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Here i'm going to give a lot more details about the back-story, about the characters, the situation, the setting, and just general details about the story so far. This page is only for those who want more of a roleplaying experience, or perhaps are just curious to learn more about the story that this campaign follows. If there seems to be any inconsistent info or any apparent errors, please let me know since as of right now, not all details of the story or the campaign are final, and are always subject to change.

So far:

In the year 2580, the Zerg went into disarray after many years of organized rule by a rumored one known by many names. At this time, the terran armies were finally colonizing new and unknown planets in hopes of starting new lives, and settling down. Things at this time were peaceful, and even with the Zerg in disarray, it was rare for there to be any serious hostile activity from the creatures. Since 2580, the Zerg have never had one official ruler, nor were there any means of controlling the race as a whole. However, most Zerg across the galaxy organized themselves into smaller broods, and albeit harmless, these Zerg were able to comfort themselves and find peace and organization. The Zerg that didn't find such a brood, usually died off, and only in rare cases, became hostile. The term "Brooding" was coined by the humans, as many people noticed that the Zerg were recuperating slowly from their recent pitfall. Suspicions often arose within nearby colonies about these suddenly "reunited" Zerg, though there had never been a case of any organized brood turning hostile.

However, everything changed by the year 2598. Suddenly, certain broods began attacking colonies for no apparent reason, people began dying off mysteriously, and soon after, entire sectors, and even entire planets, were being overrun by these broods. Lacking the resources or gunpower to fight back, many colonies were eliminated. Four years later, and reports began pouring in about an Infestation, supposedly released by toxins of dead Zerg and live ones alike. It was said that if these toxins were inhaled, that soon after, any person could become a mindless infested, an unloyal servant and minion to the leader of any given brood, depending on the strain of toxin.

It wasn't long after that the Infestation became problematic for the Zerg. While the broods seemed to work together in attacking and destroying colonies, no former alliance was ever formed. Desputes between the broods arose, and soon, war erupted. This war, known as "The War of the Broods", caused further division among the Zerg broods, and provided the colonists the time they needed to form their own militia, the Colony Militia, and allowed for another military organization to intervene: The Hand of Dawn. The Hand of Dawn, at the time, was one of the more powerful military groups in the sector, and were the best hope for crushing the Zerg broods, and the impending threat. In 2603, the Hand of Dawn intervened, and official began fighting the Zerg broods. For 2 more years, the fight went on, and at the time it seemed clear that the Hand of Dawn would be successful, and live up to its high-revered status. This changed, when the Zerg broods however, were united by a queen known now only as "The Mother". Even now, it remains a mystery how the Zerg broods became a part of The Mother's Brood, however this allegiance greatly turned the tides of war in favor of the Zerg. The Mother's new united brood became more and more powerful, and utilizing the infested, it presented a large challenge to the Hand of Dawn to compete. Up until 2607, the war was at a stalemate, but despite the Zerg's increased efforts, the Mother's Brood did not prevail. In 2610, the last hive was destroyed, and it was thought that the Zerg threat was finally dealt with.

This temporary silence, did not infact, mean safety for the colonists. In 2614, the Zerg made an appearance on Naar, another colonial planet. Ever since, the Zerg have fought fiercer and harder than ever before, and the Hand of Dawn has once again answered the desperate call for help by the colonists, however to their surprise, the Zerg have been much harder to deal with, and with newly evolved tricks and tactics, the Hand of Dawn has suffered tremendous casualties at the hand of the Mother's Brood. As the war raged on further, the Hand of Dawn was hard-pressed to continue fighting the Zerg at the current pace, and soon, Naar would be overrun. It was 2615 before Commander Cain Monahue, considered "the best of the best" was called in to deal with the increasing Zerg threat. Commander Monahue, and his elite team, are finally on Naar and ready to assist any way they can, and hopefully help to push the Zerg back, and eventually, destroy them. Once and for all. It was only until Monahue arrived on Naar, that he was informed of The Hand of Dawn's new plan, to develop a highly intelligent combat AI to assist mechs in the battle against the Zerg, and hopefully turn the tides of war. Fortunately, it doesn't take long for Dawn technicians to create the AI, but for it to be effective, all combat AI's must be equip with it, and the only place large enough on Naar is Station 517; the planet-wide military center and the holder of a high-capacity, intergalactic database. If the Hand of Dawn can successfully get the AI there, then all mechs should easily be able to update themselves, and an immediate change in the war effort should be seen. Commander Monahue and his forces, are specially tasked with making sure the AI gets to Station 517 in one piece, and to ultimately ensure the Hand of Dawn can fulfill its duty to protect and serve the innocent.

***  ***  ***  ***   ***  ***  ***  ***   ***  ***  ***  ***   ***  ***  ***  ***   ***  ***  ***  ***   ***  ***  ***  ***   ***  ***  ***  ***   ***  ***  ***  ***   ***  ***  ***  ***   ***  

The Council:: Sometimes known as "The Council of Peace" The Council was formed to bring several major empires and groups together for the protection and mutual benefit of all. Most major organizations, kingdoms, legions, and empires joined with the Council, gaining the benefits of mutual protection and additional resources. Many times, the Council is seen working out minor disputes between groups, but only on occasion has the Council ever had to use military action. As of now, the Council's only known enemies are the anarchist groups that seek to tear it down, and the Mother's Brood, which has becom an intergalactic threat through means unknown.

The Hand of Dawn:: The Hand of Dawn was formed in 2525 to deal with several anarchist and terrorist groups on the edges of the Koprulu sector began wreaking havoc. The military organization began as a vigilante group, but soon grew to a small militia and not long after that, it began a well-known military organization founded by Charles Andley. The Hand of Dawn was among the first of all groups to join with the Council of Peace, and ever since, the Hand of Dawn has only grown more and more powerful. The Hand of Dawn now serves as an intergalactic first response team, aiding groups in need usually when the Council's formal military can't handle the situation, or is out of reach of the group in distress. Because of this, even today, the Hand of Dawn is a well-respected authority figure throughout the galaxy, despite having any real authority.

The Namiel Empire:: The Namiel, or Namien Empire has always been an experienced, aggressive empire that's been constantly expanding for centuries. This Protoss empire boasts its' strength and power throughout the galaxy, but despite their aggressive appearance and stature, the Namiel Empire has yet to take any hostile action to expand itself against terran or Zerg. The Namiel Empire has been a recent ally of the Council, though despite some protests, the Namiel empire refuses to send any resources or to give military aid to the Council of Peace for unknown reasons.

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