Steak Racing

This project is experimental.

This project is only experimental and may change drastically between now and when it comes out of experimental status. It may even be disapproved once that happens, worst-case.

Be forewarned before downloading anything from this project.

steak race

Update: Okay, I just uploaded my progress on the physics. take a look at the triggers. I was basing it off a physics explanation from

super stuck right now.

This map is going to be a part of a series. Hopefully I can get physics enabled so the cars actually jump off the ramps. Also looking to get acceleration deceleration working properly. Leave some crit's.

Updated to v4 going off the track slows you down.

Updated to v3 with Checkpoints laps and more doodads.

Updated to v2 with improved movement controls.

Working on- going off the grass makes you move slower.

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Apr 24, 2010
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Apr 27, 2010
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