Frigate Orpheon Part 1 (Deck Alpha) v4.0

Deck Alpha v4.0

Deck Alpha:

Deck Beta:

Deck Gamma (Boss):

MASSIVE UPDATE: After screwing around in the editor, I figured out how to completely change the tileset. So now it is the Castanar tileset, so this map finally looks like it should've when I first made it in the beta.

Unfortunately I had to split the Prologue of Metroid Prime into three parts. This is the first part, featuring a cool reproduction of the frigate complete with computers, the dead parasite queen on fire, (the mammoth fossils doodad) and more! To get past the second set of force fields, walk toward the pillar and a short text message should appear. Then the switches (missile turrets) will no longer be invulnerable, so you can destroy them to pass. And yeah, I know, the protoss force fields are cheesy, but there was no other way to emulate that part in the game. Be sure to have tip notifications enabled, as well as simple command card disabled. Enjoy!

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May 26, 2010
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Mar 05, 2013
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