LIFEFORCE: Mercenary Campaign

LIFEFORCE: Mercenary Campaign

Jul 13, 2016 Release
Full site, game download, and gameplay video at: ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓ ← CLICK ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑ Meet the Mercs LifeForce is a professional-grade single-player campaign with all new heroes, units, abilities, and an enthralling storyline that will keep you addicted through every mission. Never-before-seen models that are unreleased even to mapster Four total missions available, each with unique micro and macro gameplay elements An upgrade panel so you can strategically...

Limpid Campaign

Jun 29, 2016 Release
Limpid Campaign Limpid Campaign takes place in a parallel world from the Starcraft 2 Universe, it can be considered a parody of the original story, in spite of the fact that the story is not yet set in stone. The story will manifest itself not necessarily on a linear stage because writers are not cheap and ones imagination goes so far. The idea behind this project is to fully transition from the Warcraft 3 editor to the Starcraft 2 one, and this might be the ritual in witch i do so. I don't...
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Legacy of Liberty (Campaign)

Mar 17, 2016 Release
Legacy of Liberty This is the Legacy of Liberty (or lol) campaign, a parody campaign which doesn't take itself seriously and focuses heavily on game mechanics and not so much on the story or terrain. One nice feature of this campaign is the map mechanics. Each map is entirely different in the way that it plays, so much so, in fact, that each level requires its own data editing, like an arcade map. As a result, the campaign has no mod file, so it's easily installed. Just download the campaign...
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Legacy of the Confederation (Single Player Campaign)

Nov 30, 2015 Mature
Welcome to Legacy of the Confederation ("LotC")'s base of operations on SC2 Mapster. LotC first appeared in 1999 and 2000 with 21 missions for a primary single player campaign, fully voiced. A mini-campaign ("Fallen Angel") was created a couple years later. We have now resumed work on the LotC campaign for SC2 If you want to 'see' the SC 1 / BW campaigns without having to spend hours of technical maneuvering to get them to work on your system, please refer to our community reviewer...


Aug 10, 2015 Release
On this map you have extremely large base with many skill books so you can train up your hero Lich to be crazy mage! Features: - Skillbooks - Huge undead base - Many enemies! This map was made to be funny and relaxing, you really cannot be defeated on this map.
Legacy of the Void Mission 1: the Invasion of Aiur

Legacy of the Void Mission 1: the Invasion of Aiur

Dec 16, 2014 Release
Since the unveiling of LotV at Blizzcon 2014 has made my original campaign null and void, here is the first mission of my reboot. (Nova's missions will remain as a side story, and I will reupload them eventually.) You start with a massive army and fleet befitting the mission, and can research everything. Your goal is to wipe out the Zerg, and when you are finished, Amon makes his presence known. Enjoy!

LotS - Custom HoTS Dlc

Sep 17, 2014 Planning
Legacy of the Swarm is my custom continue story of HoTS base on Kerrigan's search for Amon. Campaign including 6 missions. Each has different objectives , bonus objectives and each finished objective gives you talents to upgrade Kerrigan and her Swarm. Each mission contains a voice acting from blizzard. No all transmissions have acting. Characters in LotS: - Kerrigan - Kilysa - Amon - Fallen Narud's Hybrid - Xel'Naga Archon Average Time: 3-4 Hours Each character have a epic abilities, combos...
Legacy of the Void Mission 5: A Link to the Past

Legacy of the Void Mission 5: A Link to the Past

Feb 15, 2014 Release
Legacy of the Void Mission 1 Mission 2 Interlude Cinematic Mission 3 Mission 4 After a whole year of procrastination, I finally made mission 5 of Legacy of the Void. For this mission, Nova goes to Tarsonis to revisit her past. Note that if you did not read Nova by Keith R. A. DeCandedo, this mission will not make much sense. Enjoy!

LostPlanet RPG

Sep 09, 2013 Planning
Hello, I'm looking to start a team for this idea I have. I'm looking for some cinematic builders, also some UI builders. This RPG is based off the game Lost Planet. You are dropped onto the Lost Planet where you're mission is simple, kill the main bad Akrid. It's gonna take a lot of skill that you do not yet have to defeat your foes. You must build your strength and save the Galaxy of the putrid Akrid.

Legacy of the Fallen

Aug 24, 2013 Release
Hi During the summer I created rather small map. The gameplay is constructed on MOBA genre, but minor features controls set a completely different way of playing than our usual DOTA or LOL. Maps Version: 1.2 Genre: Fight of heroes Size of the game world: 148х148 Modes: 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3, Test (game is intended for one player with start value of minerals in 50000) Language: English. Link: starcraft://map/2/151814 Game world: Game recreates Aiur's world at the time of the Age of Strife....
Legacy of the Void Mission 4: Starcraft Ghost

Legacy of the Void Mission 4: Starcraft Ghost

May 12, 2013 Release
Starting with this fourth mission in Legacy of the Void, I decided to take a break from the main story and focus on the most underrated and mistreated character of all time: Nova. So begins a sort of subplot about Nova trying to reclaim her past with Zeratul's help. In this mission, you control both characters and must get them to the objective point. Zeratul is the more fragile of the two, so be careful. I have modified Nova's snipe ability to work on mechanical units, but sadly not...
Legacy of the Void Mission 3: Protoss to the Rescue

Legacy of the Void Mission 3: Protoss to the Rescue

Apr 17, 2013 Release
The third mission in Legacy of the Void. You are on Korhal IV, with the same map as the last HotS mission, and have a large base with plenty of resources to eliminate the hybrids and Forged all over the city. You have Kerrigan and her brood as an ally and can control Zeratul. You also have Artanis (meaning you can have TWO motherships) and Selendis. Enjoy!
Legacy of the Void Mission 2.5: Interlude Cinematic

Legacy of the Void Mission 2.5: Interlude Cinematic

Apr 09, 2013 Release
This is the first cinematic in Legacy of the Void, taking place right after mission 2. I used the terrain from the HotS mission Enemy Within to make it look as if they're inside a Protoss building. Mission 3 will come in time. Enjoy!
Legacy of the Void Mission 2: the Clouds Burst

Legacy of the Void Mission 2: the Clouds Burst

Apr 08, 2013 Release
The second mission of Legacy of the Void. In this one you have a base with all the essentials (though you cannot build a stargate or any units thereof) and 5000 minerals and vespene. There is a vast army of hybrids, Destroyers and Reavers both, spread across the map, which is why I gave you such an advantage. Your goal is to fight your way thru them and kill their leader Umaroth, who waits at the Tal'darim base. You have Raynor's Raiders as a computer ally for this mission. P.S. For those who...
Legacy of the Void Mission 1: First Strike

Legacy of the Void Mission 1: First Strike

Mar 30, 2013 Release
This is the first mission of my take on Legacy of the Void so you won't have to wait 3 more years. In this first mission, Niadra attacks the Protoss on Shakuras with her infested ship and you have to kill her. This map features a Selendis High Templar unit I made using Lasarra's model and Karass as the rest. Selendis's transmissions are text, but Niadra has her audio dialogue from the game. You can build and research everything except the 3rd tier of ground attack/armor/shields at the Forge...

LA PURGA (relatos de Lázarus el renegado)

Mar 28, 2013 Release
ESCENARIO EN CASTELLANO CON HISTORIA. 1 JUGADOR SINOPSIS: Un pequeño grupo de fuerzas rebeldes, liderado por el comandante Lázarus, se dispone a destruír una instalación de investigación del Imperio y al Ultralisco que retienen en Taurenh3. Pero no estarán solos en esta misión...

La volonté de la Reine

Mar 17, 2013 Release
Cette map relate les péripéties de la Reine des Lames, cherchant à étendre toujours plus son contrôle sur les nuées Zerg, entre les deux Guerres. L'histoire n'est pas canon (ndla : elle n'est pas inscrite dans l'histoire officielle de Starcraft), mais reprend quelques acteurs bien connus de ceux qui auront joué à SC1. Une map somme toute assez humble, qui je l'avoue a été créée pour me familiariser avec l'éditeur (je n'avais pas créé de campagne depuis le StarEdit de SC1). Elle implique une...

Lost Isles of Atlantis

Dec 11, 2012 Beta
Everyone Starts on their own Islands its a 12 Player map Still working bugs out i'm going to add doodads and others to it and possibly expand more. Required dependency Dans Mod 1 you can get from my other project vocanic Peninsulas.
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Legion TD 2

Jul 06, 2012 Beta
July 6 2012: Open Source v1.03 (game map 2.44) released! big amounts of updates made since previous open source version (last open source was 1.02 which is game v 1.88 - 60+ version updated since then!) * Very much the same as Squadron TD with added features. This map is made for anyone interested in making their own version of the game. The map is already 100% playable from start to end, and includes 3 races. As of opens ource version 1.03 ALL THE PREVIOUS MISSING ABILITIES ARE NOW IN! 2 new...
Lava Caves

Lava Caves

Apr 29, 2012 Release
Lava Caves: a small 1v1 map Map layout: The map allows for a fairly easy macro set-up, 3 bases ban be secured quite easy for they both natural aswell as 2nd expansion lead back into the Main. However the 2nd expo has can be vulnerable to terrain abuse locations. Further it provides numerous expansion sites which may even tempt for dual-expand startegies to be employed. The middle area is largely made up from two alternating routes which many passages in the center that allows for tactical...