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Strike-Craft-INICIATIONS V1.5 Final

Change log

updates 1.2 === + ==== size 5MB / s around ===

  • New ("Explosive")
  • New communication system between units of experimental music that hover just a friendly unit and see.
  • Interfas (UI) without grenades exept errors
  • Shout to attack enemy units are under attack allied units warn

Updates 1.3====para el 07/06/2013

  • Movement system W, S, A, D improved
  • Camera: Distance, Height adjusted
  • FreeCam by BrianArancibia
  • More Trouble shoot not to be so easy
  • Improved Granada (Animation)
  • New Order added to player unit, Ceasefire (TAB Key)
  • System incorporated place boot pump can also place the pump only press "B" to this

Updates 1.4 size 19MB / s around

  • permanent corpses
  • Improved UI
  • Improved boot Intelligence
  • Correcting errors almost all previous versions
  • New Music
  • Realistic sounds effect
  • Improved Weapons Effects
  • Improved Granada
  • Improved Camera when player death
  • Time edited Bomb off (13 sec)
  • Yield Map improved + velocity
  • Objectives understandable

Updates size 34MB / s around (REAL SIZE +100Mb/s)

  • Integrated Melee Attack
  • Completed incredible IU
  • Adjusted Rotate camera and synchronized with Variation 41.
  • Triggers more logical than previous versions
  • Integrating Life Critical Effect
  • Hud Finalizadoo
  • Aggregate Tricks
  • Improved AI Intelligence orders are now running writing PlayerUnit more details on load help map
  • Adjusted Lighting
  • Effects of weapons and blood a little more realistic to collide
  • Units Models changed
  • Known Errors corrected
  • Triggers neatly arranged
  • Adjusted Pump System
  • Sounds New Additions
  • good not remember what else I did but I do think not forget anything
  • prepare for another field

The Map Plis Look this.

Known caveats

When running the map it reports back an error : could not save exspecting return ???

TRY GOING TO SAVE AS ... and change the name to Striker-craft * 1 or 2 or3 etc....SC2Map THIS HAS EVERY TIME YOU APPEAR

Note:Reset camera how? zooming right click

sorry for the file size could not control


Uploaded on
Jun 26, 2013
Game version
    33.6 MiB