Angels of the Abyss

Apr 20, 2010 Planning
Project Leader: War_Illithid Overview The map is going to be an RPG series that really abuses the concept of branching paths and multiple endings. The current plan is to have the game run in 3rd person and use elements fairly stable with modern RPGs. The major kicker is that Blizzard has announced that they intend to have some way to save data from completed maps. Using this, a second map in the series will be able to read what ending you got in the first map and have the decisisions you made...


Apr 25, 2010 Release
Classic Game implemented in Starcraft 2

A Test Map

Apr 28, 2010 Planning
This is a map that I'm working on primarily to help familliarize myself with the editor, but also to practice making polished, smooth maps and gameplay. In my map, you move a "Stalker" with WASD, and click on the screen with the RMB to fire a Psi Bullet. You click on the screen with LMB to blink. The Stalker goes through a series of enemies, situations, and a few boss fights to reclaim an ancient Dark Templar artifact. A few problems I'm having. -Main Problem: I cannot figure out a way to...

AT Tower Defence

Apr 29, 2010 Alpha
AT TD is a single player Tower defence it will contain 10 Tower 30 waves and 3 boss level Done: Tower Trigger Mapping Loading screen WIP: Add Upgrades Add special ability s to towers Balance waves Loading screen defenCe and dont defenSe :D
Templar Ruins

A Zerglings Journey (WIP Bound)

May 01, 2010 Alpha
Please comment with suggestions/feedback on the map, as it is still in development, and I can use what help I can get ^^ This is the first of a 4 part storylined bound. (If the 4 maps become popular, I will make more in the series) 1-10 Players. Objective: Watch out for explosions, patrolling units and just anything at all that looks suspicious really, or you will die. Make your way to the end of the cave, alive prefferably. Story: (WIP) You are 10 Zerglings lost in a huge cave underneath the...
Boss fight

Attack of the Xel'naga

May 01, 2010 Release
Volsky here giving you first ever User Made Campaign map! Packed with transmissions, Objectives, even triggers, A boss, timers, and a boss bar to boot! Gather your forces as you get attacked by the waves of Xel'Naga trying to ward you away from whatever they're hiding! And at the end, the almighty weapon, Hydornus! This map features: A hero unit, Eystanus! A deadly dark Templar with the power to use Shadow step, a lightning fast execution-style attack that deals a mean amount of damage,...
Presentation Screen

Amidia's Temple

May 02, 2010 Mature
Tower Defense - 1/4 Players 20 Wave, and FINAL BOSS (12K life. GL. ... Easy, really ... (a)) VCS Can construct : Turrets - Tank Siege - Fortress - Thor (useless ><')and Ghost You can Upgrade the Tower. 3 Times Hero like : The ghost, Fast Unit, High Damage. ps : Sorry for my weak english :x

A common action-rpg map (DEMO)

May 04, 2010 Alpha
WASD : Move (I used library, KeyboardMovementLib, from TopDownFighersV5) Left-Click : Attack I didn't give a name to this map yet. You can play to a first boss. (plz remember that this map is a demo.) This map is based on Korean so I'm so sorry for you using English.


May 11, 2010 Planning
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AC130 Escort 3

AC130 Escort

May 13, 2010 Release
View the trailer here! Now contains part 2 and localization! If you're anything like me, you've come to love the pure awesomeness of AC-130 gunships. So here's a mission where you're in one! Contains parts 1 and 2. 3 and 4 are planned. Part 1 is an escort, part 2 is a base defense, part 3 is another escort, and part 4 is a bombing run. It features a camera that circles around AC-130 style, following a convoy that you have to protect. Once it reaches the base, you must defend until more forces...
Ayre overview


May 15, 2010 Beta
Ayre is a regular 2v2 melee map with lots of flanking opportunities. High-risk rich minerals are available in the middle of the map. Middle area: Overview: I'm still very new to StarCraft 2 map creation, so if you have any feedback, please let me know!

Attack Ground

May 17, 2010 Beta
A demo that demonstrates the "Attack Ground" ability. This was done entirely with the Data Editor, using a few effects, which I'll detail soon.

AMV-I devise my own demise

May 17, 2010 Release
51s ver, To be continued...... 51秒版,未完待續.......
Loading Screen

aTTari Bound

May 19, 2010 Beta
I'm still working on my bound but I thought it would be a good idea to release it in a beta stage with 20 levels. I'm more or less done with everything except more levels so hopefully there wont be many bugs. About the bound: Level-up styled 1-8 players 20/50 levels 5 lives each (you get more later in the game) Various commands in-game such as different camera modes, WASD-movement and more Using StarCraft 1 Zergling sounds To do: More levels! Change the explosions to be more friendly towards...

Air Wars Mass

May 19, 2010 Alpha
Air unit's spawn periodically at your base, you then mass attack other players strategically. Suggested 3 - 8 players.


May 21, 2010 Alpha
map canceled
Avoid The Bombs

Avoid The Bombs!

May 23, 2010 Release
v1.0 Up to 6 players Modes:(Player 1 must activate) Hardmode - Engages and activates timers for all Beacons. Super Hard Mode - Engages Faster spawns with larger explosions. Speed - Changes the game speed. Last Man Standing - Pauses Rescue timer and changes win condition to last player standing. v 0.9.5 Added ability for Single Players to control both units. WASD and up/down/left/Right control units. Adjusted Difficulty. Set players to Allys, Give ability to push each other. Gave credit to the...

Abandoned Luna v.3b

May 25, 2010 Beta
Very large 1v1 map. "The Terran race at one point had a very prosperous colonization on the moon labeled Luna Epsilon. When the Zerg invasion hit Luna Epsilon, the destruction was almost instant. The Terran had no choice but to flee the planet, leaving even some soldiers behind to fight only for their own lives. Many years have passed since that invasion and now the moon stands only as a jumping point for other colonies and remains as a barren, smoldering wasteland." -Changes: v.1a Released...
Angel Arena: Galaxy Overview

Angel Arena: Galaxy

May 26, 2010 Alpha
Angel Arena: Galaxy A remake of the Angel Arena wc3 custom map. 2 Teams of 6 fight to strengthen their hero's & win duels to win. Features Supports up to 12 players (Should work :P) Hero Revive hopefully also in there working.. 4 Creep Levels 6 Heroes 5 Levels of hero evolution. 4 Items Features being worked on Duel (Hard to test single-player -_-) More Creep Waves More Items More Heroes More Evolutions

Arena Fighters

May 26, 2010 Planning
so im trying to make this arena game that i have in my head. its kinda of a cross between a game from SC1 "Omega fighters" ,"Lets be friends", and dota. im still trying to get some custom skills to work. after i get the first guy done it shouldn't be too hard to get the others working and balancing.....