SC1 Episode 6 - Queen of Blades

Queen of Blades v1.1 (English)

Change log

Table of contents

  1. 1 v1.1
  2. 2 v1.0b



  • The UED will respond to mass Mutalisks with additional Valkyries
  • Wraiths no longer cloak when attacked by Spore Colonies
  • Minor cosmetic changes

ZX02 - Reign of Fire

  • Replay briefing button now works properly
  • The battle in the introduction is now skippable
  • Improved the rallying of enemy attack waves
  • The AI now upgrades beyond 1-1 in Hard mode

ZX03 - The Kel-Morian Combine

  • Replay briefing button now works properly
  • Fixed an issue where all AIs would activate at the beginning of the game
  • Destroying an AI no longer causes white or blue to activate
  • Flying infested command centers are now properly ported to map 4

ZX04 - The Liberation of Korhal

  • Adjusted pathing around certain doodads

ZX05 - True Colors

  • Difficulty slightly increased
  • SCVs and Probes now properly gather resources after the bases are alerted

ZX06 - Fury of the Swarm

  • Minor changes in the early timings
  • Fixed an issue where the AI kept sending units at the northern expansion after the northeastern one was destroyed
  • Slightly reduced lighting effects in the UED base to improve performance
  • Added two Science Vessels in Hard mode

ZX07 - Drawing of the Web

  • Adjusted pathing around certain doodads

ZX08 - To Slay the Beast

  • Resources refunded when canceling a Dark Templar now appear in the tab
  • Fixed an issue where infesting a Command Center could mess with AI rally points
  • The UED Command Fleet will now use a few more Terran units when its Hive is destroyed
  • Fixed Duran's transmission
  • The intro cutscene is now skippable

ZX09 - The Reckoning

  • Running out of time now ends the game in defeat
  • Corrected subtitles in Duran's defeat transmission

ZX10 - Omega

  • Some Dominion attack waves have been slightly buffed
  • Fixed an issue where infesting a Command Center could make the level unwinnable


  • Temporary hotfix for the Infestation bug
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Omega from ending

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