Warpath Tower Defense

Jan 02, 2011 Beta
Warpath Tower Defense Features (Note: all features have NOT been implemented) Mazing - Use your creativity to gain the upper hand on your opponent. 9 Towers - Each tower has 2 unique & 1 basic upgrade to choose from. PvP - Adds re-playability due to different strategies players will use. Spawning - Players control which unit and when it spawns at all times. 9 Units - Each unit has 5 basic & 1 unique upgrade. 3 Slate - Tile buildings which apply buffs or debuffs to nearby units. Strategy -...
Map Layout


Sep 27, 2010 Alpha
So I've started working on wintermaul for starcraft because it was one of my favorites. I'm a beginner... but hey... Tips, help, etc. Completed Pathing and wave movement Map Layout Leaderboard Countdown to wave start Needs Work Waves Buildings and Races Map load screen Possibly a makeover Why doesn't starcraft have a winter... is there only lava where these people live?