Marauders! The Campaign

The Mechanic

Marauders - The Mechanic

Requires Heart of the Swam.

  • Single player scenario
  • Length: Long
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • Gameplay: Metroid/Zelda lite


A squad of Marauders begin a standard hostile takeover when something goes horribly wrong. You, the mechanic of the group, must complete the mission. What horrors await inside of this abandoned laboratory?

The Mechanic is a pretty cool dude. He always keeps a turret and a few combat bots around for some extra umph. He is also good at adapting technology he finds on his missions to suit his needs. Who knows how that could come in handy.

  • Credit for the Mechanic model goes to Rulerian (named Marauder Engineer)
  • Credit for the Void Templar model goes to Thrikodias (named Tauch Templar)
  • Credit for the Monstrosity model goes to Thrikodias (named Zerg Hulk)
  • Credit for the Dark Archon model goes to Ghostnova (named Dark Archon)
  • Credit for the Apparition model goes to Soulfilcher (named Hybrid Avatar)







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Date created
May 26, 2013
Last updated
May 26, 2013