Baneling Run!

Map is in EU search ''Baneling Run!''.
To test it drag it to Starcraft2.exe. You cannot open it with editor.

About the map

Baneling Run! is a maze-survival-runner style map created by Feral, trailer by Yellsen.
The goal of Baneling Run! is simple: survive as long as possible.
Here is a few features of the map:

Saving System (Achievements and other statistics)
Top-Down camera
Addictive running from banelings
Spectator mode when dead
Different types of banelings
Easy controls
4 different difficulties
Power ups
And many many more!

Relics (Power ups)

Relics are scattered around the map at 60 game time seconds when the radar goes offline. (Relics isn't seen in the trailer)
Relics contains one of the following power ups:

+5 experience points

Bane Stun
Stuns all banelings for 8 seconds. (No-Target)

Bird View
Enables Radar, doubles camera distance, reveals entire map for 12 seconds. (No-Target)

Your Runner is cloaked for 12 seconds. (No-Target)

Gives shield to your runner which depletes after 10 seconds or when hitted by a baneling. (No-Target)

Teleports your Runner to the clicked location. (Target with left mouse button)

and few more

Baneling Types

The game got 3 different types of banelings at the moment (More coming)
The spawn rate depends on the difficulty.

Normal Baneling
Basic baneling some of them do know how to burrow.

Roller Baneling
Rolling baneling with high speed.

Cloaked Baneling
Cloaked banelings can be seen when they got close by or with a good eye.

Overlord what drops a baneling to a random position.


The controls are very easy but still keep the game itself challenging.
Left mouse button to use item
Right mouse button to move
Hold down Z to walk (move slowly)

That's it

Give it a try!
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More features, power ups, baneling types, models, achievements and other stuff coming!
Map can contain bugs and the map is not finished yet. I would be grateful if you could give me some feedback, ideas and suggestions from the map.
Thank you!

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  • Avatar of BloodClud BloodClud Jun 16, 2012 at 15:02 UTC - 0 likes

    For everyones information I have updated the map and will continue updating it in the near future. Terrain has changed, new stuff have came and lots of other things so go check it out again! Feel free to add me ingame so we can get the party on ''Feral'' #497.

    Yeah! RaNDoMNeSS aka my youtube channel

    Sign up for League of Legends at this link :)
    I'm used to winning so I get my losts prevented. Loss Prevented WHAT?

  • Avatar of BloodClud BloodClud Sep 28, 2011 at 10:04 UTC - 0 likes

    CRASHES ON STARTUP! Play updated version in EU! No time to upload here, sorry.

  • Avatar of Iwanttoeatsomething Iwanttoeatsomething Sep 15, 2011 at 15:24 UTC - 0 likes

    may upload this in korea server? this looks nice



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