Galactic Empires


Take over the known galaxy. Colonise planets, research advanced technology and build huge fleets. Form alliances and forge an empire that will last forever.

Produce powerful warships ranging from fighters to cruisers. Eventually, huge dreadnought size ships armed with dozens of weapons will be available. Utilise support ships, such as the Restituo Destroyer, that can repair ships. An enemy that is capable of building large ships will not always defeat you, for if he cannot defend his ships with escorts, bombers will be able to take them out, along with torpedo frigates. Large ships are expensive and should be protected well - just look at history.

Planetary development is possible at the moment, and terraforming will soon be possible. Planets don't spawn on their own, they spawn in randomly generated solar systems that contain a random star and random amount of planets. Controlling these solar systems is important.

Play against as many AIs as you want however they do not act like normal civilisations at the moment, but still provide a challenge and can surprise you.

Uploaded on EU

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  • Avatar of Anteep Anteep Aug 21, 2011 at 01:57 UTC - 1 like

    @thepumaman1: Go

    thanks for the comment, there are now a few images uploaded and more info

  • Avatar of thepumaman1 thepumaman1 Aug 17, 2011 at 01:16 UTC - 0 likes

    sounds like a space version of WWII Diplo, a map by fockewulf

    frankly it's a great idea! be sure to visit the "map of the week page" when you're map is near completion

    i'd also make some vids and pm them to sixen when it's almost done...

    i'm assuming it's almost done srry, but still good luck and kick some ass/names

    michael: we clear the area before we call for survivors....... mark: so we mop the floor before we spill blood everywhere? ......michael: that's an order



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