Gates of Darkness

Gates of Darkness v0.9

Change log

now that i've got your attention, if the newest version of the map for some reason is bugged in any way that makes it unplayable (or too easy), please PM me (or better, post a comment) and tell me what went wrong. Then download an earlier version of the map that has been marked as "stable" in the changelog (click on "files" on the top) if you want to test it properly)

v0.9 Considerably stable
- Map is now high up on the popularity list
- About twenty five trillion bugfixes
- Went to a new hero selection system that is similar to the very old one (Sorry SweetZombieJesus), will go back to SweetZombieJesus' library once i have time to do anything apart from fixing bugs or balance issues
- Murloc and Thor buffed
- Summoner fixed
- Engineer added
- Destroyer's attack damage changed to "ranged"
- Intelligence attribute severely buffed. Spells now get +10 damage for each point in intelligence
- Added tooltips on attributes
- Added a few Light Omnis around the hive to give it a better look

v0.7 - Considerably stable
- Completely remade the Murloc's Flamethrower spell (No longer is based off the Hellion attack, but is now completely different and way simpler, and actually works!)
- Reduced number of Terran units that spawn, increased number of zerg units that spawn
- lots of other fixes i forgot
- Added SweetZombieJesus's hero selection system (possibility of 2 players being able to chose the same hero exists, will have to test)
- Added 30 second breaks every 10th wave
- Fixed Murloc's ultimate ability cooldown.

v0.6 - Considerably Stable*
- Added the tiniest hero that's gonna join in the fight against the Ultimate Evil! Mrrrglbrrg! Yes, the murlocs have sent their own version of Chuck Norris to kick ass with his high-powered gauss rifle, storm grenades, flamethrow and pure murloc skillz.*
- Lots of bugfixes from the previous version, a lot of them only noticeable in multiplayer
- Increased collision size of force walls (might not be needed, but rather safe than sorry)
- Fixed the balance of the map, making it a bit easier than at v0.4 (or the fixed v0.5)
- Try typing "-moo" after killing a protoss beacon near the end of the map, and watch the Tauren :)
- Infested Terrans now has a 2 second cooldown
- Screwed around with the attributes and spawn buff (Balance reasons), hope the map now has an acceptable difficulty

  • "Considerably stable" because it has not been tested, previous un-uploaded version of this map suggests it's stable, only untested things are the new hero who should do fine (hopefully) and the new balancing of the map, which should be ok as well as it was in the heroes favor

v0.5 Completely screwed up and unstable, don't try, you'll get killed right away
- Fixed the creep generation on the Summoner
- Thor model changed to CE
- added a game variant for DO NOT PUBLISH THE MAP!
- Changed vision for players. Entire map is no longer revealed, but the cross including the 8 lanes is. Once wave 51 is reached and final 2 lanes open, entering the lanes will reveal them. Final boss area is not revealed (will be once a boss is added), has to be seen using your units own LoS
- Phase Assasin not able to "Phase Strike" invulnerable and item targets (So that he cant get past the force walls)
- Fixed the issue of the Time Distort cooldown being triggered after learning it
Biggest changes:
- All stats nerfed down to 75% of their original bonuses
- This was made because you can now use chat messages to buy stats (-agi 30, for example, or "-int max" to use up all your minerals)
- Waves now work as they will work in the final version! (Number tweaking excluded) This means that every 10 waves, the unit types spawning will change, wave 31-40 spawn all races in rotation (31 toss, 32 terr, 33 zerg. 34 toss...), and waves 41-50 now spawn a mix. Wave 50 is the maximum
- Added the 2 "final lanes", which includes the unit composition of waves 40+, but the units inside are stronger for each player there is. Units keep respawning in each lane untill 250 kills are reached, which opens up the next area.
- Leaderboard to track kills in the last 2 waves added.
- Area after final waves added. Includes beacons which have to be killed to take down the force walls leading to the boss.
- Final Boss area added
- Boss not included. Placed a substitute Hive with 30k health which will trigger victory when killed.
- Added force walls to block off all paths that don't lead to the initial 8 lanes. Also added force walls around the nexus which will die after the last player has chosen a hero (so that the game cant start before everyone picks a hero. After 45 seconds walls die anyway, in case of AFK players)

v0.4 Completely stable. Summoner is OP though. - Fixed "The Summoner". Was in the map before, but not palced nor usable ingame. Now a fully functioning hero.
- Experience sharing when the summoners units kill someone (thats how i fixed him)
- Removed level 2 power overwhelming, it was pointless
- Changed the model for Phase Strike. It now uses the "DarkBlinkIn" model for both the end and starting of the teleport (to remove the partial stalker that was in the BlinkOut model). Phase Strike level 3 and Phase Massacre level 2 still use the Feedback Impact model as the ending of their teleport

First one to be uploaded....

Known caveats

sorry, dunno what caveats are xD
If its supposed to mean something like "bugs", then this:
- Destroyer loses all shield when casting Mass Destruction O.o Will have to look into that, happened to my friend in multiplayer.
- Phase Assasin's buttons keep flashing Oo


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Aug 23, 2010
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