Crimson Moon


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- EivindL

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  • Avatar of veiledinsanity1 veiledinsanity1 May 21, 2015 at 16:25 UTC - 0 likes

    Is Janus supposed to be cloaked in mission 9? He has the module that makes cloaking require no energy but cannot actually cloak. I am at a loss as to how to kill the marauders at the beginning without cloaking. I have tried luring zerg to them, etc. Nothing works.

    Other than this though love the campaign! I'm sure I am just being stupid and will figure it out eventually.

  • Avatar of D1mm3n D1mm3n Apr 20, 2015 at 23:19 UTC - 0 likes

    I have a problem on mission 3. (spoil alert) How to decide if there's infested miners on the transports? If I kill a transport = failed, if I wait until transport is close to ship = failed. Any tips?

  • Avatar of Kgnot Kgnot Dec 12, 2013 at 21:04 UTC - 0 likes

    This map dont work for me it doesnt load in the map editor and i cant start it at all doubleclicking

  • Avatar of Hockleberry Hockleberry Dec 08, 2013 at 16:41 UTC - 0 likes

    I've been playing through this campaign and it is a lot of fun. It was a little weird to play a campaign without any voice acting, but once I got into it I didn't even really notice.

    Music is awesome.

    Cut scenes are amazing and there are some shots that I didn't even know you could do with the editor.

    Missions are diverse. Squad and single person missions along with classic kill their base. I think the fifth mission was particularly challenging for a kill their base map. Resources are very sparse and spread through out the map so you can't just a-move. You must really make tech decisions and upgrades in order to maximize your units with your limited resources.

    Lots of twists and turns in the story so it doesn't feel stagnant.

    Looking forward to finishing and playing Amber Sun.

  • Avatar of turniawan turniawan Sep 25, 2013 at 15:29 UTC - 0 likes

    Any idea where to save the files on a Mac? I've checked a bunch of other forums, but most of the posts are a couple of years old on an older OS.

  • Avatar of SuperMudz SuperMudz May 25, 2013 at 18:56 UTC - 0 likes

    Warning. May or may not contain spoilers and awesomeness.

    Dude! So I just played this campaign and absolutely loved it. I take my hat off to you dude(tte)! (I actually have a hat so it's legit).

    So much that I wanted to give you some full on feedback, and by damn, I'll do just that.

    I can honestly say that it was ridiculously enjoyable, and a thorough inspiration as I've been plotting out campaigns of my own for a while now (all in various states of undress). The environments (especially in the Amber Sun demo which I immediately played, subsequent) are gorgeous and professional.

    With the exception I think of the basic levels of the spaceship mission. The doodads were sometimes placed a little off-kilter, and while the overall design was serviceable, in retrospect the other levels make it look pretty weak.

    • SPOILED FRUIT* - (One note for those kinds of missions, including the Prison Escape of Amber Sun, is that you should try to avoid having your characters back-track over the same terrain too much. After running back and getting the thing, for example, there should have been a certain other thing that let you cut down your boring return journey (okay I give, it's a door.))

    I think a couple of the lines could be changed a little bit also. It may be a personal thing, but I don't think a character should ever say 'As You Know...' to another character. It screams 'I'm saying this for YOU, Audience!' (Otherwise know as exposition.) Also the ending bit, while I totally enjoyed it generally, sort of made me smile at it's soap operanish, or whatever the official term may be. (Person forgot to tell him person was also dying of a terminal disease.) I don't wanna give too much spoiler though, so I'll leave it at that.

    But other than that, man, it was just gooood.

    Level 8 was just great. Don't ease it up (at least not if you're targeting my level of gamesplaying). I think the fact that it is:

    A) Difficult B) Non-negotiable.

    is actually in my opinion, a great experience for gamers like myself.

    I'm not a gold league player or whatever it is (I'm one of the story seekers and don't multiplay), but I'm just decent enough to play WoL in a mix of Hard and Brutal with moderate brain strain. But this level made me sweat bricks in ways I hadn't since I sucked at Frozen Throne trying to beat the last Undead level on Hard. It's genuinely great, because I honestly spent all day (after failing several times) thinking about how I was going to beat the level, and then got back to the game and succeeded on the second go and my life was complete! O.O

    The victory felt earned.

    (Though I'll admit that the predicitability of the assaults helped. Why do they never attack south wing?)

    The creativity, differention and design of the levels, and a storyline I was actually interested in (Quarinius was one cold world-burning badass), and some genuinely great bits of dialogue (the fact that you have no V/O to create distinct voice characters can be a little misleading at times though), made this a campaign well worth playing a dozen times over, and was the reason I actually was determined to beat a level despite failing miserably many, many times (finally figured out a trick to keep my units alive in the last bit of the infested facility, though I still don't know how you 'use the shadows', I never noticed a discernable effect of doing so.)

    I loved Henderson's introspection, and there's a line in Amber Sun, "the city who cried wolf" that was awesome. I don't know what the heck that's means, but it was great theatre. :P

    The campaign, I think, was a great foray in the setting of the SC universe, and you deserve every credit for the care you have lavished upon your creation.

    I think the very MGS snow level where you use the zerg as a weapon against the terrans standing between them is my favourite level. (Khaal-Ro is my favourite so far in Amber Sun. Was a beautiful experience.) The fact that they would just use the zerg like that, the way you presented it in the game somehow just really gave a compelling feel to the characters and the world involved. Larger-than-life characters.

    I also love all the little FF-reminiscent reminiscing (redundancy is good design, dammit) that the chars do. Just tiny little notes but they make all the difference in painting in some relevance for the characters and the places. It actually makes it feel like things matter.

    Though, personally I felt like he very abruptly switched into Stalin-mode in killing the good guys to get at Quarinius, and this is what I was saying about being misled by voiceless dialogue, but you know, it's a pretty tall order to get some voice actors, so it's totes cool. Just noting.

    Overall, the campaign(s) were a fantastic blend of Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid, oh, and Starcraft, that too. :D I loved it, pacing was brilliant, and can't wait for you to complete your Amber Sun campaign.

    This has been fantastically inspiring. Thank you.

    (As a final note, one of my campaigns happens to have a spectre operative as well and certain other similarities. I'll try to rework it to avoid this as much as possible, but I just wanted to let you know in advance. You have my permission to give me grief if necessary.)

  • Avatar of EivindL EivindL Apr 25, 2013 at 12:15 UTC - 0 likes

    Thank you for the feedback. Though I am naturally the ultimate decider of what goes on in the campaign, I do consider what people say (with Amber Sun, I even recruit testers who have provided many valuable tips). If I disagree, I ignore it, but I do try to leave something for everyone (mission 5 is actually a "destroy the enemy base"-style mission solely because I know some people prefer that).

    Feedback on The Black Khan is two-sided, it seems. :D Some, like you, didn't like it that much, others did. I thought it was cool experiment, though on second try I would indeed have made it smaller.

    Mission 8, Assume the Position, is indeed very hard. Gameplay-wise, it is a climax of sorts. I've considered toning down the difficulty a tiny bit, though.

    Mission 10 was my attempt at following a recent TV trend, where all the big stuff happens in the penultimate episode (see The Sopranos and especially The Wire), and the finale is used for contemplation and stuff like that. I know some people don't like mission 10 being this calm, but I find it strangely fitting. It is almost like an epilogue. Mission 10 in Amber Sun will be intense, though (at least if everything goes as planned). Expect a multi-part boss fight!

    Cinematic length: I hope to never have someone feel these are too long, but you can't please everyone. I guess an interesting one can never be long enough and a bad one not too short, and I try to adhere to that saying. Usually a cinematic is actually as short as it needs to be. There is often much information that needs to be conveyed. I do, however, personally like lenghty ones, though a 70-minute style cut scene ala the one that ends Metal Gear Solid 4 is perhaps not something you'll see in the near future.

  • Avatar of TopOpT TopOpT Apr 24, 2013 at 21:42 UTC - 0 likes

    I finally finished the campaign. I thought it was a great custom campaign. The storyline was solid and engaging. The cutscences were a bit long at times though. I believe short and sweet cinematics keep the players attention better through out the game experience. I really liked the winter levels where you use stealth. They were well designed and fun to play. The level where you run around the ship exploring was too long. I lost interest soon as there was no fighting and you had to back track a lot over great distances. Level 8 was pretty hard. Grouping units and buildings together in the begining would have been better than having them spread out so much at first. I spent some time in the beginning just moving the screen around setting up hotkeys. I would have prefered to immediately start building units, buildings, ect... The last level where you have to guid the SCV's was neat. It was a cool idea. I think if you increased the difficulty of it and decreased the required amount of SCV's it would have been better. It was a cool level but as the last level I think you need something a little more EPIC with an awesome battle. Congratulations on a great campaign. It was enjoyable. Thank you for putting the time and effort into it. I'm going to DL the preview of your next campaign. I'm looking forward to its completion.

  • Avatar of Terhonator Terhonator Feb 25, 2013 at 04:52 UTC - 0 likes

    Really good job EivindL! Best user made campaign at the moment.

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  • Avatar of ild ild Jan 27, 2013 at 16:21 UTC - 0 likes

    Really enjoying the campaign thanks.

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