Tarsonis Flow (4V4)

Tarsonis Flow

Apr 28, 2011 Release
Xel'Naga Towers overlook the two main attack paths. Rich mineral locations and island expansions offer sneaky ways to gain an economic advantage. This is the same map of lava flow but its in Tarsonis

LoST-Legion of Sacred Tribe

Apr 27, 2011 Planning
LOST is a DOTA-like map which still under process, we are here to try to form a team to develop the map together as well. Please join and help me. I require assistance in Data, but i can handle Terrain and triggers on my own. >LOOKING FOR UNIT and SPELL CREATOR - I need help with create units, heroes, items, and spells. - Map trigger almost completed, so now what we need is create heroes! JOIN US, IT'S TIME TO CREATE YOUR FAVORITE HERO! Welcome to PM me or left a comment if you are interested...


Apr 25, 2011 Alpha
I am uploading an unfinished version of my RPG. A little background on my mapping: I actually began with WC2, but would tend to use it to cheat against a computer player (I was a kid). After WC2, I did own SC1, but never mapped with it. During RoC I did not map much, yet five or so years ago I picked up the game after a while and began mapping. I never posted any of my WC3 maps although I have made many. (I may someday post them). I made several Hero Siege/Defense Maps, RPGs, and story...

Ultimate Battle

Apr 24, 2011 Release
Destroy the Zerg in this planet.

D2D Tribute Map

Apr 23, 2011 Release
This map is a map that me and my friend made to show tribute to some of our favorite casters on Youtube: Jeff and Adam. We hope all of you that play it enjoy it and hopefully ill be posting more maps in the future.


Apr 23, 2011 Beta
Everybody knows the game, I am close to finishing the project. Some things need to be changed. The video will speak for itself. Youtube Vid

Blood Marathon - Extreme edition

Apr 23, 2011 Release
U run or u die, if u reach a checkpoint u will be given a new unit to race with.

Ravin de Notch

Apr 23, 2011 Planning
This is a standard 2v2 melee map : The slope at the middle is very narrow , so you can wall the slope very easily. At the top and the bottom of the map you can see a lot of breakables rocks , that will allow you to attack his base without using slopes .
Heroes of the Agria Valley Campaign

Heroes of the Agria Valley Campaign

Apr 23, 2011 Release
Single player base defense with HEROES and most of the story line technology available for research, play as Terran with full control of a Protoss base and fight against 3 Zerg Hives. This custom single player map has campaign style actors with original sound bytes and cut scenes. Download the map and drag-n-drop it onto your StarCraft II executable or shortcut to play.

Zerg Assault

Apr 22, 2011 Release
Your company of marines has been tasked with defending an important research facility, that recently came under fire from the Zerg. Armed with the latest and newest gear, you are to fend off waves upon waves of the Swarm. The year is 2499, and Sarah Kerrigan succeeds in planting a psi emitter in the Delta Squadron base camp on Antiga Prime. Thousands of Zerg rush towards the planet and soon overwhelm all Terran Confederate forces. One of the vital underground research facilities in the...

Zone Control Bel'Shir

Apr 21, 2011 Release
This is a remake of the Zone Control Icecrown from WC3. Playing the Game: Build Zone Controllers to get more units Destroy units to earn minerals Train or revive your hero at a Zone Controller Regenerate your hero at the zones in the corners of the map Press F2 to select your hero Press F3 to select idle non-worker units Press F4 to toggle Destroy all enemy buildings to win the game Thanks to epiphany for giving feedback. If you find bugs or have suggestions to improve the game, please send...
Twilight Struggle icon

Twilight Struggle

Apr 21, 2011 Release
The Zergs! have returned. Fortify your defenses and fight your way free! Search for "Twilight Struggle" on US servers. Filter "Co-op vs. AI". Or you can download it to play by yourself. Modes: 2 player Co-op - You and another player beat back the Zergs! back to back. Solo run - You get control of the entire Terran Outpost and survive alone. Multiplayer mindmeld - Team melee (share units) with multiple players. Note: If player 2 is present during Solo run, he/she can control your...

Telthalion's WTE #29

Apr 20, 2011 Release
My creation for Weekly Terraining Exercise #29 - uploaded so other people can see how it was made. Feel free to poke around and modify it.
Sexy Game Quiz Loadingscreen

Sexy Gamequiz!

Apr 20, 2011 Beta
Project Page

The Sorcerer's Defense

Apr 20, 2011 Release
Overview by PactOfNegation: HD gameplay vid by mariehane: Mini walkthrough: Your magical experiments have accidentally opened portals to the Outer Planes! This world is now under siege by otherworldly creatures. It will take all of your wits and magic to drive them back and close the portals forever. The Sorcerer's Defense is a mazing TD for 1-8 players. It was my...
Clash of the Protoss

Clash of the Protoss

Apr 19, 2011 Release
Clash of the Protoss A map made by Plasmon Objective Summon Units Upgrade Them Destroy The Enemy's Generator Warning: Units Cannot Be Controlled Media: ->Video Available on the EU servers!

Echo One

Apr 19, 2011 Alpha
You are Echo One, a lone operative deployed to search the future streets of Moscow for a lab containing an artifact or archive of some sort. This urban war zone will be filled with enemies of varying type as well as a few allies. With the world on the brink of destruction, it is vital that you do not fail. Author's Comment: This is my first map ever created and I just wanted people's opinions about it. Expect it to be really buggy. You won't be able to understand the storyline because I'm...

Multi-Story Ramps

Apr 19, 2011 Release
Ramps from a beta map that are no longer able to be created. few minor issues: need to reset textures map was at base level 0 so you have to raise the terrain it depending on your map. Pathing works as correctly as any other ramp Includes: 1- skinny ramp 1- wide ramp

Wings of Liberty Arena, PLEASE read

Apr 18, 2011 Planning
NOW this is my wish, that some of you amazing people on is to steal this map from me, keep the main idea, and then produce it urself, mby also keep the look on the arenas, but the thing is that I know nothing about Triggers and such, so I would glady give it you to finish! (if you want..) Now please read through, and give me some feedback even if you dont want to finish it. This is a map that I've been thinking about for a long time, and somthing I see lacking in the current...
Alonnisos 1.8


Apr 18, 2011 Release
A fun 1v1 map on the island of Alonnisos. A natural with double expansions but different focus of minerals and gas. Two gold expansions and rocks covering shortcuts across the map. The center plateu is very important in mid to late-game.