Allied Assault Arena

Sep 11, 2010 Beta
Eliminate all opposing forces and be the last man standing using the combined forces or Terran, Zerg, and Protoss. Developed for practicing counter-attacks and base defense. Game Features: Up to 4-players FFA Or play with computer A.I (Insane mode recommended) Auto mineral and vespene (no need to mine) Warp battle units in to the battlefield (no waiting) All unit/bldg stats are unmodified Instant upgrades (no waiting) Custom map


Aug 04, 2010 Release
A first attempt at Starcraft 2 mapping , 1 player V's AI. Any problems please leave comments, I am hoping to make more maps as soon as I get more into the map editor functions. 2v2 / 3v3 / 4v4 maps will be on the way if this one works ok. A lot to learn , I will get there over time and make some more detailed maps. Thanks


May 31, 2010 Beta
<center></center> 2 Player Map Every Player starts with 3 unit production facilities Your Workers are invulnerable The aim is to destroy all enemy buildings <center></center> Your Feedback is welcome, especially on balance issues and other improvements


May 21, 2010 Alpha
map canceled

Air Wars Mass

May 19, 2010 Alpha
Air unit's spawn periodically at your base, you then mass attack other players strategically. Suggested 3 - 8 players.

A Test Map

Apr 28, 2010 Planning
This is a map that I'm working on primarily to help familliarize myself with the editor, but also to practice making polished, smooth maps and gameplay. In my map, you move a "Stalker" with WASD, and click on the screen with the RMB to fire a Psi Bullet. You click on the screen with LMB to blink. The Stalker goes through a series of enemies, situations, and a few boss fights to reclaim an ancient Dark Templar artifact. A few problems I'm having. -Main Problem: I cannot figure out a way to...