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Hunters vs Farmers is a test of survival and teamwork. As Hunters(dark templars) you must suppress your enemy, the farmers, and survive until the end. As a farmer(zergling) you must rise up against your suppressors and defeat them to claim victory. As a hunter use your abilities to seek and trap the farmers and use your resources to buy mercenaries to help you kill the farmers. As farmers gain income through larva and build defenses to protect you while you build up your army.

If you die as a hunter you will be re-spawned as an immortal, being much weaker than before, but able to still help search for the farmers and if one dies as a farmer they will be re-spawned in a random spawn point around the map, but beware dying means you lose your buildings and units. Game Play


-As a dark templar use your abilities to help you hunt down and capture the farmers:

Force field: Creates a temporary pathing block, blocking all units.

Observer Pylon: Creates an observer pylon which grants sight to the nearby area.

-Every kill you get grants you 40 minerals of bounty.

-Use your minerals at the Mercenary Camp to purchase units to help in your pursuit.

-When you die you will repsawn as a weaker unit( an immortal) so that you may continue to help your teammates.

-If no Dark Templars live before the end of 30 minutes the farmers win.


-You are able to bulid structures in order to kill the hunters.

Larva Spawner: Spawns a larva every 20 seconds with a maximum of 5 per spawner.

Tavern: Allows you to build military units to kill hunters.

Defensive tentacle: A defensive structure that deals damage to enemy units

Wall: A defensive structure that blocks enemy units.

-Every lava grants you 2 income per 30 seconds

-Band together with other farmers to defeat the hunters.

-When you die you will lose ALL your buildings and units so try to stay alive, but you will respawn in a designated random location.

-If you kill the hunters before the end of 30 minutes you win.

Change Log:

Farmers vs Hunters Change Log:


release version no changes.



-Made map smaller

-Changed vision of map, tree groves are indicated by darker grass

-Fixed mercenary camps so only hunters may use

-Added text messages when hunters and farmers die

-Changed some of the terrain

-Trees are no longer massive


-Given vision of start location and other mercenary camps

-Reduced movement speed

-Now when hunters attack they will immediately target the nearest enemy, this is to help hunters that are trying to attack in trees


-Reduced spinecrawler damage

-Added idle worker button

-Reduced spinecrawler build time

-Medivacs can no longer pick up farmers

-Increased food limit to 100

-Reduced runspeed

-Added Concussive shell upgrade for 25 minerals and 10 second research time

-Added Stim Pack upgrade for 25 minerals and 10 second research time

-If you die with less than 40 minerals you will be set back to 40 minerals

-All farmers now automatically start off with 10 income/30 seconds



-Added Leaderboard which displays kills, player name and if the player is still playing

-Trees now cause LOS as they should

-Units are now removed when a player leaves

-Moved one of the spawn points out of the trees and properly labeled it with terrain

-Added additional tips


-Now have access to a builder which can build towers

-Killing larva and eggs now gives vespene gas

-Mercenary camp costs were adjusted some mercs now require vespene gas to be trained


-Added the AA tower

-Added the splash tower

-Added the true sight tower

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  • Avatar of slightlyoff slightlyoff Jun 07, 2010 at 04:39 UTC - 0 likes

    I just started the newer version, let me see if it's better than the older version I played and I'll let you know.

    Well I never got to play the newer version, sorry can't give you any feedback. Maybe when the beta gets back up.

    Last edited Jun 10, 2010 by slightlyoff
  • Avatar of wondahbread wondahbread Jun 06, 2010 at 19:09 UTC - 0 likes

    ok thanks for the feedback, what do you think if i increased the speed of the units used by the farmers? Possibly in addition with the ensnare.

  • Avatar of slightlyoff slightlyoff Jun 06, 2010 at 16:52 UTC - 0 likes

    I played this on the beta and I want to say that I like the game alot however there is one problem that I think is very important. It is very nearly impossible for farmers to kill a good hunter. The hunters move as fast as the dropships, so as long as they stay ahead of the ships they can survive. If they stick together, they can easily snipe marauders if they get surrounded then run away taking very little damage. I wouldn't mind seeing farmers attacking units nerfed a bit if we could get a fungal growth-like ensare effect. I even wouldn't mind seeing hunters buffed were this to be put in. The ensare effect can have a high energy cost or long cooldown or both anything to make it slightly easier to keep the hunters in range of my attacking units for a few seconds.


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