SC1 Episode 4 - The Stand

The Stand v1.4 (English)

Change log

Version 1.4


  • Resources collected by allied Zerg forces are now properly added to the ressource tab.
  • The IA upgrades slightly slower in Normal

Mission 3:

  • Some attack waves were changed to be a bit more air-oriented.
  • Difficulty slightly increased in Hard mode
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Cerebrates' position to change upon reincarnation.

Mission 5:

  • Units that are very close to a generator will now defend it.

Mission 6:

  • Increase Carrier Capacity no longer appears in Hard difficulty.
  • Some attack waves were changed to be slightly more ground-oriented.
  • Hive tech units and buildings no longer appears on Zerg command cards.
  • The Overmind no longer disappears when reduced to 0 hp.
  • Kerrigan's Forces now have a separate line in the score screen.

Mission 7:

  • Mind controlled arbiters can now use Recall and Stasis.
  • Minor tweaks to the first expansions.

Mission 8:

  • Zeratul no longer has Blink.
  • Scourges no longer attack interceptors, number of scourges in attack waves reduced.
  • The last attack waves now include devourers.
  • Minor changes to the video.

Version 1.3


  • Some cutscenes and scripted events have been re-worked
  • Levels proper (after briefing and introduction) will now always start at the beginning of a soundtrack
  • Briefing texts appear slightly faster, so that they don't lag behind the voice
  • Artanis portrait should no longer appear darker than normal

Mission 1:

  • Miscellaneous trigger fixes

Mission 4:

  • The healing ratio of Dominion medics has been reduced. This is for story-related reasons, as the healing technology was designed by the UED.

Mission 5:

  • Stukov portrait changed to be consistent with The Iron Fist

Mission 6:

  • "Morph into Lurkers" no longer appears on hydralisks

Mission 7:

  • Aldaris can no longer be mind controled
  • Aldaris must take more damage before victory

Mission 8:

  • Mind-controlled Zerg now use separate supplies
  • Fixed a bug were the Xel'Naga Temple could disappear during the ending
  • Improved the FPS rate at the end of the video

Version 1.2.1

  • Map 2,3 and 7: arbiters no longer appear in the Stargate
  • Map 4: fixed Kerrigan's death message, number of enemy ComSat reduced from 3 to 1 (Normal) and 3 to 2 (Hard) to better match the gameplay of the original level
  • Map 6: Fixed difficulty name
  • Map 8: the mission can now be completed normally

Version 1.2

  • Map 2: corsairs can no longer be built
  • Map 6: power field and targeting height bug fixed
  • Map 7 and 8: mind control now works properly

Version 1.1

  • General: Easy difficulty has been renamed Normal, which more accurately represents the challenge it provides
  • Map 2: dark archon upgrades no longer appear in the Templar Archives
  • Map 3: fixed briefing colour; fixed a bug that could occur if a unit was killed very quickly; carrier and dark archon upgrades no longer appear in their respective buildings; fixed Raszagal's portrait in the ending
  • Map 6: the time between the attack waves have been slightly increased
  • Map 8: fixed a few IA upgrade bugs


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Sep 22, 2012
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