Baneling Scramble

Baneling Scramble Gameplay

Baneling Scramble is a 10 player addictive arcade/survival type game. At the start of the game, player one can type "-easy" "-normal" or "-insane" to set the difficulty. Each player controls a baneling and runs around trying to dodge zealots and the occasional marine. Every so often, Power Pads (black dots with lightning on them) are activated for 10 seconds. During this time if you touch a power pad, you get one of two upgrades: invulnerability for 10 seconds, or super speed and a rainbow baneling for 20 seconds. When you only have 30 seconds left to survive, HYPASPEED mode will engage where the zealot count is raised by 1/2. The goal of Baneling Scramble is to have at least one player out of the ten survive for 6 minutes in total! Due to popular demand, a respawn function has been implemented which causes all players to respawn when all are dead.

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Date created
Aug 06, 2011
Last update
Aug 06, 2011
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