Trial of Zeal

Trial of Zeal

Trial of Zeal [3v3 Hero Battle Arena]

Enter the Trial of Zeal to join the ongoing gladiatorial conflict between the Corrupt and the Pure. Battle with unique heroes and defeat the opposition!

This Map is available in: SEA ,NA, EU.

Map Feedback Thread:

Following the footsteps of the hero arena genre, Trial of Zeal is best described as a gladiator arena, pitting team versus team duels minus the leveling or item building. In addition, most projectiles in the game can be dodged or blocked through the use of obstacles.

Bound by Team Health

ToZ strives to differ from other arenas through the inclusion of a Team Health. This special health depletes when a team’s hero takes damage. It also decreases periodically if the opposing team controls more Beacons than your team does. All damage, no healers required. While the Team Health stands, injured heroes revive over time. Alive heroes also benefit from accelerated health regeneration when not taking damage.

Go for the KO

To win a game you need to take down all opposing heroes regardless of Team Health. All of them must be downed to achieve a KO. Remember a team does not necessarily lose when Team Health reaches zero, but rather punished with no revives. In order to accomplish this goal players will need to cooperate bursts and perform target switches to down all opponents together before a revive occurs. There are a couple ways players can opt to defeat their opposition.

Use your Hero's Ultimate

Most players should be familiar with the concept of ultimate abilities. In Trial of Zeal an ultimate costs 50% of the Zeal gauge. Most Ultimates are downright finishers while others are fight initiators.

Unleash Zeal

The spotlight of Trial of Zeal is the ability unleash Zeal. This requires the whole bar and is key to survive and turn the tables around. Zeal comes in 5 different types and they are distributed to heroes to reflect their individual play styles.

Capture Strategic Beacons

A tactical approach to win is through controlling more Beacons. The number of Beacons vary in different arenas. Smaller maps tend to have 3 Beacons while larger maps might have 4-5.When you control more Beacons than your opponent, the enemy team health takes damage for each additional Beacon in your control.

Beacons also grant team-wide bonuses. Additionally, any powerup spawned on the Beacon is exclusive to the controlling team.

TLDR: I made a map, please give it a try. Leave feedback after you do. Thanks and have fun!

Are you ready?

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  • Avatar of Zolstice Zolstice Jun 24, 2013 at 11:06 UTC - 0 likes

    this map is currently highlighted in the Arcade! Thanks for the support.

    Starcraft 2 Channel on Youtube: Battle.Net Article:

    Hope you guys continue enjoying this map :)

    Check out Trial of Zeal! Featured in the Arcade Highlight as of June 21 2013! Trial of Zeal

  • Avatar of LeNzYFly LeNzYFly Jun 03, 2013 at 17:44 UTC - 0 likes

    Very cool, its a bit like the game Bloodline Champion. (Free To Play)

    I like it! 5/5 :3

  • Avatar of Zolstice Zolstice Mar 25, 2013 at 07:29 UTC - 0 likes

    @Aaron77177: Go

    lol you make a good point there with 1/5 difficulty heroes. I'll probably simplify it down to just an out of 3 rating. 1/5s and 5/5s sound too easy and elite respectively now that I think about it.

    Pyroshi is my fav hero as well :P and I agree he is quite easy to comprehend. I've had comments about his W ability being abit confusing though as it does nothing when there are no Pyreflies around (something new players have not grasped). I'm making modifications to this in the next update.

  • Avatar of Aaron77177 Aaron77177 Mar 25, 2013 at 04:10 UTC - 0 likes

    I finally got around to posting on this thread again.

    I like what you did with the text on the character selection screen. It's much easier to read, but to be honest, it could still use a tiny bit of resizing. It's still kind-of small.

    Otherwise, I certainly noticed that something about the game felt different (maybe character HP balance?).

    So far, I've tried out most of the characters that you have to select from, and there's 1 thing I noticed. You have zero 1/5 difficulty characters to select from, and only 1 5/5 difficulty character to select from. Are you intending on redoing the character difficulty rating?

    I think a few of the characters could use a bit of a drop in difficulty haha. But by far, my favourite character so far which has a decent difficulty rating was the Firebat. He's awesome!

    Keep up the good work and updates!

  • Avatar of Zolstice Zolstice Mar 14, 2013 at 07:42 UTC - 0 likes

    v0.07 is out!

    SEA - NA - EU

    Includes a number of balance changes and fixes.

    @Aaron77177: Go

    Hey no problem, I don't mind feedback at all haha. It gives me a better view of how the community is receiving my map.

    • Yeah I've realized the models look very ugly when played at low settings. i've got a solution in mind and its near to what you've suggested. However this will have to wait for a bit since its gonna take awhile to readjust everything to a new layout.
    • With the new update I just uploaded, the text should look muchhh clearer now. It was the font that was hindering legibility. Although please do tell me if its still hard to read.
    • thanks man, glad I didnt put the changelog in the loading screen lol. Not that it will fit anyway.

    Next section:

    Number of Players:

    That is a quite well thought way of balancing a 2v1. I'll add this feature soon enough as it seems necessary.

    Beacon Bonuses:

    See the thing is I did start with very small boosts before, however all my testers at the time felt the Beacons were a little too insignificant to capture. I guess it comes down to getting the right balance between too much and too little.

    However I'd like to argue that giving all 4 Beacons (as an act of sportsmanship ofc) might be too much, even in a 2v1 lol. I assume the Beacons (especially in this case four Beacons) would quickly drain whatever Team Health you and your partner has, nullifying your regeneration, halving powerup effects, and also negating any revives when one of you dies. Even at a 2-0 Beacon score, a team would have a lot of trouble fighting, not to mention a 4-0. Thus you would have probably had a verryy hard time indeed.

    Beacon Captured:

    Yeap, the way I've put the buffs in is very sloppy indeed :P dw I'm working on integrating the Beacon bonuses into the UI so its easier to look at.

    Last edited Mar 14, 2013 by Zolstice
  • Avatar of Zolstice Zolstice Mar 13, 2013 at 07:59 UTC - 0 likes

    @Aaron77177: Go

    hey, the hero select screen text should be much clearer with the next update i am about to upload (tomorrow or the day after). thanks a bunch for pointing it out!

    I'm in a bit of a rush at the moment and I'll get back to you once things settle down.

  • Avatar of Aaron77177 Aaron77177 Mar 11, 2013 at 02:14 UTC - 0 likes



    Number of Players

    One thing I thought of the second time I played your game was what happens when a player leaves the game? And then it happened about half way through the game... and we had a 2 on 1.

    During this time of playing a 2 on 1, one of the other players asked if he could have all 4 beacons so he wasn't so outnumbered, and both me and my teammate agreed. Letting the other player take all four beacons took quite some time, and there was roughly 2 minutes of game down-time. Even though the down-time wasn't that bad, it still felt like a problem... so I thought of something simple to fix this issue of players who leave and create uneven matches.

    The solution

    Change the rate at which the beacons are captured by players who are outnumbered. Simply allow a 50% increase in capture rate for a 2v1 and a 33% increase in capture rate for a 3v2. This would solve the issue of players leaving and being outnumbered for beacon capturing and being beaten down by character's ultimate zeal spells.

    A second portion of the solution lies in the start of a new round. If it's a 2v1, at the start of the round, all beacons should start with percents captured at 66% for the lone player and 33% for the team of two (to even things out).

    One thing I just thought of.... is a beacon captured at 2x the rate if two players stand on it at the same time?

    Beacon Power/HP/Mana/Speed Increases

    One thing I noticed in the same game that the single player had the advantage of all four beacons and played against me and my teammate... was how much more powerful he became. Instead of fighting my single opponent, me and my teammate spent the majority of the time running from him.

    I think the reason for the imbalance was due to the increase of attack/hp/mana/regen/speed/whatever. 10% is enough to begin with, but then the advantage went up to 12% when it was fully captured. Why did it go up an extra 2%? 2% is actually a lot when you're dealing with unit hp's of anything over 2500. 2% is equivalent to 50 hp. For some units, 50 hp could mean the difference between life and death in terms of how much damage they can do in one hit.

    I honestly don't think that the beacon's should give a 10% boost to units. A 5-8% boost would be plenty.

    The solution

    Lower the boost that fully captured beacons give. 12% is a lot in terms of hp, damage, or speed, and could easily be the determining factor in a game. The determining factor in the game should essentially be skill of attacking/defending, not beacon capturing (in my honest opinion).

    Captured Beacons

    Something else I've noticed both times I've played the game is where the beacons (when captured) are shown on a player's screen. The small icon near the mana/hp of a unit seems much too small and in a bad location to realize that a beacon has been fully captured, or is being recaptured by an enemy.

    The solution

    There is a lot of room on the screen to make a small icon or table of icons on either the left-hand or right-hand side of each players screen. This small table of icons could show each of the beacons that are on the map, and what percentage is captured for each team. A simple bolded orange percentage and a bolded blue percentage under/above each beacon's icon within the table would likely do the trick.

    Zolstice, one thing I'd like to mention is that I don't expect you to implement any of my ideas or address any of the things that I've brought up as my opinion of an "issue".

    What I'm attempting to do is give you feedback from my perspective. I'm basically just trying to help give you another view of the game from outside of your own. If some of the things that I see as issues are non-issues to you, I'm fine with that. All of what I've written so far is simply my opinion, and nothing more.

    I just hope that my walls of text will somehow help develop your game or enable you to achieve high popularity on SCII. Just a fan, trying to help haha.

    Let me know if you want any more feedback or could use a hand testing certain things. I wouldn't mind giving you a hand if you needed it.

    Last edited Mar 11, 2013 by Aaron77177
  • Avatar of Aaron77177 Aaron77177 Mar 10, 2013 at 17:22 UTC - 0 likes

    @Zolstice: Go

    I'll try to make these next little bits short and sweet haha. My text rampage last night came at about midnight where I live and ended sometime around 2 am, so if a view of my sentences made no sense, it was due to lack of sleep :)

    So I finally remembered how to take a screenshot so I could show you what I mean with the text stuff.

    Here's what I was talking about:

    Character Selection Screen

    The text directly below Luxstra's name is very very small. If I can impose my own idea for this fix, I think that moving "Luxstra" (the massive character in the center) up a bit and shrinking her would be a good idea to create more space. To be honest, when I saw that the characters were that large, I was kind of confused because it seemed like the "character selection" screen had a lot of wasted space.

    Also, if you notice very closely, I play SCII on the lowest settings, and I believe that a lot of other people do as well. Therefore, having the character that you've selected as large as it currently is doesn't really do much for visual appeal because my graphics are set to the lowest setting.

    Back to my suggestion... By moving Luxtra upwards and making her smaller, you could easily move the "Luxstra" text box on the left with her description above the "Burst, Control, Survival" box, and then make both of those two boxes larger and stretch them out so that you've got more room.

    Just as a side note, I think a neat idea would be to have all three team members' characters shown at the top of the screen when selecting your character, instead of just your own. That way, you get a very visual appeal as to what your teammates are playing, and you can more-easily coordinate whose doing what on your team (in terms of character choice).

    And as an aside to the side note, I wanted to put up this picture and give out a big Thank You!

    Loading Screen

    The text in the top left that says "Check in-game hints to view change log" almost brought a tear to my eye when I read it. Keeping your loading screen very neat and tidy is a good tactic for a good-looking game. Other games like "Cruiser Command" which have a massive and very poorly edited change log showing on the loading screen look a lot like what I wrote you last night for suggestions - a massive regurgitated chunk of text that no one will likely read anyways :P

    I'm going to be posting a few more comments for you (yes... prepare yourself) when I get a chance today. At the moment, I'm running out the door, but I thought I'd respond for ya since it's the weekend and you've probably got some time on your hands to read haha.

    Last minute edit: apparently my pictures are too large/wide for this forum. Fortunately for me, the side that got cut off isn't the important side for explanation purposes :P

    Last edited Mar 10, 2013 by Aaron77177
  • Avatar of Zolstice Zolstice Mar 10, 2013 at 12:19 UTC - 0 likes

    @Aaron77177: Go

    whoa thats a long wall of text. bear with me as i try to digest all of it..... and create another wall of text.

    its near midnight so cut me some slack :P

    @First Comments:

    • Could you elaborate more on smaller text and large texts? Is this in the tooltips or just the layout in general?
    • Ah yes the learning curve. Its definitely very steep and the amount of buttons/text I have atm does not help ease the pain :( I intend to give the UI a makeover to simplify whats on screen.


    • About the green UI background, I currently have a problem with player variants, and I think other maps too, where it locks all players to Terran (hence green) instead of Zerg (for the Corrupt) and Protoss (the Purists) respectively. a few patches ago this was working fine and each team had a blue/orange UI depending on which team they are in. I agree green looks ugly.
    • Aha. I was worried about the hero selection screen. thanks for pointing it out. I did use starcraft's default sci-fi font that was rather stretched and squeezed. I am currently looking for a better font within sc2 that can better convey information.
    • I guess I did took certain words for granted, like Charm. I'll look into ways I can better define the word while keeping the tooltips simple.
    • What you said about the round counters is interesting. I'll try experimenting with it more to better clarify things. the blue/orange color switch sounds like a viable option.

    @Map Layout:

    • Lol, funny just a few hours ago one of the trees obscured my vision as I was playing against someone. I understand map clarity is a must for competitive gaming and I am already picking off certain doodads from the arena.
    • The main reason I am fond of giving a free beacon for the team at the start is to ensure that the team does have at least 1 beacon to begin with. I'd hate it if a team is unable to secure at least one, possibly due to team matchups and end up getting heavily pressured before the match hits midway.
    • Beacon accessibility is debatable, although my current stand on it is it must be accessible for it to play a larger role in the game, since they offer large powerups to the team controlling it. My current rule for beacon placement at the moment is to never put a beacon in the middle, as there is already alot of tension from the fight there; but have it spread around it instead (not too far not too close). This acts as a combat breather when players retreat to the Beacons while not entirely holding off the flow of combat.

    ofc right now the Beacons are placed in a way that there is no actual risk to go ahead and capture it (could be a bad/good thing). I did this on purpose as the hero roster currently features a handful of zoning heroes capable of dominating/protecting Beacons with ease, making up for the lack of map risks.

    Final Remarks

    • I appreciate your feedback, it is very detailed and I can say for sure you have a clear eye for these things. You can point out things that i missed from your comments, although im sure i read through all of them (its almost midnight around where I live atm). I'll try to tackle the issues you've addressed as best as i can in future updates.
    • On a side note: The Immortal is actually a good pick for starters. He may not have the Burst others have, but his survivability and control is strong.

    It sounded like you had trouble against the Ultralisk hero and my tip for you would be to keep "kiting" him via your stun Discharge [Q] and slow Graviton Laser [W] . It is hard to face him upfront melee and it is best to keep your distance. Ion Cannon[E] will allow you to attack while moving, and Immortalize [T] gives you a speed boost. The Ultralisk hero loses most of his burst if he is kept at a distant range.

  • Avatar of Aaron77177 Aaron77177 Mar 10, 2013 at 08:13 UTC - 0 likes

    Alrighty, so I finally got a chance to sit down without anything to distract me from writing a whole pile of comments... so here goes!

    First Comments

    My first reaction to the game was that it looked very visually appealing, but also very confusing at the same time. There is a lot of text and there are a lot of different colours and colour schemes. Some of the things that confused me involved the size of the text because the smaller text seemed to contain the important information that I needed to learn the game with, while the larger text seemed fancy and a bit distracting.

    Once I just dove right in, the game felt just fine, but the learning curve was very very steep. Most of the learning curve I speak about was likely due to unit imbalance and me needing to find ways to accommodate much stronger characters than the one I chose (Immortal). Some other attributes to the game's learning curve were definitely due to the complexity of the players screen and map layout. However, the complex screen (text/buttons) and very intense map layout, as I said before, made more sense and "felt just fine" once I took time to read over the fine details. If I could define my first experience with the game with one word, it would certainly be "overwhelming".

    Now on to the nitty-gritty bits. I'm sure that my comments will get negative feedback from others because my comments will be generally about things that I think need improving... but they're my opinion of the game... nothing more.


    Gameplay Interface


    The text/colours of the game are very thematic and they make the game look very original. However, they also heavily restricted my first experience in learning how to play the game.

    In terms of text, the vocabulary and diction are astounding. Sentences are clearly written with proper grammar and correct arrangement so they read at an adult level. The bad part of the text is that the important bits are sized very small and some of the less important things are sized large. Another minor issue with the text is some of the vocabulary choice. Words like "Charm" or something similar have no clearly stated definition which make understanding the attacks/spells of the units difficult to understand.

    In terms of colours, the selections for both the text and game interface are very vibrant and make the game stand out very well. However, the problem with the colour choices is that they aren't contrasted very well. Two good examples of poor contrasting, but good choice of colours are as follows:

    Life Bar / Total Wins

    When I started the game, I picked my player colour as orange because it's my favourite. When I looked at the top of the screen after winning 2 rounds in a row, I couldn't tell what the heck those four vertical bars on top of my life total was... After losing enough life from a very strong ultralisk, I realized that those vertical bars were number of wins out of the total of 7 rounds that are played to determine a winning team. Take note that it was only after I saw the contrast of the orange "wins" over the black life-less bar, that I understood what the heck those vertical bars were.

    Player Heads Up Display (Player HUD)

    Another example of colour contrast lies on the top of the gameplay interface at the bottom of the screen. The lightly coloured orange-ish/yellow-ish text of "Q", "W", "E", "R", "T" against an even more lightly coloured green don't make the letters for each of the attacks/moves "pop" out enough to make them noticeable. Putting orange against grey, black, deep green or a leafy green would be a better choice.


    Grab a colour wheel (google it) and go to work. Keep the colours that you have, but change them around so that everything is very distinct and visible. Some of the colours and contrasts don't matter all that much, but the two that I've suggested do. The best way to change the life bar and win count would be to have blue over orange and orange over blue. Not blue over blue and orange over orange.

    Define text more clearly, and make sure you define what certain moves/meanings are more clearly. Maybe have a list of what things like "charm" mean at the start of the character selection? Something like "Charm - Forces foes to move toward your hero character for the allotted time amount".

    Lastly, make definition text larger. During character selection, I noticed that a lot of the very fine small white text was somewhat poorly placed and very hard to read. I've got 20-20 (perfect) eyesight, and even I had a hard time reading/articulating what was going on with some of the text.

    Maps & Arena


    While I enjoy a cool-looking map with lots to offer for visual effects, I don't enjoy a map that's so complex that I can't tell what's a spell and what's a map doodad. Some of the maps have a great feel when you first look at them without heroes moving around and battling on them, but once hits the fan and the war starts, it's hard to tell what's part of the map and what's part of the battle.

    The best thing that could be done with the maps is take out all of the extra details that aren't really needed. The maps are complex because they have too many colours or too many extras on them. Things that aren't needed and could be taken out of the map include coloured boxes, lights, large trees and shrubs. The reason for removal is so that there aren't so many distractions on the map and so that the players can simply play the game. Some of the trees restrict arena vision and other doodads are simply distracting.

    If you want extra doodads for video/release purposes, that's just fine, but take them out after you're done spicing up your videos.

    Beacon Location

    Some of the beacons on the map don't seem to make much sense if you ask me. They're in locations that are prime for fighting which is all well and good, but they're all too accessible. Heroes start near a beacon, so they're instantly getting a boost of some sort. If beacons were placed somewhere on the map that you actually had to travel to in order to receive their boost, it would make much more sense. Although, even as I write this "Beacon Location", it's not honestly that big of a deal where they are on the map... just some food for thought.


    Simplify the maps. They're too "busy", and could use a bit of a breather from all of the colours and extra trees/lights/boxes. Something very simple and easy to do... take away from the maps. For videos, keep them busy because it makes the release look awesome. For gameplay, simplicity is your friend.

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