Kokiri Forest Area

Kokiri Forest Area

Jan 18, 2016 Release
Based on the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Areas covered: Kokiri Forest; Lost Woods Custom models imported from various sources. Credits go to: Blizzard Entertainment; "printIn" for Blender m3addon; "Jeromnimo" for WoW model viewer and its m3 exporter; Thomas Glamsch for Blender MDL importer; "Zerox" from the Hive Workshop for The Great Deku Tree model Users are free to modify this map for adding/customizing game modes, I only request credits for the Kokiri Houses, Kokiri Tunnels, and the...

Korhal's Aftermath

May 10, 2015 Beta
This is the first map I have uploaded. It is set on Korhal IV, specifically in the Korhal Wastes just bordering a major city. The Queen of Blades has finished her invasion of Korhal and now it is left in ruin, with few people still on the surface. Keep in mind that this is still in its development stages. It has only been uploaded to the North American servers. The center is large and open, and the rush distance between bases is relatively short. However a Xel'naga Tower (conveniently)...

Kokhiri Forest

Jan 03, 2015 Release
Hot on the heels of my last Warcraft 3 Zelda map, here is my recreation of the Kokhiri Forest, the beginning of Ocarina of Time. Now understand that there are severe limits to what I can do due to the crappiness of the W3 editor, so it will look pretty underwhelming. I had to use building doodads for the Kokhiri houses as there are no tree stump doodads in the editor. I scaled Nodrassil to use as the Great Deku Tree but alas I cannot put a face on it, no matter how much I might wish to....
KeyBlasto TitleScreen


May 09, 2014 Beta
Primarly a keyboard trainer featuring: 1-4 players. Over 100 levels with changing enviroment as you progress through them. Different Modes/Languages such as English and Math (I'll be adding more if the map feedback ain't terrible ). Level Jump (based on people's performance). Personal High Score list. WPM and other statistics. Ranks (twenty in total) New Game Option (no need to restart the whole map).
NightlyBuild Shot

Korhal Syndicate Wars

Sep 21, 2013 Alpha
Story: Universe falling in War. Terrain, Zerg and Protoss fight out of Space. In Korhal City Syndicates take the authority. Gameplay: Play Coop (4 Player) or Single in a random generated City filled with random acting life. Take Missions from different Syndicate, earn reputation from different Groups (Syndicate/Korhals Police/Bandits). Modify your Hero(s), get rich die Young. an "Syndicate" refresh with parts of Original Syndicate Gameplay Status: Early Alpha (*paused due Holidays, back @...

Korpulu World Wars

Jul 28, 2013 Planning
KorPulu World WARS! What It Is A 3v3 Tug Of War and DOTA-like arcade. Is a click spawn system map, you click a unit and the unit spawns, after 45 seconds. You gain income every 30 seconds. You can spawn hero's to the fight (with manual control (like Kerrigan, etc.) and as well fully control soon-to-be, fully customized hero's and/or characters! (Such characters will be either buy-able with no income gain, or select-able from start of map) Map is similar to Black and White HOTS arcade on SC2,...
Krazy Kodo Tag

Krazy Kodo Tag

Apr 09, 2013 Release
"In a world where krazy kodos run rampant, can you survive for 25 minutes?" A Warcraft 3 classic, with some new twists! Build structures, gather resources, fight back, or simply run from the attacking kodos! Features: + Kodos which will hunt you down and eat you! + Runners which must flee to survive! + Mine minerals and harvest trees to build defenses! + Construct towers, walls, and train troops to halt the kodo onslaught! + Research upgrades to enhance your troops and structures! + Collect...


Apr 07, 2013 Planning
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Key of Life

May 12, 2012 Release
Key Of life Details The key of life is the artifact looked at again, and discover'd there are still missing pieces. These pieces were scatter'd around the galaxy much like how the first three were, but randomly. most of them fell to the zerg and with the queen now neutralized, these pieces have become useless with the zerg. and will need these pieces for the full power of the artifact to stop an upcoming danger. Episodes Episode one: The key of life (zombie Survival with 3 boss triggers)...
Kings of the Hills

Kings of the Hills

Apr 29, 2012 Release
Kings of the Hills: Moderate 4 player map Kings of the Hills was first inspired according to the traditional "king of the hill" definition. Each player starts on top of what will be their 'hill'. it is seeded extra rich with minerals and gas in relation to traditional melee maps to support more of the low-base play. The hill can be accessed at 3 points from the bottom up and eventually leads with 2 entrances to the top, where the Main of each player is nested. Across the passages in a...

Khor-shakal Rooftop

Dec 14, 2011 Release
2-4 Player melee map on the roof of the Great Forum. My first map criticism is welcome.

Kel-Morian Station

Oct 06, 2011 Release
"The Kel-Morian Station is a strategically important base for mining operations among the fringe worlds in Koprulu Sector" This is my first real map, it's public for anyone to copy or improve.

kingdom wars

Jul 18, 2011 Release
involved with 2 concepts: Tug of war + hero melee Build your army and attack the opposite kingdom! (160 air units and 240 ground units allowed per Kingdom) AUTO build for no gas cost units) (CPU controls your army for you) Every person is allowed to control one hero that has ability to save the battle field. There are recovery fountains in middle, use them wisely! Hero can level up by killing enemy units.Hero will grow bigger in size after level up! (Unlimited Levels as long as your hero...

Killing Fields

Jun 13, 2011 Alpha
Killing Fields from SC1 imported for SC2. I did some touch ups and cliffing and water.
Korhal Temple (2V2)

Korhal Temple (2V2)

Apr 18, 2011 Release
This is a 4 player map You will have 1 Xel''Naga Tower 2 Island Expo 3 Expos with a rich gas Everyone has a supply depot but unburrowed you can make a full block All lot of doodads The 2nd expo you will have to share with your friend Descirption: Large Playable:152X152 Full: 152X152 Pm me or comment on this map

King of the Beacon v1.0

Mar 04, 2011 Beta
King of the Beacon v1.0 Idea/Terrain/Triggers/Data Editing: Emnesia Trigger Support: Deaththorn of There is a malfunctioning Protoss Beacon in the middle of the map. Beacause of the malfunction it has the ability to warp in heroic individuals from across the galaxy. Controlling it may prove crucial as all the races are fighting for this piece of intergalatic machinery! You have to be the last player standing, in order to win. Controlling the beacon will give a sicnificant...

Krobane's Ultimate TD

Mar 03, 2011 Planning
You and your teammate must survive 100 waves of mobs

Kerrigan's Vengeance

Feb 18, 2011 Release
Raynor's Raiders are on the brink of activating the Xel'Naga relic on Char! Undo the damage the Terrans have inflicted on the homeworld of the Swarm and push Raynor's forces back so you can destroy him once and for all! This is a single-player mission, similar in style to DOTA. Kerrigan must destroy the Terran's base guarding the Xel'Naga artifact. There are multiple secondary objectives around the map to aid Kerrigan in her conquest. Use earned minerals to upgrade your troops and beef up...

Koprulu Colonists

Feb 12, 2011 Release
Koprulu Colonists In this game one player has to conquer planets from other players to win a round. Each player controls one planet at the start of a round. Each planet can issue and receive attacks with small space ships. The amount of ships available for attack and defense on a planet regenerate over time. The larger the planet is, the faster it can regenerate ships. So, once a player conquers more planets, more ships become available for attack. It is currently available on EU. Modes There...


Jan 13, 2011 Release
General Banks are really cool, u can save game or save statistics. But the file is saved in you local folder: C:\Users\[user name]\Documents\StarCraft II\Accounts/[random numbers]/Banks" I want to secure this information and disallow player access this data, because it is cheat, if u can edit your save games. right? We can transform almost anything to string and back. That is why, there are only functions for strings in my lib. Detail AES and Sha256 are encryption standard. I tried to...