note: You don't need to register for EvE Online, you just need to install the game so you can extract the models

    Extracting Models

    1. Open TriExporter, you need to set it up to point to the EvE Install Folder using File -> Set EVE Folder
    2. All Ship Models are located under res/dx9/model/ship/, they aren't labeled so you will have to know what the ships look like to find the one you want
    3. Double click on the model files labeled *.gr2 to get a preview of the ship, then double click on the *_d.dds until you use up all the texture slots
    4. File -> Export Tri-Model, save the file as a *.obj for now since *.3ds is broken and can't be imported into 3DS Max Note: TriExporter will automatically export the loaded texture files to the same folder as the Exported Model

    Preparing Textures

    1. Open the texture file in Photoshop and delete the Alpha Channel
    2. Resave the texture file as anything you want

    Importing Model

    1. Open up 3DS Max and import the *.obj file using File -> Import (File is the image in the Top Left!)
    2. Since TriExporter does a few things backwards we need to mirror the Object on the Y Axis by selecting the model and using Tools -> Mirror
    3. Next we have to redo some of the UV Mapping, make sure the object is selected and go to Modify in the Command Panel on the right, find Unwrap UVW and apply it. Then we need to apply the UVW Xform modification and in the settings after applying hit the check mark for Flip next to the V Tile.

    Materials & Textures

    1. Open up your materials list and modify each listing to become a Starcraft 2 Material
    2. You then have to create a new map under Diffuse and make it a Starcraft 2 Bitmap that points to the modified texture


    To be done later


    If you have gotten this far and don't know how to export it for Starcraft 2, then why are you doing this? Just read the documentation for the M3 Plugins for the moment. I will fill this out later when I convert this into a multi-stage video tutorial.

    Wrapping Up

    At the moment this is a rather basic ship model, the only animations that need to be done is an Idle Animation. When importing this into Starcraft 2 I would copy a Terran Flying Ship Unit since these will take care of all the special banking and such not.


    Multi Models!

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