Frigate Orpheon Part 3 (Deck Gamma) v4.0

Frigate Orpheon Part 3 (Deck Gamma) v4.0

Deck Alpha:

Deck Beta:

Deck Gamma (Boss):

MASSIVE UPDATE: The old Braxis Alpha tileset I was forced to use in the beta has finally been replaced with the Castanar tileset. Plus I lowered the Queen'a health, so you can beat her. Again, be sure to have tip notifications enabled.

Here it is folks, the first boss battle in Metroid Prime: the Parasite Queen! The queen is a giant Zergling with a laser weapon from the colossus to emulate the queen's energy weapon. I used a Zergling because it looks a lot like the Queen when blown up to about 12 times it's normal size. Also, the damage of the colossus weapon has been toned down, otherwise Samus would be dead in two seconds flat. So tell me what you think and enjoy!

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