LTW Screenshot

Line Tower Wars Beta

Sep 07, 2010 Beta
Remake of classic LTW from wc3 ! Upgrades, Custom Units, Bosses, Custom Towers, Day/Night System, Polished Terrain .If you will find any bugs or want to help me with testing, just let me know : Mansha code:483 . Enjoy the game !


Dec 22, 2010 Planning

Line Cannon Wars (BETA)

Aug 08, 2010 Planning
Line Cannon Wars (BETA) - A map I've been working on for a while, need some feedback on what could be improved with what's available now. Soon to update -Upgradable Cannons -Upgradeable Mobs -Lives System
Missile Command minimap

Missile Command

Sep 01, 2010 Release
Missile Command is a remake of the map for warcraft 3, Missile Wars. There are two sets of team with one on the top of the map and one on the bottom. Each side must construct towers and buildings to keep their captain safe while trying to take out the other side's. There is a shield that protects each base and periodically respawns. Towers defend the base against missile attacks or shoot them.

Retribution 2015

Aug 23, 2010 Beta
Retribution 2015 The object of this game is keep the monsters that spawn at designated locations from getting to the Temple of Retribution. In order to do this, you construct structures (towers) that will attack the monsters on their way to the Temple. The monsters attempt to follow a set path on their way to the Temple. They will attempt to touch each glowing hexagon on the way from their spawn point to the Temple. If you completely wall off the hexagon, then the monsters will go around it....

Clash Dominion

Jul 05, 2016 Alpha
Clash Dominion This map is a work-in-progress remake of Clash Royale. For those who don't know this game : Each player faces the other one. (2 players only) You have a main base (if it's destroyed, you loose) and two auxiliary turrets. There is a chrono of 3 minutes. If the chrono ends, the player with the less (auxiliary) towers loose. You put units to attack the opponent using cards that you have in your "hand". Units costs mana that regen with time. Some screenshots so you can see :

Black and White

Jul 22, 2011 Mature
Black and White ==== EU/US It's a map (top vs bot, 1v3-1v3) that features all the units of SC2 The goal is to defend your Planetary Fortress from the enemy army...and destroy the other one, buying units There is a custom way to buy units and other stuff (just by clicking them!!), there are group of units with relative upgrades at each angle of the map, (Terran,Zerg,Protoss,Mercenary) Your army is AI controlled When you buy a unit you get more income,mercenary doesn't give any income as well.....


Mar 07, 2014 Planning
Defend your capital ship from attackers by constructing defensive turrets, garrisoning shipboard infantry and launching attack squadrons. A choose-your-own adventure game with many different paths and ways to play.

Bad Guys Go Around The Circle

Aug 24, 2010 Beta
Two teams of up to 4 players battle it out in a Red Circle TD esque version of tower defense called Bad Guys Go Around The Circle. If you have played Red Circle TD many of the towers will look familiar to you. We based out towers on the look and feel of this popular TD. But after late nights of SC beta and loads of drinking made us miss the TD's of old and in an homage to Skivi's Castle for War craft 3 We decided to Make Bad guys Go Around The Circle. Packed With Mini games and NEW SUPER...

IncomeWars Pro

Oct 13, 2010 Release
This map is for everyone who likes IncomeWars style maps, but dislikes lag, imbalanced units, poor or boring terrain and brainless spamming of just one unit type! What are the main differences between a normal Income Wars and this map: You always spawn 4 units at once (resulting in 2-3 frontlines possible) Less Lag even in lategame (soft and hardcap to income) Bounty System punishing players who rely on easy to kill units or just spam brainlessly Beautiful terrain opening up more tactical...


Dec 03, 2013 Release
From the dev of Sniping:Sniper.. CLOAKDRIVE Press C to warp anywhere. Cloakdrive a simplified, yet epic space warfare. Build your fleet and dive into any battlefield. Featuring splash damage and green lasers. Available in all regions. Game Take control of your Assembly Mothership and destroy all enemy units. Each game lasts 20 minutes. Player with the best score wins the match. Supports up to 7 players. AI support - Challenging. AIs use all units at will.

Bunker Push

Dec 18, 2010 Planning
Basically tug of war with bunkers. Fill your bunkers, place a new one upon the ashes, and advance

Hero Defence

Oct 25, 2010 Planning
HERO DEFENCE Build Units to defend your Hero. All survived units will teleport to the Hero, to defend against straggling enemy forces coming from team mates. You can send extra forces at the enemy to help kill their Hero. The first teams Hero to die looses.

starcraft2 map

Feb 18, 2014 Planning
is a map that isnt can test it if you it.

Random Unit Arena By Cstorm

Jun 06, 2011 Beta
Based on the original Starcraft 1 game "Random Unit Arena". Two teams of 4 compete with randomly chosen units to destroy the enemy Planetary fortress. If your random units die, new random units will spawn back at your base. Supports up to 8 players(+2 Computers) Have fun, and send bugs or errors to me at Sc2Mapster.Com


May 28, 2010 Planning
A basic tower defense while i learn mapster

Hero Battle Extreme

Mar 24, 2012 Release
Play as a Team and Kill the other base Have Fun and Good Luck

Netstorm: Islands at War

Jun 23, 2010 Alpha
If you want to play the map join the NetStorm channel on bnet, we might get a few games together Edit: Beta version released on EU and US (thanks to deathnight) Big thanks to Phaos for making me the bridge models and helping with modeling. Here's my progress so far This is an attempt to remake a great game with the same title released in 1997. While the gameplay was fun it didn't get enough attention so it's time to change that. It's basically an RTS taking place on islands in the sky....

Burn Wars

Sep 17, 2010 Release
Erhöre dein Einkommen durch das Töten von gegnerischen Einheiten und versuch die gegnerischen Festungen zu zerstören. - 30 verschiedene Einheiten - 3 Einheitenforschungsgebiete Schaden der Waffen Lebenpunkteerhöhung Angrifstemp
Double Jack Tower Wars Logo

Double Jack Tower Wars

May 04, 2010 Beta
The first Line Tower Wars map for SC2! Features: 14 Players 4 Builders (Tech, Bio, Splash, and Power) 5 Towers per builder 15 Creeps to send 1 Leaderboard 12 Selectable traits to accommodate your playstyle Currently working on: FIXING EVERYTHING THE MAP EDITOR BROKE!!! Future Plans: Mech Builder Special Abilities for Builders - ie. Poison Nova 3 Unique Creeps 2 more Towers for each builder 1 Unique Tower for each builder DROPPING THIS PROJECT Builder Descriptions: Tech: Expensive towers that...