For Glory!


Dark Judicator Xeres has organized a Battle Royal on the desert planet of Ehlna to determine who will act as executor for his next conquest. To prove your worth you must best your templar brethern by superior use of abilities and tactics. Your armor has been outfitted with a warp mechanism that will prevent you from being fatally wounded- instead you will 'respawn' shortly if your shields have become critically low.

Choose between 3 different unique abilities each time you spawn (each ability has a 5 second cooldown and can be wasted if you misclick the target):

-Blinkshock: teleport a short distance, causing a knockback effect at the target point (cab be used to knock people off cliffs)
-Psiblast: blasts the targeted area with psionic energy, destroying their shields (2/3 of their vitality)
-Prism: disrupts the targeted area with void energy, stunning an enemy in the area

6 Different powerups will periodically spawn, each lasts for 20 seconds:

-Vampiric: causes all damage you inflict to replenish your shields
-Overshield: grants you an additional 3 hits worth of shield
-Hyper: allows you to move at blinding speeds
-Shadow: grants invisibility
-Radar: allows you to see the position of all enemies on the map
-Execute: increases your size and strength, allowing you to kill enemies instantly (rare)

Lastly, there are a number of environmental hazards that can kill you, namely the boulder trap, major lazor trap, and the quicksand patch.

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