Castles At War

Lich and Death Knight

An alpha Map I created (i was just learning the editor so its not the best) that puts you back thousands of years. The map has its bugs and is in a early beta stage and has some major balance issues but it otherwise only has a few bugs. The map uses lots of different units including some imported units. Also, It has several problems such as balance and several bugs. I'd like to get some feedback on this map so I can fix it up. Please PM me with any bugs or problems. One more thing the progress on the map is slow so don't expect changes overnight. However at the moment it is overgoing complete changes to become more like the original game.

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  • Avatar of JacktheArcher JacktheArcher May 07, 2012 at 22:24 UTC - 0 likes

    @michaelknives: Go

    Yea well im keeping to the original game by finalisle however the map itself im completly redoing all together. The release was just a smaller file size and had bug fixes. However thanks for the info.

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  • Avatar of michaelknives michaelknives May 07, 2012 at 14:15 UTC - 0 likes

    I would check out ONETWOSC's Hero and Vetrency Tutorials as well as creating custom abilities on youtube. Your map concept would be better if you could select a particular class and level him up. Also... you should use the WC3 building assets found on this web site.

    Design the Unit Data, finish the game mechanics and then design the map terrain.

  • Avatar of JacktheArcher JacktheArcher Apr 14, 2012 at 15:45 UTC - 1 like

    The map is going into a lot of major revision to make it 6 person playable and be more like the original game castles at war by FinalIsle hopefully itll,be even cooler

  • Avatar of JacktheArcher JacktheArcher Mar 07, 2012 at 02:43 UTC - 1 like

    @Hassan32: Go

    well thank you sir i was actually thinking of fixing this up a bit...and i will see what i can do with your suggestions it will be NA only is my geuss.

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  • Avatar of Hassan32 Hassan32 Feb 29, 2012 at 16:04 UTC - 1 like

    This map is Amazing, some suggestions are: Every unit has its own Model, same for Buildings. Make it playable with Ai Balance, make the tower in the center see the whole map.

    will this map br on EU or NA? or both? Anyways i hope this map becomes a major success

  • Avatar of JacktheArcher JacktheArcher Jan 25, 2012 at 21:17 UTC - 1 like

    Also if you would like to see some kind of unit let me know and i might add it.


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