SC2 Dialog Designer (Map)

The textures doesn't appear in the Texture selector

You missed to copy the SC2Bank files to your My documents\Starcraft II\Banks.

If it's not that, remove the text from the filter edit box in the Texture Selector dialog.

Duplicate button on the Properties window is disabled

You are using an old version.

In a dropdown list, what is a grey option ?

A grey option displays when a option can crash the game.

I want to import a custom texture, can I do that ?

Sure. Import the custom texture into Dialog Designer map. Next launch the map. Go to the Texture selector and tape the path of the custom texture. Click on the "+" button. Close the Texture selector and open it again. Go to the "Custom" section and select your custom texture in the list.

I want to use the search filter, but the path contains "\" character. Can I tape this character ?

In the search filter, tape "/ /" will be change automatically to "\".

Not available on Bnet servers ?

This map is not compatible to be in the Bnet servers because of some SC2Bank additional files. Only use this map by launch with Galaxy Editor.

I tape a word on a Text window and I cannot remove the text !

You are using an old version of Starcraft 2. The 1.3 Patch must solve this problem.

I tape nothing in the Search filter but I cannot see all items from the list

Tape "*" to show all textures in the section, ignoring search filter limitations.

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