Red Square Mine Defense

Sharicasmi's Red Square Mine Defense

There are 4 types of mines, a detector, and multiple ways to tech up your mines. You win if you survive all 30 waves, you lose if there are x100 mobs per player on the board. This map was made from scratch (in about 2 days), inspired by Hydro's Red Circle TD.

I wanted to create something challenging and different that embodies all the virtues of a tower defense map. Preview Map Area

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  • Avatar of Sharicasmi Sharicasmi May 31, 2011 at 19:12 UTC - 0 likes

    This is essentially an actions per minute tester. You have to be insanely good at turret defense maps and have well over 200 apm to beat this map. There are 4 types of mines, Anti-Air charges [A hotkey], basic mines [B hotkey], splash mines [C hotkey], and snare mines [T hotkey].

    The upgrade effects will make your mines more powerful in many different ways. [Resilient Mines] gives your mines a chance to re-burrow after their initial discharge, to blow up again. [Multiple Mines] You lay an extra mine any time you set down a basic or splash mine. There are also upgrades that upgrade all of your basic mines/splash mines/snare mines.

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